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Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by JChan, Dec 2, 2015.

  1. ShaggyGrant Journeyman

    Just wish the sk I brought had a tank merc, taking forever to DS it down with my healer merc.
  2. ShaggyGrant Journeyman

    Well that didn't work, can we please get these agents spawned?
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  3. Riou Augur

    Unchecking Enable Windowed Gamma turns entire EQ window black until re-checked, this can be difficult if mouse moves after clicking :p
  4. adetia Augur

    Did this fix make it into the test update? (and was overlooked for the notes) or is it deferred until the next?

    TBM augments have recommended and required levels 5 levels too high
  5. Riou Augur

    Yes, that was fixed on test for at least all augs I saw since the update last week :)
  6. ShaggyGrant Journeyman

    I think I found the issue with naggy/vox giving no loot.

    If I zone in and run past all the trash and kill naggy first I get loot, also have only gotten loot in perma/hole/naggy/kedge from the first 2 mobs I kill (when I killed naggy first, then I got loot from naggy and the first fire giant I killed afterwards), in kedge it was easy to get phinny first so that's why I'm assuming we are all seeing loot on phinny. This includes cash drops as well (x platinum, x gold, x silver, x copper message only shows up for first 2 mobs)

    Also killing naggy/phinny first did NOT give a lockout for them, but instead gave a lockout for the trash in the zone. I noticed that the first time through with phinny, but here's a really fun one that I cannot explain at all, killed the seahorses first this time instead of phinny, right now I have lockout for request+phinny+trash and he is still alive right in front of me.

    It seems like the trash loot lockout essentially flags the character to not be able to get ANY loot off of any npc that is still alive in the instance (don't know why the 1 fire giant still gave loot after killing naggy but only the first 2 mobs were giving loot when I killed trash first).

    When I killed phinny this go round I got no loot as well. I'm running out of accounts with high level toons to test this stuff out.

    My suggestion at this point would be to remove the trash loot lockout entirely. There is absolutely no point for it. Are we afraid someone is going to farm hate/fear trash and skip the namers every 3 days? When the trash respawns in very little time in the regular hate/fear anyways and they are load balanced it just seems incredibly unnecessary.

    Edit: Looking through my logs I only got loot off the first mobs in both the hole and perma not off the first 2 mobs.
  7. ShaggyGrant Journeyman

    Bug reported all of this and it's been to long for me to edit that post but I will post this here anyways to try to get this figured out and so hopefully others can test and duplicate since I can't for another 6.5 days.

    This is a quote from Roshen in the FAQ, from what I am seeing with the 1-2 mobs being able to be looted thing it seems like the first mob you kill on each lockout is all that drops loot. When most of us tried this earlier magus was giving loot but not naggy, neither was tranix or skarlon (don't know if anyone else noticed the lack of coin but after the first fire giant no coin was dropped). According to the Roshen post and from my personal experience the mobs near the boss also give the lockout.

    It seems like ALL loot is tied to these lockouts, once you have the lockout you cannot receive any loot from any mob that is considered part of the lockout. This is seen by getting the PMM from magus but then no loot from naggy, and exactly the opposite when I rushed naggy and ignored the trash.

    It also explains why the seahorses gave me the phinny and trash lockouts and then phinny dropped nothing.

    Again I would suggest removing the lockout from the trash, 2.5 days is more than necessary for that. And tieing the loot for the boss to its own lockout and not one including the trash near it (or else the 2.5 day timer becomes pointless because if you wipe to the boss you won't be able to attempt him again for 6.5 days because you killed the trash).
  8. Absor Developer

    These are the things fixed since the last test update. Most of these should be updated with the next patch to test.

    Fixed a bug that would cause the loot lockout (basepop) to incriment beyond the expected 6.5 days.
    Moved the zone in locations for Nagafen's Lair, Permafrost, Kedge Keep and the Hole to where they should be, the entrances.
    Fixed the switches in the Plane of Sky, you can now move from island to island.
    Fixed the lockouts for the islands in Sky so you get the right ones.
    Fixed a bug that caused everything to spawn in Sky, even if it shouldn't.
    Fixed issues that would prevent looting things from basepop even in the instance where you first get the lockout.
    Fixed the boss lockouts to actually be account-wide.
    Fixed the bars around Vox's lair (won't be updated next update, fixed after data was pushed).

    Other notes
    None of the special "progression server" mods to the bosses will happen on Test, since it isn't a progression server.

    Thing we're looking into
    Why the Agent isn't spawning in East Freeport, South Ro, or Feerrott. This is likely related to the restriction that keeps them from spawning until the proper time on progression servers that isn't the same on Test or Beta.
  9. ShaggyGrant Journeyman

    Yay for Absor. Just make sure that basepop loot lockout fix is also applied to the boss mob loot lockout, I don't know why you guys decided to tie lair trash to the boss lockout instead of the zone lockout but it's doing the same thing with preventing loot on the bosses.
  10. Geri_Petrovna Augur

    Doesn't address the ability to use type 5 augs in finger, ear, charm, range slots. (Still)
  11. Darkark Augur

    The end of an era :( That's a bit sad really.
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  12. adetia Augur

    i suspect this has been addressed elsewhere, as we saw an update on the issue tracker yesterday labeling this as fixed internally. there were quite a few repairs made yesterday internally that didnt have any commentary, so i cant offer any more insight then that. there were some good things in there, so im hoping that they make it into the patch notes.
  13. adetia Augur

  14. Kendoll Journeyman


    It seems this group shield allows type 9 augs, if you get the 184ac aug from the vendor in PoHealth, you're looking at a 414ac shield before any normal 7/8 augs vs 335ac from the raid shields that don't have type 9 slots.

    I can't imagine this is intentional, unless raid shields are getting the type 9 augs and that'd be a significant boost.
  15. Conjurous_AB Elder

    Alot of grp belts in TBM have no haste on or only 37%.
  16. adetia Augur

    this was reported via the issue tracker as well, and has subsequently been marked as fixed internally, without any other comment, so.. id say stay tuned on that one. ;)
  17. Absor Developer

    The agents that give out the DZs for Hate, Fear, and Sky should spawn once Naggy, Vox and Phinny are killed.

  18. Absor Developer

    Post here if you find any other issues with the progression raid instances.


  19. Silv Augur

    Have the missing potion belt slots been added to the issue tracker along with that belt haste issue?
  20. jude New Member

    Hope you read this here tried to post in the community dev area but wont let me in.
    1. Halas quest are weird some have the click words from npc others don't and rogue guild master has a combination .
    2. When I first created my char on rage fire was able to use the spell-load/save/delete , function on spell book. Hey this is great they left it in. Yesterday its gone was this just removed or what?
    3. Have noticed on progression servers that beginner armor and weapons quest are missing or they are all messed up , I hope that the armor and weps quest are returned to the new server as these are very important, and one of the most fun quest that were in original game. I may be mistaken on the time line I did not start playing until after knark released.

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