Test Update 11/20/12

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by JChan, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Cocosu New Member

    Any word why test is down or an eta on return?
  2. Lothoec New Member

    It is back up. There was no information on why it was brought down, but it wasn't down for very long.
  3. Pirlo Augur

    I think that human in the image is sporting a rather large goatee, so his neck is hidden even more.
  4. Rtugok Developer

    Fellowship data on Test was failing to load, which has since been resolved. If you manually made a new fellowship and invited everyone from the old one then your exp would be gone. If you didn't, you should be registering back in the original fellowship. No exp wipe actually happened so if you did nothing you should have all of your exp still. If you lost your exp, we're sorry, but it is a hazard of playing on the Test server.
  5. Garshok Augur

    OK, so on the regular servers, people don't need to worry about logging in on the 28th and seeing fellowship experience gone. Correct?
  6. Rtugok Developer

    That's the idea.
  7. Lothoec New Member

    How about an update on Healer mercs casting crappy heals? Who cares about fellowship xp, it's not like it's hard to gain back. The mercs not working properly 96+ is a much bigger deal for me, and many others.

    Is this their idea of "nerfing" healer mercs in RoF? Because if so, this is a ridiculous under-tuning. If this is a bug, why hasn't it been addressed yet? RoF is scheduled to release in 2 days and something pretty major isn't getting any attention, nor have we been given any information on it.
  8. Derd Augur

    In beta mine seemed to work fine, i molo'd a bit mostly in my time there. Being a bard it takes me a long time to kill stuff and only died a couple times. That was at 96, higher than that i didn't try. Some more info also might be helpful, are they casting lower level heals, too many hot's or promised.. etc
  9. Lothoec New Member

    They've been casting lower level heals. They can't even keep up with T3/4 VoA named as it stands right now.
  10. Iila Augur

    Are the broken druid AAs that aren't affecting RoF spells going to be fixed before RoF goes live?

    Spells 34935, 34936, and 34937 (Survival of the Fortuitous) should be included with Fortified Survival
    Spells 34575, 34576, and 34577 (Vinelash Assault) should be added to Extend Vinelash Cascade
    Spells 34837-34839 (Rampant Growth) should be added to Extended Wild Growth.
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