Test Update 11/21/2012

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by JChan, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. JChan Developer

    Test will be updated later tonight. If you have logged in and found that your fellowship has disappeared, please do not re-create a new one. We will be addressing this issue and other minor bugs in tonight's update.

    - The EverQuest Team

    [ Update: 8:50PM Pacific ] This update has completed.

    Update Notes:

    *** Miscellaneous Fixes ***

    - Fixed an issue that caused fellowships to load from storage incorrectly. Fellowships that were created before 10/20/2012 should now load properly. Players who created fellowships following that update will need to re-create or re-join their old fellowships.
    - Pets will no longer repeat their stance orders when zoning, but they should still persist.
    - General and Class auto-join channels now work to level 100.

    *** UI ***

    - Fixed an achievement counts label clipping issue.
    - Cleaned up some of the tags related to the Aggro Meter information in the XML.

    - Changed -
  2. Voodoman Augur

  3. Nitsude Journeyman

    As a Windows 7 user all my instances of EQ are now consolidated into one icon, making it impossible to organize them. For some, myself included, this will make boxing a lot more tedious. Not sure if this was an intended change or not.
  4. Baramos Augur

    Right click your taskbar>> properties>>taskbar tab>>taskbar buttons=never combine>> apply >> ok
  5. Gherig Augur


    Muramite Proving Grounds 6 group trials -- You can obtain the DZ (instance) for each trial from lvl 96+ but once inside the Master of each trail will not respond to you. He will not give you the text that stats to tell him [Begin]. If you know the keyword already you can trigger it anyways. I hailed with a lvl 96 and a lvl 99 and in both cases I recieved no instructions. I hailed with a lvl 94 and got the proper response and the trial began.

    Seems MPG trials, group versions at least, are not completely compatible with post lvl 95+ characters. This might also be the case for other DZ style instances since they all seem to use the same mechanics.
  6. Liliana Augur

    this looks terrible, have to see all the labels now. This needs to be fixed to go back to the way they were before where they didnt stack up
  7. Lothoec New Member

    Mine never stack, and I have my taskbar set to auto-hide as well as set to Combine, but hide labels. If you are multi-boxing, load your clients out of separate folders. Using some sort of multi-boxing software such as WinEQ2 wouldn't hurt either.
  8. Liliana Augur

    I have mine set to autohide and combine with hide labels and they never combined until this patch. I 3-6 box and really dont want to have to have 6 different installs, and I shouldnt be required to use 3rd party software.
  9. Liliana Augur

    everquest icons are still combining after tonights patch
  10. nolan081100 Journeyman

    please fix healer mercs, Clerics dont exist since mercs were released and game is impossable when mercs only heal for 10001 per heal. Also seems to me the tank mercs are weak sauce at 96+ too.

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