Test Update 11/11/16 - Patch Notes and Discussions

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  1. EQ Dev Developer

    Test update tonight to push out a final build candidate for the expansion. Details to come.

    November 11, 2016

    *** Spells ***

    - Changed all healing spells that formerly would give additional bonus healing under certain conditions to now heal for either their base amount or a larger bonus amount.
    - Changed all damage spells that formerly would deal additional bonus damage under certain conditions. They will now deal a base amount of damage or a larger amount of damage with bonuses. These bonuses were increased over their former amounts of damage to account for the loss of additional spell damage effects on each "line." The following spells were changed:
    - - All Cleric/Paladin/Druid spells that dealt additional damage to undead or summoned creatures
    - - All Shadowknight/Necromancer spells that dealt additional damage to plants
    - - All Magician spells that would hit multiple times based on the number of pets active on the target's hatelist
    - Beastlord - Removed push from the Envenomed Breath line of DoT spells.
    - Berserker - Moved Dichotomic Rage from timer 18 to timer 21.
    - Druid - Changed Nurturing Growth so it will function correctly if you have a familiar or pet active when you cast it.

    *** UI ***

    - Added a new map for Empires of Kunark accessible through the main Atlas map under "Empires of Kunark".
    - - The continent of Kunark in the main Atlas map has been split up so that clicking on the top portion of the Kunark continent will bring up the old Ruins of Kunark map while clicking on the bottom will bring up the new Empires of Kunark map.
    - - Added a new link from the Luclin Underground map to the new Empires of Kunark map.
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  2. sithlord New Member

    How about dealing with all the people that have characters missing since the 9th when Phinny went down?

    No replies to submitted tickets etc ...
  3. Holyfires Elder

    Change it back the mercs are not healing for enough and its killing everyone and mercs in the group this game breaking damage here I can't even kill anything in EOK !! fix the game already ..
  4. Holyfires Elder

    God that's 3 pawbuster mercs 1 tank 2 healers and the two healers can't keep my beast lord pet up let alone the warrior merc wth did I pay 129.99 for huh ??.
  5. josh Augur

    You have not compensated for the double dipping in spell damage for some spells, not even close. You are way underestimating the effect spell damage has on long reuse abilities, take the paladin spell consecration as an example.

    Let's assume 1000 spell damage. The formula for consecration, since it has an 18.5 second total cast time, is total cast time divided by 7 times spell damage or
    (18.5 /7) * 1000 = 2642 bonus damage

    The old way will do two nukes that do 6408 and 5153 for a total of 11561 with no focus or crits. The new way will do one nuke that does 9107. about 79% of what it use to. Crits don't make much difference since spell damage is crittable. Other things like a worn focus can bring it closer but even a 70-100% worn focus only brings it up to 84% in the best case scenario. Regardless, it shouldn't be doing less damage in any scenario in my opinion.
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  6. Holyfires Elder

    josh I am beastlord I out healed both healer mercs any question ? straight up it broken no if no ands not spread sheets or butts.
  7. Aldren Elder

    The Beastlord alt in me is like:


    The Bard main in me is like:

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  8. Razorfall Augur

    What is the intended benefit of this change?
  9. Riou Augur

    It's meant to eat less counters on things and gain benefits on new effects like Alliances (where the low bonus damage made them fail or w/e), as well as cut down on some spam (as every line hits instead of just 1 mega one combined)
  10. Wizdons Augur

    your so right and i do this..


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