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  1. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    i do not know what "feel germane" implies or is supposed to mean.
    But yes, it is true - i have "wasted" FAR more XP from helping people and my Boxes since i am capped than i stand to loose from this change.
    I have "mitigated" that loss to some extent by the use of a fellowship - again, to help myself and friends alike.
    But that is both beside the point too.

    I have done something, and nothing of it "wrong".
    As a result, i gained something.
    Now, this something is - to a significant part - taken away, arbitrarily.
    THIS is my complaint.

    And i resent your saying "exploitation of achievement rewards".
    How can you even just imply that forfeiting XP while doing an achievement but expecting the announced reward to be "paid" was an exploit?
    Did they at some point in the past that i may have missed state that the "AA-reward from achievements allowing over-cap values to persist" were unintentional or even just an unexpected side-effect?
    Do you really think that observing and later expecting special ACHIEVEMENT rewards being handled differently from normal, say "task-rewards" is an obvious sign of an "exploit"?
    If so, why has noone ever cried out against that in, say, TBM times or against the banking of greater/glowing XP glyphs that you got for achievements in past expansions?
    This is NOT an exploit.
    It is the logical sequence of past - clearly INTENDED - mechanics, through different means.
    (since now they give out the AA-rewards directly, and over-cap instead of handing you a rune for later use).

    I would be "ok" with them doing a "SELECT max(banked AAs)" and then ANNOUNCE that somepoint in the nearer future they will limit these at some value (above that, to be clear!).
    You know.. PRIOR to the fact.
    So people can adjust (or bite the bullet with open eyes).

    As it is being done, though, is quite differently and in fact offending - outright insulting even.
    A punishment for playing the game.
    And worse, a punishment for paying for a full year (and brazenly making use of that time!).

    It's not too far-fetched a comparsion imo to say that this is like them arbitrarily setting character back to level 103.
    After all, getting from level 103 to 105 again is quick too, and we all "wasted" more time than that, didn't we?
    But we ALL would be unisono shout out against such an insult.
    I wonder why this is accepted then!
    Simply because less people seem affected?

    Perhaps the following is "germane" enough for you then:
    It boils down to matter of principle.
    It does not matter if this is me talking about 100 lost AAs or 380 currently banked ones or 510 that a shaman box currently has.
    You do not charge for a service, deliver a product and then ask for a sur-charge or change the contract.
  2. Brohg Augur

    The rewards are very clearly intended to be immediate. The model for exp reward able to be banked exists, with the Glyphs of Glowing Experience from previous expansions. That the mechanism for EOK's immediate style of reward didn't include immediately punishing people who were running close to their earning cap was a kindness on the part of the developers. That the AA pool doesn't clear to its cap on zoning/logging is a similar kindness to absent-minded players. Nothing about these kindnesses ever implied to me that the intention was to reward those that Gribbled their way to max Assigned before engaging with EOK content to then have a 1k head start on ROS.
  3. Eniner Augur

    WEll is quite easy to clear up and make understanding. Live has had a aa cap for a reason the fact players was able to exceed that actual cap makes it a in game bug as your exceeding known cap. I would not call it a exploit or exploiting the system but something daybreak had just over looked for years. Now that it has become well known to a lot people most likely why the fix is being put in place to stop a game mechanic bug allowing you over cap. I wont say those who did it was wrong as a regular player i too would of assumed it was the normal. So I also would not call it they are robbing you of any thing but fixing something they didnt know was operating in such a way.
  4. Eniner Augur

    By this logic all mages should be irate from beam changes. Sk should be irate from swarm changes. The list can go on for every single class in the game. This is a well over 15 year old game changes will happen some for the good some for the not. Either way we rent accounts from this company to play great games. They can shut down tom and owe us not a thing or reasoning. The changes that are made are made because they are actually effecting game play for many of players. This is what happens when players feel they are owed something and entitled. With that being said they can do as they wish and if something this SMALL can cause chaos in your world then everquest may not be for you as things like this happen nearly every patch. Some posts you have made said that if this was to go live you was done. So because you cant be the first to cap aa on a xpac that just launched or close to it that its enough to make you leave? The strong adapt and over come these changes the weak post they quit because of a minor change that would cause someone to kill about 50 extra mob for those aa back.
  5. Eniner Augur

    When i first posted on this post about the aa changes i was at 13238 aa i am now sitting at 20k aa so in the time i posted that it took me 3 days to farm 7k aa. Not only did i exceed the aa resets count but i also more then trippled what i had lost. It takes no time at all to grind the aa out. It is just putting forth the effort to do so.
  6. Deddentd New Member

    As far as the maxed AA's go, I have seen many raid guilds who raid weekly, max their banked AA's over and over. I on the other hand , usually solo, either by choice or I don't have the time it takes to raid. To me, if you aren't using the AA's you should start from scratch on the new expansion, just like any other player who plays as time allows. Sorry, but that's just the way I see it.

    As far as changing spells and stuff you use on your character as HOT buttons goes, Daybreak should leavev that stuff alone, especvially if they are NOT going to refund the AA's that were spent to get those items/spells in the first place. Once again as a solo player ( most times) my time is important to me when I play the game, or I wouldn't have stayed as long as I have. Taking my hard earned stuff away and not refunding the AA's it took to get it is a slap in the face.

    As far as what was said about people not liking something, maybe they should leave. That is why so many people have left. CUSTOMER SERVICE at Daybreak doesn't listen, and when you petition, you get a pat , canned response, with nothing to show for it, and no one to complain to about it. You file a complaint and it doesn't go any further then the people who handle the petitions. You think they are going to forward something that might cost them their job? So Eniner if people are disgruntled its because they have no way to express their feelings about how they are treated by a company who has no idea what customer service is, but has all the time in the world to go out during the week and play with bows and arrows, and sword training.
  7. Drathese New Member

    I am unsure if this is a bug or something else. Also unsure if it is a bug, when it started. I have a 105 SK, HP unbuffed are 168970. Self buffed with Livio's Covenant, Drape of the Wrathforged, Zombie Skin, Vizat's Skin, Vizat's Horror, and Shroud of the Doomscale (all RKII spells) his hp jump to 170904. Now when I cast Shout of the Corpsestalker (RKII) from my rng box, the SK hp drops to 169909. SK then recast Drape of the Wrathforged, and SK hp goes back up to 171843. If this is in the wrong area I apologize, tis only my 2nd post in 15 years.
  8. Dhurgan Elder

    The Cloak of Nettlespears buff that Copsetalker triggers does not stack with Drape of the Wrathforged.
  9. Eniner Augur

    Honestly ive played since the launch of everquest and i have had to actually petiton about total of 12 times in all these years. The problem is people abuse the petition system reporting and petitioning things that should be posted on the forums which the devs are required to read every X amount of hours. So yes it may take awhile for petitions to get taken care of due to having to weed out the ones that should been /bugged or reported on the forums as a game play issue. The company name is the only thing to have changed. All head coders and devs from sony as well as all other employees transfered over to daybreak. Granted some was let go and in my opinion a lot them let go was ones that could not actually fully code and know the game in depth. As im friends with a lot of them and some even told me they was not a coder and could not actually work on the system it self. So while i understand petitions may take some time a lot must understand its the same people who have jobs to do as well as monitor petition systems. Again a lot petitions are taking up time of the workers that should not be taking time for it. I dont want anyone to leave everquest honestly but if played as long as i have one should know and understand over the years the game has made a lot changes and will keep coming. I offer a solution of they may find another game thats more fitting them to due to they will complain about anything and everything knowing it will keep coming. If it bothers them that much and they feel they are being robbed or cheated then perhaps they should move on to something that makes them happy in their free time. Again i want no one to leave but they must understand how large this game is with zones all the quests there are a lot hiccups that have been over looked etc and will be fixed and because they fix unintended things a players feels robbed and cheated. They should wake up understand the game and know it was not originally supposed to be that way.
  10. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    While I understand that there are some strong feeling on various subjects here, please keep it civil towards each other and avoid being insulting, and please, even avoid the passive aggressive stuff between each other. It's not necessary, clouds the topic, and increases the noise level, making it difficult for the Dev's to get useful information from these threads.

    While we don't allow insult here overall, in these threads it is even more important than the other forums because these threads give us important data about the game. Yes, this is the discussion thread, and discussions are important, but keeping them civil keeps the information flowing.
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  11. Eniner Augur

    Is warrior agro working as intended? It seems from last patch its quite hard for them to hold agro over some classes now. Before it was not too much of a issue but my auto attack on a rog is even generating me up to high 60s then burn i will rip.
  12. Nhim New Member

    LAG is a big issue on raids. Following emotes or healing during bad lag spikes is difficult and can definitely cause wipes when the raid force is sufficient, but not overpowered for the content.

    It is extremely frustrating to see continuing changes to AAs and not addressing lag that has been going on since September. FIX THE LAG *BEFORE* doing any more tweaks to things that already work.
  13. Hostility Elder

    I put all the evidence in this book for you:

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  14. smash Augur

    Except it is not same group of employees that are doing 2 types of job.

    There group of technicians working on performance, servers and such, and other group working on design, game itself and such.
  15. Nhim New Member

    Smash: It may not be the same individuals doing the two activities, but wouldn't it make sense to FIX the problem caused by previous patch content BEFORE continuing to roll out new changes?
  16. smash Augur

    And how do you know they not doing that? Technical issues have almost never been mentioned in notes, just take the fixes they been doing for AB problem.

    I am however sure they doing whatever they can to fix problems.
  17. Dhurgan Elder

    The lag is a minor inconvenience and does not make the game completely unplayable. The AA consolidations are likely needed to make room for additional abilities/AA's when the new expansion drops and have to be integrated before beta testing.

    For example, hypothetically, the characters may have 450 abilities available to them and the characters have a hard cap of 512 abilities. If the new expansion will add 100 abilities, that will push the abilities over the hard cap. In order to make room for those new abilities, you roll up some old abilities that are similar.

    If the lag issue hasn't been fixed by now, it's not an easy resolution, be patient. With a new expansion and beta testing coming, it's unlikely any radical infrastructure changes or code changes are going to be implemented that could end up delaying the release date.
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  18. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    Just because you CAN do something doesn't mean you "have to" do it too.
    Plus, there is from my point of view a difference if they change the way spells/abilities work or if they take away in-game achievements to make me do them all over again.
    There is no "this small" in that regard.
    I would beat up or want to see a burglar in jail even if "just" stole 1EUR from me, simply because he did what he did.
    There is no difference between me being stolen of 1EUR or 100k EUR.

    It wasn't "some", it was one post - and on this very issue too.

    No, that is not the reason at all.
    I have never been about being "the first" or "the best" in anything.
    But just as i would never stand for a degree in RL being taken away from me, i do not stand for them taking away legitly earned stuff in-game either.

    This has nothing to do with "strong" or "weak" but rather with being sheep or being consequent.

    Sheep takes whatever is thrown at them without as much as an outrage.
    The consequent react.
    As it is, i am withholding subscriptions for at least one, if not two months per account (i had, to date, still two of 6accounts subscribed).
    Whether i will re-sub for the next expansion and buy it i do not know, that will be a guild decision really..
    (do we raid with server issues or do we not?)

    At any rate, the consequence of this single change even if i resub for the new expansion will be that i won't sub for a year anymore - after being "done" in anywhere between 3-6months.
    If that is what they want to achieve, fine.
    If not, they should think their policy over and give us something "worthwhile" to keep us playing and paying from when we're "done" to the release.
    Taking away rewards they've given certainly isn't keeping ME subscribed.
  19. Eniner Augur

    Some of us play the game because we enjoy playing the game its why we are here. Despite being max exp max prog done with raids max aa we still log in to have fun. This to me honestly is a child type attitude of pitching a fit because something has been fixed. This happens every year people get max with nothing to do it dont stop us from logging in and still playing if anything chatting to our friends. To me it seems as if your trying to intimidate the company into reversing the changes in fear they may lose subs. And let us be honest here its the prog servers paying for this game. This is not me being negative nor am i being rude crude or anything of the such its merely my view of how i perceived your comments. You cannot be upset for them fixing something they most likely didnt know was being exploited with high end raiders.
  20. Hingabe Augur

    All this talk about consolidated aas, granted aas not being redistributed correctly, having to spend refunded aas on the lower ranks, and risking losing aas "over cap" especially for ftp when logging off, makes me scared to even log in until it's fixed

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