Test Update 12/02/15

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  1. JChan Developer

    This update has completed.

    Update Notes

    *** Highlights ***

    - We are re-enabling True Box on Test for the upcoming Phinigel server. This means that only one client will be usable from each physical machine until our tests are done at which time we will disable this functionality. There is no current ETA of when this will be disabled.
    [Edit] We've disabled the one account per machine checks again due to issues.

    *** Progression Server Raid Instancing ***

    - The first iteration of instancing intended for the Phinigel server is now on Test. Please try these instances out and let us know what you discover. There are currently some issues with the Plane of Hate (NPCs spawning under the world) and the Plane of Air (NPCs spawning on zone up that should not). These are being fixed. To access these instances, seek out the Agent of Change in Lavastorm, Cauldron, Everfrost, Paineel, Feerrott, South Ro, and East Freeport. Each of these should send you to instances of raid zones you would find in nearby zones. For example, go to Everfrost to find the Agent of Change that will send you to an instance of Permafrost.
    - Lockouts should be given for each "boss" killed. Also, a 2.5 day replay lockout will be given when the instance is given and increased by 4 days if the boss is killed.
    - There will also be a "lockout" for the "basepop" in these instances given once one of those NPCs is killed. This lockout will prevent looting of those NPCs in instances obtained after the lockout is given.

    *** Items ***

    - All items that drop from scaling content in TBM zones should now have type 9 aug slots so they can be used by higher level players.
    - Fixed an issue that caused Raw Timorous, Crypt-Hunter's, and Deathseeker's items to sometimes offer incorrect items.
    - Fixed an issue that caused Raw Timorous, Crypt-Hunter's, and Deathseeker's Wristguards to grant the wrong number of items to some classes.

    *** Quests & Events ***

    - Grubbonion's Locked Tower - Added a small reward for completing the optional step in this quest.
    - Corrected a problem that prevented all of the intended items from dropping in TBM chests.

    *** Spells ***

    - Modulation and cannibalization spells can no longer be cast if they would result in your death.

    *** Miscellaneous ***

    - Players without the Darkened Sea expansion and The Broken Mirror expansion should now again be able to receive stat buffs on their mounts/illusions, if the item has an associated stat buff.
    - Fixed a zone crash because NPCs don't have chat filters and can't filter their chat. This was causing The Triunity in the Sepulcher Event 5 to crash the zone.
  2. Xicararn Journeyman

    having the same cant log in on one character issue i had the last time you turned on the true box code
  3. Felloniee_Assault New Member

    same as xic.. cant load in any char. using 3 dif machines. gets bumped back to login screen after the char select
  4. Oculuse New Member

    Same here. Keep getting disconnected and am unable to log in.
  5. JChan Developer

    We've disabled it again. Please try to login again.
  6. Oculuse New Member

    Yep. I am in now.
  7. Xicararn Journeyman

    was able to log in this go... gl with your 1 box code on try 3 jchan!
  8. Silentchaos Augur

    Any chance you can remove the 6 player requirement for requesting the instances for testing purposes?
  9. Brudal Augur

    [Wed Dec 02 22:14:15 2015] You begin casting Untamed Rage XV (Azia).
    [Wed Dec 02 22:14:16 2015] You begin casting Untamed Rage XV (Azia).
    [Wed Dec 02 22:14:22 2015] You begin casting Untamed Rage XV (Azia).
    [Wed Dec 02 22:14:29 2015] You begin casting Untamed Rage XV (Azia).
    [Wed Dec 02 22:14:39 2015] You begin casting Untamed Rage XV (Azia).
    [Wed Dec 02 22:15:01 2015] You begin casting Untamed Rage XV (Azia).
    [Wed Dec 02 22:15:03 2015] You begin casting Untamed Rage XV (Azia).
    [Wed Dec 02 22:15:13 2015] You begin casting Untamed Rage XV (Azia).
    [Wed Dec 02 22:15:21 2015] You begin casting Untamed Rage XV (Azia).
    [Wed Dec 02 22:15:27 2015] You begin casting Untamed Rage XV (Azia).
    [Wed Dec 02 22:15:36 2015] You begin casting Untamed Rage XV (Azia).
    Never procs to Beza. Please rethink 2% self damage per proc in addition to the 3k per tic dot. Not worth using in its current form.
  10. kizant Augur

    Confirming a bug I saw posted earlier. On test I just charmed a blue con citizen in Life and I can't get it to attack anything...
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  11. Silentchaos Augur


    Expedition works, can be requested with 3 players 3 mercs.

    2.5 day lockout on request, 4 more days when Nagafen dies. You get a lockout for both Lord Nagafen and the expedition. Seems unnecessary.

    The trash mob lockout was 13 days, not 6.5: Denziens of Nagafen's Lair - Loot Lockout. Incurred on killing the second giant. BTW you zone into a giant beating your face off.

    Nagafen did not have mitigation of the mighty, Nagafen did not banish players > 52, Nagafen, Tranix, and Skarlon dropped no loot (Rokyl dropped PMM).


    Similar to SolB. Works, requested 3 players 3 mercs, Vox didn't banish or have mitigation of the mighty.

    I got an untitled 6.5 day lockout in addition to the other 3, the general expedition lockout remained 2.5 days after vox died.

    There were cages around Vox's room preventing you from entering it, unsure if intended or not.

    A+ for no Chilly Terror (that I saw) in the instance!

    The Hole

    Instance works, trash lockout works, Yael doesn't spawn.


    Instance works. Got a 13 day lockout for Phinny, 6.5 day on trash, 11 day lockout for the expedition. Phinny dropped loot.


    There is no Agent of Change in East Freeport that I could find.


    There is no Agent of Change in SRo that I could find.


    There is no Agent of Change in Ferrott that I could find.
  12. Silentchaos Augur

    The 2.5 day expedition lockouts work account-wide, the rest of them are only applied to the participating character.
  13. derpinscotch Elder

    Confirming that the agents were not in SRo, Feerrott, or EFP.

    Phinigel dropped loot, all named in zone dropped no loot, but trash mobs did.

    Nagafen dropped no loot, all named in zone dropped no loot, but trash mobs did.

    Vox my merc killed inside her room (which I can confirm also the doors are blocked so you cannot get in), so I couldn't loot. Didn't kill any named, but trash mobs did drop loot.

    Yael was not up in The Hole. Trash mobs did drop loot. Didn't kill any named.

    Here are my DZ timers after all testing: http://imgur.com/dvYeDQL
  14. Kiillz Augur

    SINCE the patch, I continually crash or lock up zoning in to Plane of Health and now even guild hall, any thoughts?
  15. Wizdons Augur

    None of the Partisan Quests (HAs) are giving Remnant of Tranquility upon completion. Bug or intended?
  16. Raynard Augur

    My experience was similar to others:
    -Nagafen: 2.5 days for requesting or joining the expedition. No loot except PMM from Roykl. Seperate 6.5 days from first giant, seperate 6.5 days for Nagafen. Can add people to expedition at any time and they only get the 2.5 days (unless you kill more stuff while they are there). If you leave the expedition, you don't get lockouts for stuff killed after you leave.
    -Vox: her lair was caged up, but she aggroed and I killed her through the door. No loot from anything. Same lockouts.
    -Kedge: Phinny dropped 3 no drop wands (only no drop loot drops right now maybe?) Same lockouts.
    -Didn't do Hole, couldn't find Agents of Change for planes.
  17. ShaggyGrant Journeyman

    Attempting to kill naggy/vox non instanced right now to see if it triggers the agents for the planes. MoM buff makes it pretty tough even with a high level out of group healer and mercs but I'm slowly whittling naggy down right now.

    Edit: Also lockout timers are weird, the person who requested the instances has a 6.5 day lockout on kill but a 2.5 day lockout on requests while the other 2 I had in group have a 6.5 day lockout on both requests and kills
  18. derpinscotch Elder

    What makes you believe killing them non-instanced would spawn an agent of change? Just curious what you're getting at.
  19. Vaclav Augur

    The Planes are locked until Naggy and Vox die on TLP servers.
  20. ShaggyGrant Journeyman

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