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Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by Hludwolf, Oct 21, 2014.

  1. Rogue213 New Member

    Dre. means the duelweild and the 2hander prof stack, defensive(sword and board) does not stack. Your ability failed. Timer has been reset.
  2. Sheaffer Augur

    I've done every single HA, on test, with a merc tank and healer. Did some of them take a while? Sure did, but with some perseverance I got through them. Which HAs do you think require an optimal raid group?
  3. Sheaffer Augur

    Also, there are other ways to get gear...yoy can do it the old fashioned way and camp named for drops.
  4. Dre. Augur

    I had no issues activating Defensive Proficiency, while Phalanx was up or vice versa.
  5. Rogue213 New Member

    Judging by your tone you are probably from Legions of Blackburrow. Read what I said about raiders and gearing being able to bypass mechanics the way the unwashed masses have to deal with.
  6. Rogue213 New Member

    Dre please double check your results, I am unable to /alt activate 1679 while /alt activate 687 is presently up.
  7. Brohg Augur

    I've 2box+merced every CotF HA, in group gear, on blue servers. Seriously, which ones are you asserting require full group or raid gear, let alone both, or even further "optimal"?
  8. maverick Elder

    I play on Test now and I have to say our primary job is to test these things per how they would effect live servers. So low population and odd hour grievances do not really apply to the target demographic.

    Also I have seen many of HAs completed by many "pick up groups" with regular group gear.

    As a side note I would like to point out all the complaints about the population increase on Test is silly IMO if most of us are doing our job a more densely populated server is a good thing, but thats another thread so I will leave it at that.
  9. Cerris Augur

    There are some godawful HAs (the second two in the "Library" sequence in Neriak come to mind, as does The Other Brother in ETWK), but I've completed all of them with a mage / ranger / shaman trio in full group gear*

    Heck, I'll raise the bar and say that I was able to finish all but three of the group MISSIONS with the same combo, in the same gear. (Can't do Hate Rising, Burn Out or The Fall of Lord Bayle.)

    * The ranger did have a single raid item he'd won on a Corrupted NToV pickup raid, but I don't think it made a significant difference as it was a 1hb and he was never in melee.
  10. Sheaffer Augur

    My main at the time was a bard and he was t1 ROF raid geared. I did everything with him, a group geared magician and a group geared wizard. I used a merc tank and two merc healers and managed to complete all the has.

    You never answered....which has do you think require raid gear and or a full group?
  11. Fanra Augur

    NOTE: I posted this in the Beta forum. However, the same issues happen on Test, so I'm posting this here as well to ensure it is noticed. Also, on Test I tested it with Rank 1 while on Beta I had Rank 3.

    Druid spell Nurturing Growth (could only test rank 1 on Test server):

    Does nothing in Plane of Knowledge (and, I assume, all zones where buffs do not count down). Recast timer buff remains at 5 minutes no matter how long you sit in PoK. Also, manabear does not give you mana in PoK (and, I assume, all zones where buffs do not count down).

    I am not sure if that is working as intended but not having the recast timer count down in PoK (and similar zones) is not optimal.

    Casting Nurturing Growth while having a familiar up gives the message "You cannot have more than one pet up at a time." but only in PoK (and, I assume, all zones where buffs do not count down). This can be ignored and is not worth the time to fix but I'm posting it because it might be a clue to help fix issues.

    Attempting to cast Nurturing Growth on yourself when you have the Nurturing Growth buff on you causes a casting time of infinity and all spells locked out. You must duck or stop casting to cancel it out otherwise you can not cast anything.

    Still missing wear off message when Nurturing Growth buff wears off you. Very important to have that wear off message, not sure why it is so hard to add it.

    Only good news is recast buff no longer extended by focus effects. Other issues remain.

    Thank you SOE Dev(s) for your attention to this matter.
  12. Croak Augur

  13. jeskola Augur

    are you confusing HA with the progression missions? If you are really just referring to HA than you must be a far below average player :(
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  14. Pwnography Augur



    If Rogue is getting group missions and heroics mixed up, like ToRot2, then he may have a point that can be argued. I don't know of a single heroic adventure that could cause much grief. They were tuned to the lowest common denominator and scale based on level to help level and gear up. Sure, some are harder than 'Scouting Ahead' but that isn't saying much. If he really is talking about 'HA struggles' it sounds like a player issue. I've never heard complaints in this realm - its new to me.
  15. Killstrike Journeyman

    You do realize the 6 hour lockout on HAs is because of the new expansion. They don't want folks grinding HAs to achieve lvl 105 really fast. which probably 90% of folks that play eq would have done. instead of getting into the new content and leveling as they progress.
  16. treehugger Journeyman

    As far as the ha's go i'm sure the hard ones he is referring to are the 3 from nek 2 that drop the symbles. 1st event usually gives you a chanter mob that charms up to 108 so if you have one tank and no pet tank to bypass the charm your screwed the charm last 40 seconds give or take and he recasts it just as fast. 2nd even sometimes gives you the golem you have to cycle skills on and off to get past again mercs don't follow as fast to stop casting or attacking and almost always die and you cant use a tank merc/pet cause they eat the rage emote. both of those you can however wait cycle till you don't get those 2 steps of the mission but /w the later its the last or almost last step. The third their are 2 issue the golem that in every version and then if you manage to get past that last guy mercs refuse to follow asisst and cast needlessly and the clr merc will run itself out of mana before you spawn him the 4th time. can you get past it w/ 3 mercs im sure if you have done it over and over. But its far form the relaxing lets go play in an ha.
    I really think the concern that you can cycle 1 easy ha that give the most exp and coin in about 11 mins(personal best /w live group) is valid. However i think 1 hour lock out time would be sufficient to prevent that and still allow casuals to play with each other with out such a harsh penalty for pugging.

    My bigger concern is the info about the new expansion that on the achievement window.
    I know i'm walking a fine line but since its on test and test is open for everyone to see. Look at the achievement window. Raid progression looks to be a long drawn out mess. 15 30 and 10 keys. Over 4 raids to get to the 5th raids. I didn't do any raids yet so I hope its a voa book style that gives more as you get farther but. If not it will take what looks like 40 lock out sessions to get to the last event. I know the expansion is possessed to last a year but really? I don't know anyone that has a guild that has the same crew for 40 weeks so even w/ 85% it prob going to take longer than that.
  17. treehugger Journeyman

    Farming instances for kills is still going to happen they will just drop and repeat BEEcause its more effective to mole it out that way.
  18. Killstrike Journeyman

    not if they put in lockout on request.
  19. treehugger Journeyman

    Currently its not. I was just on test. Unless they are going to change it again. even then instance flipping is usually better for grinding you would just use a non ha w/ mobs. ie ring of fire. issue w/out instance flipping is there isnt enough mobs to have more than 3 or 4 groups in any current zone. with out stepping on each others toes. instance allows for you to grind freely with out getting in each others way.
  20. Ravengloome Augur

    Instance provide instant repops.

    If there were enough mobs in a static zone within spitting distance, that would be good to. However no where in COTF is there enough mobs within an acceptable distance to sustain 1 group that is grinding hard.

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