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  1. Kamzak Journeyman

    this is just beyond stupid. Whats the point, dev's trying to push everyone away?
  2. Angahran Augur

    "This passive ability increases the duration of beneficial spells and skills that you cast by 100%
    Spells that grant invulnerability as well as the skills 'Holy Guardian Discipline' and 'Unholy Guardian Discipline' are exempt from this extension"

    Since this AA specifies that it extend spells AND SKILLS and then specifies the SKILLS that it does not extend, it should be safe to assume that it is meant to extend spells AND SKILLS.

    So, those people saying it was never meant to extend skills need to learn to read.
  3. Wizlard Augur

    Need to take the time to read is more like it. This game takes a lot of time reading. Time that could be better spent doing other things. I'm guilty of missing this myself.

    I'm sorry bro, will you ever forgive me?
  4. Jiggs Elder

    Seems like the most reasonable solution is to add AA to extend disciplines for hybrids, melee and tanks. Each class affected and how many ranks as well as how much of an extension should be adjusted accordingly.

    The TGB thing I don't fully understand the implications and how it will be applied in game.
  5. Bolo New Member

    Development team needs to RESPOND to this thread! This forum is designed as "An area for the development team to initiate discussions with the community." It's not much of a discussion if you propose upcoming changes then do nothing to alleviate the concerns of the people who comment so strongly on those changes!
  6. Angahran Augur

    So nerf SCR and have us spend more AA to get back the functionality taken away ?
    Are hybrids also going to get the Extended Ingenuity AA line then ?

    SCR has always extended spells AND SKILLS (with specified exceptions), it says so right there in the description.
  7. dinozo_povar Journeyman

    I won't lie, as a ranger i felt a lil op. But think of the pallies! How will they cling to the will to exist
  8. Heile Lorekeeper

    Just seems that DBG is going to have a small christmas bonus this year with a lot of folks leaving (,have a gut feeling,) if this patch goes through like it is on test.

    Happy Holidays y'all.
  9. sinadven Journeyman

    gotta love it i read all these pages in this discussion and dont see one reply to as why they are nerfing hybrids the way they are. Dont see the devs or developers answering one question being asked about the patch just to stuff not even in the patch. WTF isnt that what this discussion is about ?Do your job and answer peoples questions. this game went to complete on customer service. Takes a week to get a reply on a support ticket.Just some more ppl that dont wanna work and float through life not caring about the costumers or what they pay for.if your not gonna do your job find a new one i mean DAMN.
  10. halagren Journeyman

    so lemme get this straight, 8 pages of community feedback on just how stupid this patch was with 2 key things being pointed out on prolly 75% of the posts...TGB and hybrid SCR....they went ahead with the changes anyway, and didnt even comment, reply, or discuss in any way whatsoever?
  11. Bloodstalker New Member

    HAHA!!! Are you kidding right now? Have you ever seen a drug dealer give a meth addict some free drugs cause he complained about the quality?

    Devs in EQ think they are "above the law" they think all EQ players are so addicted to the game that they couldn't quit if they wanted to.

    So why would they listen to the players when it is below them, they are GODS! they don't need our worship to remain celestial.
  12. dinozo_povar Journeyman

    The changes are a tough pill to swallow, but this whole sub-forum is dedicated to finding bugs.
  13. Bloodstalker New Member

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  14. Ratbo Peep Augur

  15. dinozo_povar Journeyman

    Sure, I initially came to join the complaining. Too late now. The changes are going live and i more or less understand the intent regarding class balance. Yes I feel OP. If your ranger doesn't then.. sorry?

    My grief really is that our raid will hurt. But we'll level up in a few weeks, then it's a new ballgame.
  16. Bloodstalker New Member

    Honestly, the only way they will reverse a Nerf like this is if it causes so many problems that it makes the game unstable. Complaining does nothing "hints my super sarcastic post earlier" the only thing we have to do is...

    A.) Get used to it
    B.) Quit playing EQ

    Yes, we as players pay to play this game.

    Yes, we as players that pay, are customers to DBGs.

    No, as customers we're NOT entitled to anything.

    Yes, if you believe you can do it better, you have the right to build your own game. This one belongs to DBGs and they have the right to do with it as they please, when they please, as often as they please, regardless if you like it or not.

    Yes, I do think that if there is a forum with a thread with the intent to discuss the updates, and or changes made, the Devs should answer questions we have, and or take in consideration of our concerns, working WITH us to create an alternative rout IF, and only IF 51%+ of the devs believe the change warrants such actions.

    Yes, you should be ignored by Devs if you just complain without educated research and possable solutions to changes you do not like.

    these are just my opinion, and should be treated as such.
  17. Bobbybick Augur

    He probably won't see it, but thanks again Dzarn for getting the rogue epic retelling quest working again!

  18. SaffronYellowLotus Journeyman

    Some discussion thread. There is no discussion in this thread regarding the DEVs. Do they not care or are the being told not to respond? Not one response in 8 pages. I was about to purchase 3 premium editions for my accounts but I changed my mind after this fiasco. I think I will purchase a new drone to fly around instead. At least it doesn't screw me over for no reason every week or so. To call this customer service there would have to at least be some service. Not even lip service. Terrible. My SK was already a marshmallow after the last nerf and now I don't even know what to think. I am not in a raid guild and trying to do EOK with group gear is terrible. I can handle T1 named mobs but T2 named mobs tear me apart and if there is an add and nobody to CC I am dead because of the last nerf regarding riposte life taps. I have to rely on a mage pet to tank from a mage in my guild and if they are not on we have nobody to tank anything T2. They go to open raids or we wouldn't even have them. How screwed up is that? No chance I can handle the next xpac. This game has been catering to raiding for a while it seems and now you even pissed them off. Are you all crazy? Do you not like customers to spend money? Do you not like money? Well you are not getting any of mine. Time to rethink my free time again it seems.
  19. segap Augur

    First, what benefit is there for them to respond? If their mind is set on the nerf, responding just means getting in to arguments with people. The end result would not change. I do think them occasionally making a post describing their vision going forward would be a nice gesture to the community. Problem is, if they change their mind, people will moan. If they don't respond to critique on that vision, people will moan. They're really in a no win situation with how toxic the player base can be.

    As for your SK, my only advice is to play better. My 100% group geared SK has no problems with any t2 named while being boxed and not played to its full potential. Looking at heal parses, the healer merc rarely casts. Nearly all healing is self healing from casting taps. I can also tank multiple t2 trash mobs without a healer. SKs have been in a very good place for EoK even after the nerfs.
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  20. Ruven_BB Augur

    They made have made stupid mistakes in the past and reversed course. This is another stupid mistake, nerfing SK's each patch for the past 5 patches is crap. Changing game designed attributes that screw up past expansion tuning is moronic.

    My desire to continue to play is really waning and I'll probably find something else to invest my time and money going forward.
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