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Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by EQ Dev, Nov 7, 2017.

  1. Yinla Augur

    So we can get all our items back now, without fear of them vanishing again?

    I noticed an alts house had vanished this week but no idea when it actually went.
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  2. Yinla Augur

    What changes are you making to current raids to make these still beatable after these huge nerfs? The raids were tuned with those AAs working or are you expecting us to wait until ROS is released before we beat them again?
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  3. Baere New Member

    Well said Jhenna! Perfect post!
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  4. Jaylin Augur

    So why have they decided to pretty much end everythign eq was about. The game was always very sandbox like, where you could go where you want and do what you want. AA were pretty seperated where you could go one direction over another. The game now has gone so linear there is like no differences. You have to do progression pretty much in order, you can do this zone over that zone first... but you have to do it pretty much in order. TDS was horrible for that. We need to stop nerfing abilities to justify a job. Some things that are overpowered i understand. But things like TGB, so want raids to be swapping people around, or to have such an overabundance of certain classes for each group.

    One of these days we are going to be shocked when we see somehting added and not taken away
  5. niente Developer

    I'm having trouble reproducing this, if you see it again can you give me some more details?

    How many players in the group? Where exactly are you seeing their name (dropdown list on set all/give to, or right clicking an item)? Who is the ML? Is everyone in the same zone? Have players zoned since the group was formed?
  6. Goodkitty Augur

    Beastlord, Paladin, Ranger, Shadowknight - Spell Casting Reinforcement no longer extends the duration of disciplines.

    Damn why do this to beastlords? I agree the other 3 are needed to be nerfed because who cares about those classes, but beastlords are already a 100% attentive class where the others probably just turn on auto attack and go afk with their discs.
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  7. Wyvern Lorekeeper

    -- Only took almost 2 years for them to fix this, not bad! I found this issue and posted about this AA when looking at the SPA stacking issues with defensives.
    Not a nerf or upgrade - an actual fix to an AA! Sweet!!!
  8. Millianna Augur

    Not only does this occur, you can send the loot to that person. It empties the adv loot Window but no gets the loot. When you try loot the corpse it tells you to use adv window but there is nothing in it.
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  9. Scila Augur

    I normally don't say anything about patch notes but I agree the last few hits w/this one are a blink for what are you attempting?
  10. niente Developer

    I tried to test this earlier, but when I had a player drop the group, they weren't listed in advanced loot. Let me know if you have a specific instance I can try to reproduce (and fix) this.
  11. Polekn Augur

    Is it expansion related? Last year you nerfed fading memories, now you nerf multiple classes hoping people will buy new expansion to get their abilities back? When you came up with these ideas, did you think how it will affect TLP servers in 2-3 years?
  12. Blackburrow23 Elder

    I'm here to complain about nerfs. Please stop the game WAS fun. Now its nothing but bad news every patch. Regarding consolidation, just stop and revamp the AA window. Get rid of the current tabs and make new ones... A pet tab, a dps tab, a spell tab, etc "General, Archetype, Class, Focus, Special" are 10+ years old.
  13. Millianna Augur

    I’ve not been able to duplicate on demand, just happens
  14. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    Quite surprising, this.
    Considering i said about the same thing last patch, only it was the AA cap then and i was getting a shitstorm over my statement.
    I am not hit by the change announced in this thread directly but i still think your quoted part is right...

    AA-line overconsolidation, AA cap reduction, TGB nerfing, other things being changed that were not considered to be broken...
    The question was asked above and waits for an answer:
  15. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    We had a report in either /gu or /general (don't remember atm) not two weeks ago about vanishing items.

    If this issue "is believed to be fixed" why did we not have a patch message or official announcement stating so?
    Hasn't the issue been a big enough problem to warrant such?
    We have several housing-related petitions on hold currently because it is too frustrating to get things restored only to loose them again a day after as was the case!
    We are only waiting for such an announcement of a "Fix" before we whip your two support guys into action again!
  16. Asus New Member

    wow you guys really hate your player community don't you.
  17. Zaph Augur

    I want to be positive, and not offensive, but please, Devs, let me also add my opinion about the Spell Casting Reinforcement change.

    Its probably going to end up costing DB way more than you may possibly expect.

    Nerf after nerf has been pushed recently, and I fear this one may well be a push too far, you really need to reconsider this before the button is pressed.

    Its really bad
  18. Kahlev Al-Calen Augur

    I think at this point all the nerfs on the past 3 patches are leading to a combination of this. They are lowering the power of all classes so they can bring them back to what it was at level 105, but now with chars at 110 instead.

    It's like they are forgetting the crapfest that Gates of Discord was, and are doing it all over again.

    At this rate i am expecting them to introduce lootcrates where you can get your pre-nerf aas back.
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  19. Moosheets New Member

    Glad I didn't re-sub, and pre-order. To think I was going to resub 7 and preorder 7.
  20. Yinla Augur

    Then they need to retune all previous level 105 content. Everything was tested at being able to use those abilities, now they have nerfed the everything over the last few patches.

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