Test Update 11/12/2014

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by KevinMcP, Nov 11, 2014.

  1. Iila Augur

    You are on Test, right?

    Just to make sure you're not killing no-exp mobs in a Live HA.
  2. Apoc Augur

    I just wish there was more accessible places to kite solo in TDS that give decent xp only reason i did some DH runs solo. Also its pretty stupid that cultural gear is not 100 purity like regular gear is with the easily accesable 25 purity augs especially since there are 30 so you will still have a + 5 advantage in purity if you want to farm them 100 cultural 105 with an oath of new 30 purity aug in raid pattern gear
  3. Sirene_Fippy Augur

    Any chance of having the Bard AA Dissonant Chord level cap increased as well?

    [41168] Dissonant Chord
    Target: Single
    Range: 200'
    Resist: Magic
    Reflectable: No
    Casting: 0s, Recast: 1.5s
    Duration: 6s (1 ticks), Dispelable: Yes
    Hate: 12000
    1: Lock Aggro on Caster and Increase Other Aggro by 0% up to level 105
    Text: You hear a horrific sound!
    Angers your enemy to the point they ignore all others and focus upon you for a short period of time.
  4. Cerris Augur

    The zombies in that HA don't give XP. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense considering that they're not trivial mobs, but this isn't new.
  5. Iila Augur

    How is the daily hot zone HA quest/reward system set up? And how good are the rewards?

    It's a good idea, so I hope it's done well enough to be used.
  6. Melanippe Augur

    Except it seems it was only the Developers who decided this was an "issue". This, of course, nearly a year AFTER they had created an entire expansion, CoTF, based primarily on doing little else but Heroic Adventures, followed by the creation of a mini-expansion with a completely skewed experience formula.
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  7. 1ranger Journeyman

    thank you for the ranger updates..
  8. Crystilla Augur

    Melanippe - not quite true. It was widely talked about on this site and others that certain missions were being used to gain mass experience. No one with half a brain would expect that to last forever.

    But as I've stated many times I still disagree with how this adjustment was implemented.
  9. Cerris Augur

    Something I mentioned in the last bug thread that I wanted to confirm is still happening this patch: I'm up to five pieces of August Daybreaker armor and the Emblem of Rallying Dreams I have in the BP is still giving 0 stats. I know emblems need to have their attached scripts updated so they scale properly, any chance of this getting sorted out?
  10. SaderakhBertox Augur

    It didn't last forever because COTF is no longer for sale. EXP had nothing to do with it imho. Math is being used now to explain the change. Math done correctly cannot be argued, devs explain with math, therefore devs cannot be wrong.
  11. Bugglegump New Member

    Just notice the warrior Two-Handed Proficiency, Duel-Wield Proficiency and Defensive Proficiency are having stacking problems. Using 2hs and Two-Handed Proficiency it is working as normal. Switch to Duel Wield and Duel-Wield Proficiency and it does not over write Two-Handed Proficiency.. they are both up at the same time. Switch to Sword and Shield and Defensive Proficiency and it overwrites Two-Hand Proficiency but leaves Duel-Wield Proficiency up so you have both Defensive and Duel-Wield up at same time. Now If you switch back to 2h and Two-Handed Proficiency it will overwrite both and just have the normal Two-Handed Proficiency up.
  12. Axxius Augur

    Well, when they said "a much smaller amount is granted on [the mobs] death" - they didn't say how much smaller. ;)

    I don't know who writes these notes, but simply saying that all xp is now given for the completion of the HA would be more honest and would help avoid an unnecessary ragestorm/quitfest that is going to happen when the players discover just how much xp is left on the mobs.

    And again: Lesson of the Devoted. It's now 100% useless in CotF HA's (or are the TDS ones getting nerfed too?). Burning Lesson in the HA's was an extremely popular passtime. Now it's being taken away. Great many players will be upset by this.
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  13. Sheex Augur

    If this is the case, time for task add sellers to shine again? The buyer would have to zone in and get basically no currency, but the exp isn't dependent on each task element, right?
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  14. EddieP Lorekeeper

    That's unfortunate. I know i mentioned it in another thread, but i can only group on the weekends if i am lucky and have been alternating new/old content to aa and level up while working on hunter/quests. I can't stand grinding without a specific goal. Thus my only course of action is to stay at 100 and level up some alts until i get bored. Perhaps the 'vision' of the 2015 expansion will be to encourage multiple play styles.

    One question only and then i am done posting:

    What does it matter once I pay for an expansion how and where I play?
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  15. Pwnography Augur


    I appreciate all of your hard work gentlemen (and ladies, if indeed you have any female developers on the EQ team.) I hope you realize that when people are happy, they generally don't come to post about how happy they are. The forums are for all the upset customers (including myself, generally) who love the game and come here as an outlet for frustration. It's not indicative of the community as a whole. There are plenty of us that are happy with what you've done, especially realizing that budgets, development cycles, team size, man-hours, and other factors are out of your control. I have no illusion that those of you who are intricately tied to the development are doing anything but your best -- and wish you had more to do more. I really can't think of a more thankless job, honestly. Even bill collectors don't get as verbally abused as you all do, and you're actually trying to improve our experiences.

    Coming from someone who abused the hell out of Scouting Ahead to get to 105 in a matter of hours, and realizing how this would be abused for every single expansion to come as long as they scale, I understand exactly why you did it and it makes sense. Good patch, good fixes, good work. Some of the most pressing or annoying things are dealt with in this patch. I'm sure you have more to come that were lower priority and you didn't have time for in this release. I'm sure I'll be back to complaining about something soon, but here is the rare kudos to you.
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  16. Warpeace Augur

    The XP penalty to older content and HA xp / lockout nerf is horrible. Rethink this!!
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  17. Cerris Augur

    This particular example was one of the second round of ETWK HAs, which had you killing a bunch of stuff that gave zero or almost zero XP even before the patch. I'm actually one of the weirdos who loves HAs and has done every one of them, generally multiple times, and I'll defend the entire expansion as one of my personal favorites, but these particular ones are too randomly very unfun, completely based on which branch of the HA the RNG sends you down.
  18. Axxius Augur

    Yep. There are no access requirements. So the only difference between buying taskadds in Guild Lobby back in the HoT era and what's going to happen in CotF now is that you will need to move from GL to Dead Hills and zone in to get your xp.

    The xp was moved from the completion reward to the mobs to stop the AFK xp'ing. You had to actually be present at each mob kill to get xp. And now they are taking a U-turn and shooting themselves in the foot. I guess enough time has passed that the devs forgot why they nerfed HoT missions. :)
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  19. Sheex Augur

    Super. Great times await!?

    Since lesson doesn't affect the task reward, buhbye to HA as a handy form of places to burn one's lesson.
  20. Numiko Augur

    not just lesson, also screws up fellowship exp, exp pots from the store, exp potions from LoN packs, and people with old RaF accounts who get EXP bonus's from kills but not quests
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