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  1. JChan Developer

    This update has completed.

    Update Notes:

    *** Items ***

    - Uncursed shoulders no longer have Mana or Endurance if your class does not use that stat.
    - Items that previously looked like a brown bag when equipped will now have a more appropriate visual. Additionally, these items are now placeable in real estates.
    - Fixed an issue that caused the Gunthak Swabby's Eyepatch to cast an unintended spell.

    *** Quests & Events ***

    - Testing the Invaders - Burning the boats with the Firebrand will no longer require you to target yourself.
    - Testing the Invaders - Significantly reduced the amount of time it takes for the boat to burn.
    - Jacyll's Jailbreak - Corrected an error in the task description.
    - They've Gone Too Far - All spiderlings will correctly flee when their guardian is killed during this Heroic Adventure.
    - Houses of Thex (mission and raid) - Evacuation spells will now return you to the correct locations when used in these zones.
    - An Epic Request - Lady Carolline of Thex should now be less picky about how you phrase your willingness to tell her an [interesting tale] for this task.
    - An Epic Request - Fixed an issue that could have caused some players to be given an invalid reward set after completing the task.
    - Rallos Returns (normal and hard version) - This chest no longer requires 12 people to be in the zone to open if Veil of Alaris has been open on the server for at least one month.
    - Field of Scale - Final Confrontation (normal and hard version) - This chest no longer requires 12 people to be in the zone to open if Veil of Alaris has been open on the server for at least one month.
    - Terror of Illis Taberish - Killing the distorted souls in the Firiona Vie zone will once again update this task.
    - Grinbik the Fertile is a bit more sturdy now. It will no longer be possible to accidentally kill him while trying to get "Grinbik’s Blessing" for the ranger epic.
    - Loremaster Solstrin will now give back the Runed Coldain Prayer Shawl that can be used to spawn the Dain when you hand it to him to receive the Empty Coldain Issue Kit.
    - Corrected an issue where some objects were not properly activating or deactivating in older missions, which could cause players to get stuck.

    *** Spells ***

    - Bard - Fixed an issue that prevented Free players from casting the secondary debuffs that are part of all ranks of Chant-style DoT songs.
    - Druid - Remote Moonfire now is correctly resisted by cold.
    - Enchanter - Fixed an issue that prevented Free players from scribing or casting the spell Ward of Bewilderment. Ward of Bewilderment will no longer cause Ward of Bedazzlement to be overwritten.
    - Enchanter - Mental Appropriation is now on timer 11.
    - Magician - Monster Summoning VI and Summon Elemental Ore can now be scribed and cast by Free or Silver members.
    - Monk - Sting of the Wasp will now affect players as well as NPCs.
    - Monk - Phantom Apparition has changed names to Phantom Partisan.
    - Ranger - Corrected the icons for Bosquetender's Unity and Shout of the Bosquetender.
    - Shaman - Spiritual Surge has had its mana cost and effectiveness reduced.
    - Removed player levels and spell groups from several NPC-only spells.
    - Alaran Cantrips and Periapts now have a note that tells you where to take them.
    - Corrected an issue that caused pre-crit DoT focus damage to only be applied post-crit calculation.

    *** NPC ***

    - The majority of rare NPCs in Call of the Forsaken have been tuned to bring them in line with intended difficulty. You may find them to be more challenging than before. Experience rewards have been increased on these NPCs.
    - Fixed an issue that would prevent players from receiving credit for killing Dreadmole if he was submerged when he died.
    - Prince Tarant Thex in Neriak - Fourth Gate can now be found using the find window.
    - Friendly forces in Ethernere-Tainted West Karana can no longer be attacked or buffed.
    - Population in Vergalid Mines is less crowded.
    - Bone golems in Vergalid Mines are now constructs instead of undead, and as such they will no longer see through invisibility.
    - The Keepers of the Western Spire in Sunderock will no longer hide underground.
    - High level Shadow Knight NPCs should no longer use the abilities Crimson Blade or Scarlet Blade.
    - Level 65-80 Ranger NPCs will no longer use the incorrect versions of Hail of Arrows.

    *** AA ***

    - The timer for the alternate ability Mark of Travel should no longer conflict with timer for Teleport Bind.
    - The timer for the alternate ability Tertiary Recall should no longer conflict with the timer for Silent Casting.
    - Quickened Scourge Skin will now correctly improve the casting time of the second rank of Scourge Skin.
    - The buff granted by the wizard ability Arcane Destruction should now correctly list the benefits it offers.
    - The Shroud of the Miracle effect triggered by Quiet Miracle now goes into a standard buff slot rather than the short duration effects window.
    - The AC component of the warrior ability Imperator's Command has been changed to improve the buff's stacking with other abilities.
    - Necromancers now have a new ability called Death Blossom, which is a group/solo oriented version of Death Bloom. This ability only functions while in full out-of-combat regen mode and does not stack with Death Bloom.

    *** Tradeskills ***

    - The Enchant Feymetal scroll now gives the correct error message when you are not a high enough level to learn it.
    - A number of items from the Equipment of the Ethernere tradeskill book that were set as not tradable on the Firiona Vie server are now fixed.
    - Scribe Zikett now sells the Guide to Transcendent Bags.
    - Brewmaster Berina now sells corks and water flasks.
    - Poisons created from Ethernere Essence are now more effective.
    - Chronomage's Tonic should now work properly with damage spells.

    *** Achievements ***

    - The achievement Hunter of Bixie Warfront will no longer require you to kill Firesting and Gellwing Bladeslinger.
    - Corrected the achievements for Houses of Thex (mission and raid).
    - Created achievements for Bixie and Dark Elf Hero's Forge armor sets.
    - Created an achievement for completing all of the Hero's Journey.
    - Added a new set of Hero's Journey equipment. They are available as rewards from Seeds of Destruction Hero's Journey achievements.
    - Lowered the recommended level to 75 on existing Hero's gear from the Hero's Journey achievements.

    *** Collections ***

    - Adjusted spawn points in Ethernere Tainted West Karana and Neriak - Fourth Gate so that they should no longer spawn in inaccessible locations.
    - The Severed Hand collectable from Bixie Warfront has been renamed to Partially Eaten Hand.

    *** Miscellaneous ***

    - The Zone Connection chart has been updated with many fixes and improvements.
    - Improved pathing inside the Water Cavern area of Bixie Warfront. This should improve gameplay within the Heroic Adventure "They're Everywhere!" as well.
    - The waterfalls in Tipt and Vxed are no longer deafening. What?
    - The launcher in Dragonscale Hills will no longer remove levitation effects when transporting you to Fortress Mechanotus.
    - Julaea Zimero should now be easier to find in the Ethernere Tainted West Karana.
    - House pets are now ambulatory inside the Hive of the Bixie.
    - The Hive of the Bixie will now correctly hold 600 items.
    - Corrected an error that prevented some zone music from being played unless environmental sounds were also enabled.
    - Corrected an issue that could cause a crash when attempting to earn Mercenary AA experience below level 20.
    - Fixed an issue where Drakkin couldn't train in languages from their Guild Master.
    - Corrected an issue with gaining AA experience from the completion of Heroic Adventures.
    - Addressed the issue that was causing the UCHAT service to not properly re-connect.

    *** UI ***

    - Added more item icons.

    - Changed -

    *** Previously Updated ***

    - Glimpse, the Unseen - Corrected a problem that prevented this raid from completing successfully.
    - Glimpse, the Unseen - Corrected a problem that caused some NPCs in this raid to attack entities that were not players or pets.
    - Entrancer R`Ker in Neriak - Fourth Gate will no longer crash the zone when she reaches low health.
    - They're Everywhere! - The dialogue in the combat report for this Heroic Adventure has been adjusted to more clearly reflect the status of the bixie guards.
    - They're Everywhere! - Enemy NPCs converted to fight for the players' side have had their logic improved, and should no longer betray the players.
    - They're Everywhere! - Bixiefoot no longer has a chance to spawn during the event that has invaders come from all 4 routes.
    - They're Everywhere! - Hatching Matriarchs now spawn adds based on their current health, not time passed.
    - They're Everywhere! - Friendly NPCs in this Heroic Adventure do less damage, have more hit points, and will no longer prevent the player getting credit for kills.
    - They're Everywhere! - The enemy NPCs that invade from all four routes at once have more health, but deal less damage. This should make it harder for friendly NPCs to kill them without player assistance, which could prevent the players from completing the task.
    - They're Everywhere! - The number of enemy NPCs that invade from all four routes at once has increased by two. This should allow more time for groups struggling on this step to kill the required amount of enemy NPCs.
    - They're Everywhere! - Enemy NPCs in this Heroic Adventure should no longer spawn at inappropriate times.
    - They're Everywhere! - The Queen and her Advisor can no longer be knocked unconscious, and should never disappear during the mission.
    - Bixie Warfront - Plant parts no longer emote during combat.
    - Jacyll's Jailbreak - Sneaky Eavesdropper should always give up the quest item after he is defeated now.
    - Espionage Starts at Home - The loot and XP rewards for Fleeing Witnesses in this Heroic Adventure have been severely reduced.
    - An End to Fear - Raid and Mission - Xaric's Lifepool spell no longer has the potential to heal for large amounts.

    - The EverQuest Team
  2. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Fingers crossed for an instance and lag fix :)
  3. Pirlo Augur

    A lot of fixes here it seems, good patch I guess.
    I was still hoping for the "Call of The Forsaken Tier 1 part B (with 1 hard as **** Tier 2 zone) will launch in November" announcement
  4. Beimeith Lord of the Game

    No fix for the Force of Flame / Eradicate Magic AA Timer conflict?
  5. Falos Augur

    Befouled silk is still not dropping anywhere in RoF. I realize that this was the RoFexpansion silk but normally silk drops are level based not expansion basesd (exotic silk from alaris dropped in RoF)

    As it stands anyone that wants the level 96-100 silks cannot obtain them from COTF content.
  6. Ashigaru Augur

    Good patch - looks like a few of the reported errors are getting fixed, which is great news. Was hoping to see the fixes go in for SK spells and AA - Scourge Skin (2nd rank does nothing), Mental Terror (Mana returns are in line with level 70 mana pools), Torrent of Agony (AC returns are too low), and Insidious Deflection (Heal returns too low to be relevant for current content).
  7. Rhymez Thebard Elder

    Bunch of fixes here, especially to cotf missions. Awesome job imo.
  8. Uxtalzon Augur

    Yeah, that "They're Everywhere!" task was a complete mess from start to finish.

    I had JUST figured this crap out, literally. Just yesterday. And yet since March I've had this issue and even asked for help in the Tech sub forum with no reply. Uuuuuuugh I finally figure it out just to see it's being fixed.

    I was just going to make a thread suggesting they change "Environmental Sounds" button to "Enable Music" since that basically fixed all zone music for me. Friggin' 8 months! ASJDASYFDYSADF!
    PrathunSOE likes this.
  9. Lananan Journeyman

    Transcendental Packs (only Packs) are using Planar Energy Shards instead of Ethernere Essences.
  10. menown Augur

    Thank you for listening and fixing this issue.
  11. CaptAmazing Augur

    Were the named easy? Not counting Neriak. I don't they were as a majority easy, why the tune up?
  12. Falos Augur

    Despite the vague patch message I am under the impression that only the neriak named are getting retunes.
    CaptAmazing likes this.
  13. CaptAmazing Augur

    Yeah, that's more in line. But it did say the majority in the expansion and not just a zone.
  14. Derd Augur

    Named in the whole expansion need more oomph so i'm hoping it means all zones. Should at least last long enough to hit some buttons and have more hp than trash mobs in a HA. It does look like a lot of needed fixups in this patch, thanks for all the hard work putting these patches together /salute
  15. Zalnima New Member

    Not exactly sure where to go with this but. Could you make it possible to grab old raids with fewer people, I know some still require you to have up to 18 people, and you could easily do them with a group or less. Being able to grab them with mercs would also be nice, so you don't have to bug people to join group so you can request it as well. Also! I was doing Vergalid's End tonight, and Vergalid would not become active. After reading a few write ups, it says you need 6 or more people in the zone, with you to activate him, though some have tried with 8 and it did not work. Could we get it so you don't need that many to active him? Id like to get into Ashengate raids :(
  16. Trajet D'Or Augur

    Does this require Conquest? (LDoN Aug, BiC, SSoL, etc)
  17. wingz-83 Augur

    For the bixie Mission "Saving Jacyll" at the end when you tell the guy "leave" to get your drum and he ports you out.

    You get placed in the static zone just outside the main hive that is cutoff from all access to the quest area. I had to gate and run back since all paths are blocked. However just removing yourself after puts you at the quest mob by the queen.
    Fenthen likes this.
  18. Falos Augur

    Yeah it requires everything in that tab.
  19. Miss_Jackie Augur

    So, no fixes to client crashes? Almost everyone in my guild is complaining about zone crashes, but no fixes?
  20. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Lots of bugs being fixed, but no mention of lag & instances not spawning for upto 30 - 45 mins, are these being addressed?