Test Update 10/13/2020 - Patch Notes and Discussions

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by EQ Dev, Oct 13, 2020.

  1. Cragzop Augur

    Necro 1.5/2.0/2.5 still works fine on Live. There's a bug report that's confirmed, but no fix has been introduced as of yet. Just tested again on Live and ... the epic still works.
  2. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Yes, and the intention is to fix that so it properly loses power and eventually stops working on higher level spells hence the confirmed bug report. However this was brought up again due to the changes in the 2.5 aug to lower the total increase from 18% to 10% as expected. Once the bug with the overall effect on the epic is solved the epic will finally be removed from the live game and I am guessing it is just a matter time before that bug is resolved.
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  3. WFSBelaar New Member

    Can confirm this works. Test copied fresh, logged in and went from 344 to 350 pottery, 340 to 342 smithing and 330(?) TO 338 tailoring. Thanks for the fix!
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  4. Sularus New Member

    That change to Duriek, is going to make Lhranc even worse. His respawn time needs to be addressed as well. As well as certain npcs in the Wizard and Enchanter 1.0 epic quests.
  5. Svann2 Augur

    Saving the rest for the beta server launch?
  6. Skuz Augur

    The players who needed Lhranc before will still need him all it does is shift where the bottleneck / queue was it doesn't change how many players needed him so the overall speed of the epic for the class is still sped up significantly.

    I agree that the other epic quest bottle necks should be addressed as soon as they can be.
  7. Sularus New Member

    I agree that is does indeed shift where the bottleneck/queue is at, but I do not agree that it speeds up the quest significantly since Lhranc is still an up to 72 hour respawn. It just shoves everyone into a tiny room, in the main pick only of City of Mist.
  8. Hexxs New Member

    Planning on fixing the agro issues this patch in the invisible patch notes??
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  9. Tarbuk New Member

    I appreciate the fact that they have considered the feedback regarding Duriek - and its very much appreciated, however it does not solve the problem. It will further push the main bottleneck to Lhranc. The overall problem is Lhranc is 48-72 hour OW only spawn, who despawns on hand-in. This allows for only a fixed amount of SK epics (Wizards and Ench same scenario), while other classes do not face this limitation via use of picks and DZs. Marl and Duriek being changed does not fix the problem noted above. Why not allow Lhranc to pop in a DZ (similar to Pally final fight)? Or, his respawn timer should be reduced as it would represent the same reasons Marl and Duriek being reduced. Thanks
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  10. Angahran Augur

    Personally would love to see the things that are getting patched 'behind the scenes' :)
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  11. Nennius Augur

    It's always fun to look behind the curtain. Just ask Dorothy and her friends.
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  12. Shakara Elder

    To be fair with TLPs a majority of the population plays this content and thus deserves attention paid to it. They prolly could get a lot of benefit from rebalancing classic-PoP with how popular TLPs are in those xpacs
  13. sieger Elder

    I wasn't even capped in TDS and I basically capped AAs (gaining like 3500) in the first 6 days of TBM, and I was only doing XP nights we didn't raid and after 6p ET. I don't really think Selo needs anything special for XP. Obviously in some scenarios the ~5AA per kill cap will mean you aren't getting the full benefit of things like LotD / Holiday bonuses / potions, but that's also been true on live servers as far as I understand it, for a number of years now.
  14. Tarbuk New Member

    As expected, the change to Duriek just made the Lhranc bottleneck even more ridiculous than it was before. Unfortunate and much regret spending the time I have sitting in Lhranc's closet waiting for this 24 hour window 3-day only OW spawn. It's really frustrating to see the Dev(s) now twice overlooked the main problem. Why change Marl and Duriek but not Lhranc? Why limit a class to a maximum number of epics (OW only spawns) in-era when other classes are unrestricted? It makes zero sense.
  15. Captain Video Augur

    Devs have travelled a month back in time and are applying the latest Live patch to the Test server on 10/4. I must have missed the addition of the time travel mechanic in the beta.
  16. kelly6987 New Member

    3 months ago i reported a bug with my spirit of eaglemax aa that it doesnt work and its nots fixxed yet and a new expansion is comming out when will this be fixxed
  17. Szilent Augur

    Does anyone else have this "bug" that it should require developers to patch the game? Or is it just you, because you never went to Janeil Mon`estra in Lceanium to buy your spell.
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