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  1. HoodenShuklak Augur

    If anything I think the pick timer can be decreased by a minute or two rather than be increased.
  2. qweasy Augur

    It can be removed entirely now. What benefit would you gain from evacing every minute?
  3. LizardHealin New Member

    Invis potions make up for the classes who cant invisible while running.
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  4. Fllint Elder

    Please please reconsider this. Furious Leap is one of Warriors (and Bers) only relatively unique and fun abilities. I have always been a little sad that since warriors were one of the parent "leap ability" classes that we never got some kind of version of the "warp" leaps like most other classes have gotten, but I have never really complained openly b/c I much prefer our current version of Furious Leap to the "warp" leap abilities despite some of it's drawbacks.

    If you want to add a completely *New* ability on top of our current Furious Leap (Super Mad Warp!) I would be perfectly happy with that. You can even put them on the same timer so we cannot use them back to back, but please do not change Furious Leap to what is proposed.
  5. Brohg Augur

    Tactical Step /nods

    Step Into Slaughter
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  6. yosco Augur

    I'd like to see the Jann's illusion be buff-blockable, too.

    Also, is it working as intended that the Jann's buff is stripped by some mob abilities?
  7. Cailen Augur

    wuwu from a drop in the bucket to still just a drop in the bucket
  8. Tucoh Augur

    As a workaround, I've got a social macro that casts it, blocks it and unblocks it.
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  9. xmPradah Augur

    Have I missed something, something MAJOR, that would necessitate this? There are far more legitimate reasons, used by legitimately playing people, to keep /pick as it is than there are reasons or people to nerf this.

    So a group fighting/running/whatevering to a camp gets there, and - it's camped - they must fight/run/whatever all over again? There's already a timer on /pick that prevents anyone from just hopping around to quick-kill, rinse, repeat.

    I think this change is poorly thought out, and doesn't address any real issue.
  10. yosco Augur


    What problem is the change to /pick trying to fix?

    I ask becasue we’ve been speculating, but without knowing precisely why you’d want to change this, it’s hard to suggest alternatives. As it stands, the changes to /pick on test are terrible to regular players and an unnecessary change.
  11. kizant Augur

    It makes it harder for bot groups to auto-farm in every pick. Obviously, the whole point of pick zones is to let more people have a chance at doing the same quests or camp named, etc. It's not for giving one person more to monopolize.
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  12. Yinla Augur

    If the whole group when they gathered were in the same pick it would be fine, but even just dropping an instance puts you in a different pick which is a nightmare if the pick zone out is miles from the evac spot
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  13. JeffHanson Elder

    Bot groups will just use warp hacks to get to their camps, so this fix won't affect them.
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  14. Tasine New Member

    At the beginning of the OoW expansion a raid geared bard will be near 10k mana, and by the end of PoR will be near 15k mana. So a fade cost would go from 1200 mana to 1800 mana, and with mana regen remaining a constant 27 throughout all the lvl 70 expansions, the number of ticks to recover the mana for a fade goes from 44 ticks to 66 ticks. That's about a 2.5 min increase to recover from a fade that is off the same lvl range mobs because a bard went and got gear.
    I believe there needs to be another tier added to bard fade. In the OoW expansion or maybe even DoDH, fade usage should drop to 8-9%, then in TSS drop down to 6% and 2% later on. This would have a 15k mana bard in PoR have to wait 50 ticks to recover enough mana for a fade. In my opinion waiting 5 mins for a pulling tool should be the max.
    Most of the time mana isn't an issue, even with this change it won't be an issue. The only time it'll matter is if the bard dies.
  15. qweasy Augur

    That would help but if they're going to put in effort to fix the problem there's a much better solution. The real issue here is simple, abilities having a percentage based mana cost is just . There is no reason a player should be punished for upgrading their gear.
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  16. kizant Augur

    This is a video game. Stop even thinking of things in terms of 'punishment'. Are the EQ devs your parents? They clearly intend for players to be able to use this ability a fixed number of times regardless of gear. That is the whole point. It doesn't matter if you're a group player or raider or free play. It's the same for everyone.

    If you want to argue that raiders deserve to use escape more often than group players then fine. Make an argument for that. But stop crying about being 'punished'.
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  17. qweasy Augur

    No, "punished" is the perfect word. And I never said raiders should be able to use it more often. The problem is with this change they can use it LESS often than someone who is naked besides a few pieces of FT gear. This change makes zero sense.
  18. Yinla Augur

    With regard to /pick

    Can we get it so that when you leave a mission, campfire in or zone in for the first time that it always puts you in the base zone. On live over the weekend which ever way we have zoned in members of the group has been in base zone and /pick.

    Let the player choose if they want to go to a /pick!

    Or move the evac spot so it is at the zone in!

    Cant test this on Test as not enough players in 1 single zone to even trigger a /pick.
  19. Warpeace Augur

    EQ math for the WIN!!
  20. Ahlmean New Member

    I think /pick zone change will reduce some that just pick hop the same camp leaving one toon in each /pick to hold camp while their box army kills pher(or named) , /pick kills pher(or named) , /pick ... etc. If they warp to new camp from the evac spot, maybe that will make them easier to catch for the GM's.
    So it will open up more camps to the other groups wanting their own camps , as /picks were designed to do.

    Many of these changes are not relevant to "live" servers.... It would be nice to see more changes that positively affect "live" servers.

    + One suggestion would be allow 2 players to place a campfire , and 6 raiders to place a guild flag.

    + It would be better to consolidate Drifting Smoke and Lingering Smoke into one spell line, thus remove the out door requirement. I never load Drifting Smoke. I just use Lingering smoke. It saves time remembering to reload spells. Or I suggest, make an expensive aa that "attunes" out door spells for use indoors like in caves/dungeons etc.

    + Also, please, put a description on all alliance spells fading, not just when they fulminate.
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