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  1. EQ Dev Augur

    This thread is for new bugs and how to reproduce them only. Please keep all opinions, discussions, posts about balance, and anything else in the other thread.

    Patch notes and discussions thread
  2. Gyurika Godofwar Augur

    DO NOT RESET YOUR AAs! If you try to do that you can't log out and autogrant won't grant you any AAs at all even if you log out or zone.

    So autogrant appears to be broken and /resetaas causes you to lose anything you to have to spend everything over 315 AAs before you can log out. So you wind up losing AAs by doing that.

    Can purchase tab is clicked on by default so make sure to click it off.
  3. Gyurika Godofwar Augur

    I was able to get autogrant to work after camping out a second time after resetting AAs. Wound up losing about 2000 AAs so I highly recommend no one else resets their AAs.
  4. Koryu Augur

    Logging into my Warrior on Test, I got several messages about AA lines that my class has no access to.
    "The alternate ability Quick Damage has been refunded." (SK or Shaman?)
    "The alternate ability Wind of Malosinete has been refunded." (Shaman)
    "The alternate ability Conjurer's Efficiency has been refunded." (Mage?)
    These probably should have been reported as Ferocity, Flurry, and Punishing Blade.

    On live, my Warrior has about 360 AA points banked (between AAs awarded via raid achievements and AA consolidations refunding AAs to take me over cap). On logging into Test, I had over 1200 AA points to spend, and only the Innate Regeneration line had any ranks available for me to purchase. I maxed out that AA line, and still had over 1000 AA points left with nowhere to spend them. The consolidation process seems to be doing a lot of unnecessary refunding since most merged AA lines automatically have their ranks bought up. Not sure why some lines are already bought up while others have to be repurchased.
  5. Lily Augur

    (reposting this in the correct thread)

    My anchor transport devices are once again taking me to an alt's anchors in Sunrise Hills. My anchors are in a guild house.
  6. Arcos Journeyman

    Did a fresh test copy of my ranger and compared the AAs on live and test. It looks at though I lost a thousand AAs give or take but not certain exactly how many since there is no way to tell what the cost of repurchasing those levels will be.

    I am hoping it is all just a bug in the refund mechanism -- when I logged into Test I got a message saying the following AAs were refunded

    Mental Clarity
    Innate Regeneration
    Burst of Power
    Burst of Power
    Innate Regeneration
    Quick Damage
    Wind of Malosinete
    Conjurer's Affinity

    The fact that a couple of them are there twice and the last 3 are not even ranger AAs makes it look like the refund calculation was wrong. Several eliminated spell lines were not listed but some of those seem to have converted to the new flavor and have the same level and functionality as before, just new names.

    The lines where the merge has left a lot missing ability show up as below full level and the number of AAs needed to restore them to where they were is far below what is there to spend.

    Here are the changes I found when I got on

    ..........................Live.......Test........All Spent
    AA points..........312........657.........0
    Assigned AAs...29461....28533.....29210
    Total Spent........29540...29195.....29852

    Burst of Power...23/23.....48/75.....75/75
    It took 471 AAs to max Burst of Power at 75/75 and at that level it seems to have all the merged AAs -- no loss of fuctionality. Except for burst of power itself none of the merged AAs were refunded.

    Mental Clarity.....44/44.....4/45......36/45
    It took most of the remaining available AAs to get this to 36/45. Guessing 100ish more AAs needed to get back to what was there before merging.

    The leftover points got this to 3/44 so HP regen pretty much gone. No idea what the total to get it back to max would be.

    All in all it looks like I lost the 312 banked AAs that were saved for the expansion and wound up in the hole for another 600 or 700. If it goes live and does this EQ will get a new rating for Blood and Gore as player's heads explode on multiple servers.
  7. gotwar Augur

    Enchanter AA consolidation seems to have gone smoothly:

    AA points: 98

    Assigned: 28178

    Total Spent: 21652

    Test (before rebuy):
    AA points: 207

    Assigned: 28108

    Total Spent: 21543

    Test (after rebuy):
    AA points: 107

    Assigned: 28208

    Total Spent: 21643

    Spent 100 points on Quick Damage and netted 11 extra AA points.

    Warrior consolidation went smoothly (for me). Don't have exact numbers for this one (test born, can't recopy, didn't get banked AA count prior to patch). Only messages I received on logging in was a refund for innate regeneration, then "You have improved innate regeneration XX messages from 1-38. Autogrant was enabled. Pretty sure I got a few banked AA's out of the deal. Everything else is maxed like it was before the patch.

    Hearing different things from different folks though, don't think it went this smoothly for everyone.
  8. Khoza Augur

    Well, as above, I had some errant AA refunds on logging in. As a monk, I was informed of the following refunds:

    Quick Damage
    Wind of Malosinete
    Conjurer's Efficiency

    Additionally, Gouging Claws of the Jade Tiger now has THREE listings in the Class tab. One is 0/21, one is 24/27, the last is 29/33.

    After catching up my AAs to match Live, here's where I am:

    18,605 Assigned
    20,134 Spent
    26 Banked

    18,807 Spent
    1353 Banked

    Can't quite put my finger on it, but something is odd here...
  9. Catty Journeyman

  10. GoldenFrog Augur

    1. For a year+, the ground spawn wasn't there.
    2. 5 months ago, the ground spawn was fixed but Icecore didn't spawn
    3. Now Icecore spawns but doesn't drop the required loot

    I'm trying to bite my tongue at the obvious issues and problems happening here with a zone who's progression is broken.
  11. Gyurika Godofwar Augur

    Looks like Plane Of Knowledge is crashing just really slowly. Can't invite to my group, can't chat and can't zone out.
  12. Gyurika Godofwar Augur

    Looks like the whole server is slowly crashing.
  13. Arcos Journeyman

    I started over with a fresh /testcopy and I think I know where things went wrong on the AA merge for me.

    It seems as though the process is relying on autogrant to fill in the missing AAs. The problem is that if you currently have saved AAs over 210 autogrant fails to run. Since you just got a refund on top of any saved AAs there is not much chance autogrant will fire as you log in.

    So at that point you have your saved AAs and your refund AAs that you need to spend or lose. Problem is that you have to waste them on levels that you should get from autogrant. When you spend down below the limit of 210 and finally log in for autogrant to work it leaves the top end of the merged lines below max (the wasted refund AAs would have fixed this).

    The best final result I could achieve left me with 210 saved AAs and 3 merged AAs lines below the max they were at. Spending another 128 saved AAs got those back to the max and left me with 82 AAs saved for the expansion (a loss of 230 saved AAs).

    Two ways to fix this that I can see.
    1) Raise the autogrant cap to 315 instead of 210 since a lot of folks have been saving for the expansion. This would have left me with 187 saved AAs and a loss of only 125.
    2) Even better just force a single autogrant immediately after the refund regardless of current saved levels. As a one time only function of the refund and merge it would leave you with only the final levels to purchase using your refunded AAs. Whatever you are keeping as saved should be left intact.
  14. Arcos Journeyman

  15. Hludwolf Developer

    Pushing out a set of fixes to test right now. Server should be back up in about 1.5 hours.
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  16. Kiadan Dakine New Member

    Also it seems the client will crash again if you have an item set as need or greed in /advloot if you're not present at time of availability and you click it in /advloot box. Happened 3x last night and has been ok for a month or more.

    <Primal Brood>
  17. niente Developer

    I'm having trouble reproducing this, can you give me some more details?

    If you're not present at time of availability - do you mean out of range but in the same zone?

    Can you PM me your dbg.txt file for the client who crashed? Thanks!
  18. Gyurika Godofwar Augur

    I was not on when it went down but people said there was no in game warning which is not a huge deal in the overall scheme of things but I just thought I'd let you know.

    You are generally on top of things and we all appreciate what you do for EverQuest in general and Test specifically.
  19. Kiadan Dakine New Member

    Hi Niente; just got back in and checked. I will try to duplicate it again today if possible and send the logs.

    Also; Guild Anchor ports seem to be not working as well; tried replacing, having a guildie removie and mail back and place, zone out with anchor and back in than place; it all gives the same "Your guild transport spell failed because you do not have the required type was found" error or something close to that.
    There's a few of us on this morning in GGH now.
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  20. Negatyve New Member

    EQ Team,

    I think there is an unintended effect of the patch on the AA system. I play a character that is circa 2000. In that time, the toon gained thousands of earned AA. The toon is evel 97,so not level capped,but was AA capped for the level. Once I reset my AA's, I lost all my earned AA's except for about 300. Now I am down thousands of AA that were previously spent.

    Thank You,
  21. Hludwolf Developer

    The server actually crashed :*( I left it down as I pushed out a fix that will prevent that and the crash the previous evening.

    Unfortunately, the fix for this did not work. I am still working on getting this one fixed.
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