Test Update 11/25/15

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by JChan, Nov 25, 2015.

  1. Magyster New Member

    I am guessing with the True Box check added it is not validating free accounts. Getting disconnected on trying to enter world with free account on test, they work fine on Live
  2. Leifen Augur

    Yea so much for playing EQ today. This sux.
  3. Riou Augur

    My account is still All Access and I have the same issue, I can not load a single toon in to the game, no test copies, no new created toons, nothing
  4. gotwar Augur

    Here you go:

    [Wed Nov 25 15:45:34 2015]01379:MaxTextures: 15552k, CurrentTextures: 15552k, HighQualityTextures: 15552k
    [Wed Nov 25 15:45:34 2015]01380:Entering main loop.
    [Wed Nov 25 15:45:34 2015]01381:DoMainLoop - Just after packet processing()
    [Wed Nov 25 15:45:43 2015]01382:Attempt to send message 3688 on a void connection.
    [Wed Nov 25 15:45:43 2015]01383:DoMainLoop - Just after actor creation()
    [Wed Nov 25 15:45:43 2015]01384:Loading game sounds.
    [Wed Nov 25 15:45:43 2015]01385:Requesting initialization data.
    [Wed Nov 25 15:45:43 2015]01386:Attempt to send message 5200 on a void connection.
    [Wed Nov 25 15:45:43 2015]01387:DoMainLoop: just before first while(!EverQuest.ReceievedWorldObjects).
    [Wed Nov 25 15:45:43 2015]01388:disconnected at C:\p4\EverQuest\test\EverQuest\EverQuest.cpp:18987 (char. select) g_world == NULL

    [Wed Nov 25 15:45:43 2015]01389:Character is Gotwar.

    [Wed Nov 25 15:45:43 2015]01390:YOU HAVE BEEN DISCONNECTED.
    [Wed Nov 25 15:45:43 2015]01391:
    end of DisplayScreen

    Have to take off now, but there are multiple message #'s attempting to be sent on void connection during initial connect around the time the UI is being initialized and reset. May be a longshot here, but possibly something wonky with your new uiXML files modified in the patch. Not sure why that'd be causing this issue, but its EQ source so who knows.

    Hope that helps. Good luck, please fix our home soon before we all go into crippling withdrawals!
  5. Leifen Augur

    I just hope they fix it by tomorrow so I can actually play EQ, finally had a chance to play in the new expansion after buying it for 4 accounts and now I can't even play on one account, bummer.
  6. Galivan New Member

    ok I reloged in from after I got the message and got online.
  7. torach Journeyman

    Please let Xicararn log in he gets me phat lewts!
  8. JChan Developer

    For the people that can't login what is the modified date on your eqmain.dll and eqgame.exe files in your client?
  9. gato3 New Member

    Seems to be 11/25/15 230pm which seems odd since I am on eastern time and at 230pm I was at work.
  10. JChan Developer

    For the people that can't get in, try now.
  11. Riou Augur

    Central time zone US
    eqmain.dll 11/25/2015 1:33pm
    eqgame.exe 11/25/2015 1:30pm
  12. gato3 New Member

    Got in. Thanks.
  13. JChan Developer

    We've disabled some of the True Box code due to issues. Thanks for testing!
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  14. Riou Augur

    The Gamma with the Windowed Gamma box unchecked looks to be the same as the box checked and Gamma set to 100%.

    This makes the game super washed out with excessive gamma when Windowed Gamma is unchecked.

    Should it not be 0% to match Windows?
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  15. gotwar Augur

    Have to give credit where its due, big thanks to Jchan and the rest of the devs who resolved this quickly on the evening before a holiday. I know from experience how difficult and frustrating it can be when a patch goes horribly fubar (like this one did), but most/all of us were back up and running within the hour. Jchan was even in chat troubleshooting to get everyone in. It's easy for us to raise our pitchforks when something goes wrong, but we should also tip our hats when things get made right. Especially for our little ~200 person server full of accounts fro m 1999 who no longer subscribe ;)

    Hope the next one goes more smoothly, but thanks again for dropping everything to get us back online for the holiday weekend. Happy Thanksgiving!
  16. strongbus Augur

    will these changes effect the type 9 augs that while saying they can go into ears/rings won't go into them?
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  17. Borguk New Member

    Did you all look at caster 2 hand blunts such as the Staff of Undead Legions? Its proc is horrible and unusable by some of the Int casters (basically useless for all four). Also it is missing aug slots.
  18. beryon Augur

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  19. Angahran Augur

    Nothing in the patch notes suggest a change to these files, so what changed ?
  20. mackal Augur

    there is a Window Gamma thing now that doesn't seem to work right :p

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