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  1. Warpeace Augur

    HUGE nerf:(

    So what compensation will these classes receive because as a Paladin right off the top here are some of the hits and there was nothing in Beta to replace or upgrade the losses.

    Level 108 Kar'Zok Mantle Rk. III is lasting 1 minute – loss of 1 minute from live version

    level 108 Armor of Mercy Rk. III is only lasting 2 minute - loss of 2 minutes from live version

    Level 107 Blessed Guardian Discipline Rk. III is lasting 2 minutes – No change was never effected by spell casting reinforcement.

    Level 103 Armor of Ardency Rk. II lasting 2 minutes - loss of 2 minutes from live version

    Level 102 Devout Penitence Rk.II lasted 2 minutes no upgrade at this time In RoS – loss of 2 minutes
    Pureforge discipline Rk. II lasted 2 minutes – loss of 2 minutes from live version
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  2. mmats Augur


    Do it.
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  3. strongbus Augur

    how is bst fpos being effected its a single target spell not a group one. regluar pos might be hit but not fpos.
  4. Gialana Augur

    Please rethink the spell casting reinforcement affecting the duration of disciplines, that or increase the base duration of the abilities. Combined with the recent nerf to defensive proficiency, this may make it impossible to tank high-hp named mobs. As it is, I almost run out of defensive disciplines before they are dead.
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  5. Zarzac Augur

    Really huge hit for SKs as well. Both offensive sustained DPS ability and defensive durations taking a massive cut.

    I hope there is something in the works from beta to balance this back out.

    tgb nerf is really going to hit the top guilds overall dps, I guess that's the point, it will balance out some of the less organized guilds dps.
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  6. Warpeace Augur

    Nothing, unless they drop some more AA between today and 12 Dec.
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  7. Seldom Augur

    Pureforge, Holyforge, Blunted massively nerfed aka all Paladin dps discs. Deflection, Guardian and Armor nerfed aka all Paladin defensive disc. Group Armor of Inquisitor and First Spire nerfed aka the two most important raid utility raid AA's. One of most massive nerfs in a single patch I can think of and IMO Paladins didn't even get hit the hardest which says a ton.
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  8. Darchias Augur

    From my (admittedly limited) game dev experience, that's the kind of change that'll be fixed with another buff. Considering how huge the increase in duration is for Spell Casting Reinforcement, I would imagine the change might be mitigated in a few ways.

    1. They don't push this change out to live. I find this unlikely.
    2. They increase the base duration of certain disciplines for these classes. Kind of labor intensive, but possible. This would maintain the power level for some of the most crucial disciplines while cutting out the edge-cases that might make this too powerful.
    3. They add a new AA for those four classes that explicitly increase the duration of disciplines. Like was stated above, it has been working this way for a decade and the classes have been balanced around it functioning this way. I can definitely see this being the way they go, as it's not only a relatively simple change but it achieves the clarity they clearly want to achieve. It's strange for an AA called Spell Casting Reinforcement to affect disciplines, so having a new AA called Extended Discipline would give clarity to the effect.
    4. Ship the nerf as-is, so as to collect the tears from those who play these classes. This is a test server, so not everything they do here necessarily has to make it to live, but it's possible that their methods and plans are inscrutable to me. May we return to the days where the only viable tanks in raid were Warriors? Possible.
    5. Give the above classes new disciplines in the new expansion that have similar effects to previous disciplines, but have the augmented duration that they are now taking away. The cash-grab option.
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  9. fransisco Augur

    wow, suprised there was still any meat left on the enchanter bones to nerf.
    Why this now?
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  10. Guzzle Augur

    Is this the worst patch ever? Sources say yes.
  11. Risiko Augur

    Number 3 sounds the most likely way they would go with this, but I have to say that number 4 made me laugh. "Collecting the tears" lol!!!
  12. Gnomeland Augur

    Time for you guys to change to Warrior.
  13. FineWine New Member

    Whats the point of the hybrid nerf? Were rangers and beastlords just crushing parses everywhere and rogues/monks too upset?

    Hey, play a hybrid so you can provide utility and tell yourself that's important enough to suffer through lower dps capabilities.

    DBG - "Haha jk, we're taking away TGB on those abilities and nerfing your dps while we're at it"
  14. eliandra Elder

    seriously stop nerfing class without knowing what you do and fix the problem with vanishing house and guildhall !!! busy to petition for anchor/trophy and other item , waiting 1 or 2 weeks to have items (partially) and disapear again the day after !!!
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  15. Jhenna_BB Augur

    A little revisionist history, shall we? I blame the Seeds of Destruction expansion for what is going on with EQ today. I'm dead serious. That is the expansion the mudflation of EQ began the snowball effect in player power gains the Devs simply cannot design around anymore. The stats on gear grew by small numbers before then. 5 or 10 AC, 35-50 HPs here and there per piece before SoD. This is 100% the fault of the Devs by design. They absolutely did this to themselves and now the players get to feel their vicious wrath because of their mistakes. They made the numbers in EQ so huge that tuning the group and the raid game is not able to be tuned by a simple let's add "X" percent to incoming and outgoing damage on this pie chart. EQ Devs are the spreadsheet champions of the world. They can no longer simply use their precious spreadsheets so they need to take away as much player power as they possibly can to fix their current mess. Add to that there are less Devs to clean up the mess and you have NerfQuest - where players fear to click on Test Patch notes because what will my class lose today? What will another class lose that helps my class do it's job today?

    Never, in 18 years of playing Everquest have I regretted pre-purchasing an expansion more than Ring of Scale - this is including the data breach which was pretty bad and totally on Sony at the time. I also wasn't paying attention and paid for a year of this game this month. I love my guild and all but EQ is really starting to not be fun. You're on notice. I hand you your pink slip in November, 2018. Get your together DBG. Since I'm stuck here for the next year, I just became one of the loud voices in your ear. We all need to start speaking with our wallets - I just took that opportunity away from myself which is very unfortunate.
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  16. Hludwolf Developer

    When was the last time items vanished? This issue is believed to be fixed where new items should not be vanishing.
  17. eliandra Elder

    so we can let house out of crate now ? some guildmate had house vanish last week .
    guildhall not back too for us (no guild hall since 2 or 3 months )
  18. Maedhros Augur

    Geez. This is pretty bad.
    Why even paladin?
  19. Catty Journeyman

    This is also with your apparently limited exposure to the last few years of EQ.

    I can't recall the last significant change that hit Test that didn't go live.
    I can't recall the last painful and incomprehensible nerf that was offset with rainbows and unicorns in "the future".
    I can't recall the last time DBG gave any reasons or justifications beyond: "Eh, probably was never meant to work that way when first created 15 years ago"

    Truly wonder if DBG considers these kinds of changes "Content" to keep people from getting bored.
    Or if they think "Stirring controversy" works for the Kardashians and keeps people watching so why not here.

    I honestly have no idea why these jerking-us-around changes continue to happen in a product living out it's final days.
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  20. just_some_bard Lorekeeper

    Talk with your wallet. If I continue to play this game, it will be in Hludwolf's domain, aka Test server land of the Freebooters. You guys don't deserve my money.

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