Test Update 10/21/2014

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  1. Hludwolf Developer

    October 21, 2014

    *** Items ***

    - You can now loot a single item out of a no drop stack if you have no drop loot confirmations turned on.
    - Using the bandolier to swap between a dual wield setup and a ranged weapon setup will no longer cause items to disappear if your inventory is full.
    - Corrected an issue where bane damage on weapons was not properly applying to the proper races.
    - Top Tier items from Call of the Forsaken have had their focus effect caps extended to level 103 (Test note: spell haste, duration, range, and mana preservation are missing from this build).
    - Adjusted the way that the Melodious Befuddlement effect from Melodious Truncheon is resisted.

    *** Quests & Events ***

    - Heroic Adventures now have a six hour lockout upon completion.
    - A Cunning Plan - Looting a key in this raid should once again give you access to battle the Architect and the Monarch.

    *** Spells ***

    - Druid - Fixed an error that wasn't allowing the spell Savage Spirit to be memorized or cast.
    - Druid - Nurturing Growth can no longer have its duration extended by focus effects, but should still prevent itself from being cast again for its duration. Reduced the cast time to 3 seconds since this also can no longer be focused.
    - Druid - Skin to Seedlings now works on incoming damage spells up to level 105.
    - Enchanter - Baffler's Aura, Arctender's Aura/Echo, and Mastermind's Aura/Echo will now increase endurance regeneration as intended.
    - Increased the total number of spell book pages from 90 to 100.
    - /tgb will now work with mercenaries.
    - Beam spells should no longer incorrectly count corpses in their total number of valid targets.

    *** AA ***

    - Monk - Added modifiers to Dragon Punch and Eagle Strike to the Two-Fingered Wasp Touch ability. Reduced the damage debuff that is applied to targeted enemies.
    - Warrior - Changed Phalanx of One to an activated but very long duration ability to resolve unintended stacking issues with other disciplines.
    - Wizard - Removed the mana penalty from Arcane Fury to resolve a stacking issue with Prolonged Destruction.
    - Added a new tab to the AA window for spell-specific focuses if your class has them.

    *** Miscellaneous ***

    - Increased the max buy line amount to 2,000,000 from 1,000,000 plat.
    - Fixed an issue where petamorph or metamorph illusions were not properly scaling to the correct height.

    *** UI ***

    - Increased the maximum number of extended targets you can have. You must obtain new ranks of the Eyes Wide Open AAs to utilize them.
    - Added an "Achievements" button to the inventory window.
    - Removed the option to forward in-game e-mail to the out of game e-mail address on a player's Station Account.
    - Added many new drag item icons.

    - Changed -

    - The EverQuest Team
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  2. Lisandra Augur

    Booooo! Such a tease!
  3. Fanra Augur

    Thank you very much.

    Did we also get a wear off message so we can use an audio trigger?
  4. Sheex Augur

    As our good friend from Kazhakstan would say..."Nice!"
  5. Koneko Augur

    does that mean pets and mercs will still count?
  6. Maeryn Augur

    May 11, 2005 - We have changed the text description of certain flags on the item inspection window. NO DROP is now NO TRADE and NO RENT is now TEMPORARY.

    Is 9 years not long enough for employees of the company to know basic terminology?
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  7. Sabriel Journeyman

    Bye wizzy competitive dps.
  8. Silentchaos Augur

    In this expansion cutting 2-3 minutes of burn time off aint really gonna make a difference.
  9. Dre. Augur

    Wait, what?
  10. Smokezz Augur

    It'll get topped in a week :)
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  11. Riou Augur

  12. Marshall Maathers Augur

  13. Fooba Elder

    Phalanx of One is now worthless since it doesn't stack with Last Stand or Defensive Proficiency. They might as well have just removed it from the game.
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  14. Donkeyface New Member

    So 6 hour lockouts on HA?.... I was planning on comming back after 6 months gone, but this makes me happy to stay away...
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  15. Miggmigg New Member

    Well, this totally screws me. I play at wierd times, and currently have max xp / AA, however i've found myself needing several pieces of T2 gear to finish up my gear progression. I don't have time to raid to progress him that way so the only way I can, is with Marks of Valor. The 6 hour lockout is going to kill any hopes I had of getting more gear :-\ I might as well go cancel my subscription.
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  16. Shavin Journeyman

    Well, 6 hours for lockout for each HAs.....its really ridiculous, after the big nerfs, now that ...

    Im on EQ since 14 years but its probably end game for me.

    Good job SOE.............
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  17. Sheaffer Augur

    COTF has something like 30 heroics....I'm pretty sure you can't do all of them in 6 hours
  18. Rogue213 New Member

    Psst, Sheaffer you are aware that there are a rather large number that can not be completed with just a standard pick-up group. Hell some of them can not be completed without an optimally raid geared group. On test population is very low so good luck getting some of them completed at all. At odd hours now you need to find the classes you require, hope they are not locked out and now hope they are willing to complete the task as people are just chaining trash mobs in the instances and dropping.
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  19. Cerris Augur

    Bug: Tier 2 group cloaks have focus "Ageless Expansion", the same focus as on Tier 1 group cloaks. As such, their focus still caps at level 100.

    Other Tier 2 group items I looked at were good because they had a unique focus compared to the Tier 1 items (My "Kyle's Gorget" from ToR mission 2, for example, has Remembered Respite II, which is now a level 103 focus, while the Tier 1 neck had Remembered Respite I)

    If you can fix this for Tier 2 cloaks, please remember the evolved cloaks that come from the Shroud of the Forgotten quest. Actually, considering the precedent set by other evolving items in this expansion, it would be awfully nice of you to make the focus on these items a level 105 focus.
  20. Dre. Augur

    Tried the Phalanx changes out on Test. A couple of major issues.

    Phalanx of One has a defensive proc hate effect that we now lose when the buff is stripped. Wade Into Battle doesn't last the duration of defensive/LS discs, so this creates a real agro problem for multiple mob tanking, mostly for whoever is healing us. DPS should probably forget about AE'ing while Wade is down, too.

    The Defensive Proficiency and Dual-Wield Proficiency buffs appear stack with the Phalanx buff. Not sure how this is intended to work but I won't get a chance to test how the defensive mods are stacking until later. This suggests other mitigation-type stacking issues may exist.

    Minor issue but annoying - It's unnecessary hassle to re-buff it after defensive drops and we don't need more hotkeys.

    Plus there's that other little thing where 4 expansions of content were tuned to the capabilities of Warriors while these abilities stacked.
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