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  1. Riou EQResource

    It should still work on mobs that don't strikethrough 100%, basically group game, cov was at like 60%? strikethrough or something
  2. Wulfhere Augur

    Live server version of the same, /attack off, fight:

    A cold ghoul in 888s, 20703k @23314 | Wulfhere 18793k | Reverse DS 1910k

    Wulfhere -vs- A cold ghoul: -- DMG: 18793436 -- DPS: 21163 -- Scaled: 21163 -- Slash: 11182136 -- Environmental: 6064896 -- Bash: 1546404 -- % dmg as normal: 74.9% -- % dmg as critical: 25.1% -- Non-crit rate: 85.9% -- crit rate: 14.1% -- Attempts: 1452 -- Hits: 1358 -- Missed: 94 -- Accuracy: 93.5% -- Avg Hit: 13839 -- Max hit: 361830 -- DMG to PC: 10363271

    Riposte DPS in the level 115 group game, versus a single mob, is about to be reduced by 5x (-77%) for a paladin. War and SK, your mileage may vary.
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  3. Shindius Journeyman

    That seems like such a bad change and way too much of a nerf. Typical Daybreak overreaction when changing something. Let's hope they dial that way back and stop trying to neuter classes especially those that are popular and necessary to play the game.
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  4. Dragnath Elder

    If the change impacts mobs as well it should be a good change unless I am missing something from this thread.

    You are talking a reduction of just over 16k DPS on a tank (not sure what gearing is or what % of overall dps based on the info provided), and in return the mob being tanked can no longer riposte the tank due to 100% strikethrough of the tank.

    At the end of the day survivability is the main goal of the tank over DPS, and no matter what the overall gearing of Wulfhere is 16k dps at level 115 is not very much.

    Please correct me if I am wrong, I did not test any of this and am only going by what has been posted here.
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  5. Wulfhere Augur

    I fought and killed the mob with attack off, allowing for DS and Rev DS. The data is in my post to derive the percentages. I.e. ( Slash: 11182136 + Bash: 1546404 ) / 20703k total = 12728540 / 20703000 = 61%. Not that it matters for the test.

    I disagree. DPS matters for every class. The only way to survive is to kill mobs and the best way is quickly. That is why the SK is so powerful as they have the best performance in offense and defense of any class.

    Wulf's gear for this test is CoV T1 raid armor. I used an Invested Honed Wurmslayer for the guard effect and because the magnitude of the DPS isn't important, only the ratio (difference) between Test vs Live matters for this A/B test.

    My conclusion: With strikethrough as high as it is, the Riposte skill and AA for Double Riposte and Battlefield Vengeance are being negated and sunset from the game.This is being done to reduce server load primarily, which is a poor excuse, in the form of fewer melee swings and smaller swarms of NPC per pull.

    I've posted before that I believe that 100% strikethrough is bad for the game, bad for PC to have and bad for NPC to have. Strikethrough has negated all defenses (which are flavor and fun) and now the death of riposte is just the nail in that coffin. I feel the same about 100% stun resist too btw (as much as I rely on the lack of interrupts, it reduces the fun factor).

    I would rather see Strikethrough reduced back down to at most 35% and NPC swing rate reduced back to 30 delay and fewer quads and flurries. There is no good reason to have all melee swinging at 10 delay with 4 to 10 attacks per round (per second). That is lag inducing and comparable dps can be had with higher delay and higher damage per swing.
  6. Rogean Journeyman

    This change will have a massive impact on TLP as well. I've noticed that my warrior starting in Planes of Power has a high rate of strikethrough, and we're still pretty far away from any of the mobs having strikethrough. This will provide a noticeable decrease in mob ripostes and incoming tank damage without any reduction of tank DPS.

    Ripostes still generating swings even being struck through has been a core mechanic of this game for a while, and changing that has bigger implications for all servers.
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  7. Slasher Augur

    What is the motivation behind this nerf to rip ?
  8. Dragnath Elder

    I wouldn't so much call this a nerf as a fix to have it working as intended.

    "Riposte is a passive defensive skill that gives characters a chance (proportional to the skill proficiency) to stop an incoming swing and instantly counterattack with a single, primary-hand swing of their own."

    Strikethrough - "This passive ability increases the chance you will strike through your opponent's active defenses, such as dodge, block, parry, and riposte"

    There should have never been a riposte attack on a strikethrough, now there won't be.
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  9. Wulfhere Augur

    With both sides having 100% strikethrough the melee combat model, barring the now broken defensive abilities, has been reduced and optimized to miss else hit. Server lag is nearly fixed at long last. :rolleyes:
  10. I-WANT-IT-NOW Augur

    So the task seemed to be lowering tank dps. But instead we now have mobs striking through all avoidance tools?!
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  11. Geko Elder

    It's a lot more than 100k dps loss. My dps was just cut by 1/3rd
  12. Dragnath Elder

    Is there something specific to Paladins that is causing such a massive DPS drop? I have noticed most complaints are coming from Pallys and I have never played one and have not grouped with one since returning just over a year ago so I am completely oblivious to their abilities.

    Based on my own data, I compared running the same ToV missions (Velks and Kael) last night vs last week and I saw no discernable drop in main tank DPS. Average sustained DPS for the tank was just under 200k which I see a lot of posts suggesting drops of 100-220k dps from the change.

    I am using Gamparse .99C for comparing DPS, our group isn't max AA but most of the DPS related AA's are maxed (double riposte maxed). My groups tank is a level 115 SK fully ToV Tradeskill geared and auged with a focus on Hdex.

    I assume the huge gap in DPS for what I am getting vs. what people here are posting is due to others being raid geared and having boosts from previous xpacs progression (Janns veil, familiar buffs, mount buffs, max heroic AA) but that still doesn't explain why I'm not seeing the big impact to DPS % that is being discussed on these boards.
  13. Leigo You come here often?

    - Corrected an issue where an account would sometimes think a player was still online when going from character select to server select.
    This is still happening.