Test Update 1/11/2022 - New Bugs Only

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  1. EQ Dev Developer

    This thread is for new bugs and how to reproduce them only. Please keep all opinions, discussions, posts about balance, and anything else in the other thread.
    Patch notes and discussions thread
  2. Hamshire Augur

    - We have removed the replay timers on all Agent of Change instances. The lockouts will remain, of course.

    Replay timers are still happening upon Agent of Change final boss deaths.


    Yes this is on the new test build & yes it appears to only happen on the end bosses for example Tallon did not give one but Rallos did along with Nagafen in Nagafen's Lair as shown in the screenshot.
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  3. Rumstil Lorekeeper

    Some (not all) mob names are truncated in the /advloot window and loot messages:

    [Wed Jan 12 09:03:21 2022] --a Iksar Blood was left on an a Sebilisian h's corpse.--
    [Wed Jan 12 09:03:21 2022] --a Vial of Iksar Blood was left on an a Sebilisian h's corpse.--
    [Wed Jan 12 09:03:45 2022] --a Iksar Ribcage was left on an a Sebilisian b's corpse.--

    Also, grammatically it probably shouldn't say "an a"
  4. klanderso Developer

    Thanks, created a ticket internally to address this.
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  5. klanderso Developer

    I believe that this was only changed for TLP servers and the update note is incorrect. I'll talk to the person who's handling this month's update and make sure it's fixed for Live.
  6. theonepercent Augur

    Before any devs see that and get the wrong idea (edit: rip.) It's not the final boss, it's whatever random boss someone decided was the final boss which often makes no sense. A lot of these raids can be done in any order so having a "final boss" that gives the replay lockout makes no sense.
    For example, the "final boss" of Temple of Veeshan is Vulak but there's no real reason a guild should be forced to do all of West ToV, East ToV and North ToV in 1 raid nor is there a reason North should be forced to be saved until last because Vulak locks out the other wings.
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  7. Nilwean Elder

    Level 120 Druid.
    I cannot claim Howling Hail Rk. II from a Minor Etched Bloodstone because I already have Cinch of Ro Rk. II in my book.
    I also cannot claim Moonwhisper Crystals Rk. II from a Glowing Etched Bloodstone because I already have Sootheseance Rk. II in my book.
  8. Rolaque Ancient

    That's an interesting bugger for sure. Just make the work around by automatically awarding a special Rk. III Minor Etched Bloodstone which updates only Howling Hail and Cinch of Ro. Of course, if you already have Cinch of Ro at Rk. III, then go to plan B.
  9. Niskin Clockwork Arguer

    Not sure if anybody else is having this problem, but my guild hall teleporter isn't working. It has worked fine since the patch, including earlier today. Just logged in with two accounts and the problem is happing on both. Confirming this is on Test, guild name Legend of Bryko.

    Edit: Sorry forgot details. Can buy the stone, and the NPC takes it and emotes like normal, but no teleport window ever pops up. Leaving and re-entering the guild hall still sends the alignment message. I left the instance to let it reset, but it was fresh when i got there, as i got no alignment message that time.

    Looks like the reset worked.
  10. DeadRagarr Augur

    **Small text issue with ToL Distillate potions**

    Unsure if new bug, but the ToL potions <Distillate of Health XXI> for instance show a req level of 111. A character at that level is unable to use. A character of 116 was able to use them. So they should be swapped to Req 116 on text.

    **Could not craft certain non Distillate ToL potions**

    Other potions such as "Blood Pacifying Potion" could not be crafted <Used EQ alla recipe listed as
    1 x Agrimony Bought
    1 x Bloodied Luclinite Powder Crafted
    1 x Bloodstone Bought, Quested, Dropped
    1 x Luclinite Potion Vial Bought
    1 x Mandrake Root Bought

    Just got a "You cannot combine these in this container type"

    116 shaman with 300 alchemy.
  11. Warpeace Augur

    Idk if they made a mistake with ToL potions or not. A bit difficult to know what was intended and what was not to be honest.
  12. Zipe The Healer

    There must be a typo... it's VT rares that need a boost, not Bloodfalls nor Basilica....
  13. Zipe The Healer

    Ok, did another hunt trip...
    It's Basilica and Vt rare nameds that have lower hp compared to other zone nameds. Bloodfalls is ok...
  14. Aanuvane Augur

    It's already been said several times the potions for the "non-distillate" items in ToL were held back and not released. I removed them from EQTraders and have sent several emails to Alla's advising of that change as well.


    Hopefully they will be introduced with effects at some point.

    Also, last time I checked the book on live - those recipes had been removed (Of Flowing Blood Volume 11 - Potions)
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  15. Weebaaa Augur

    - Bloodfalls bats are no longer displaying false modesty, but now have a weak power level to go with their weak tag.

    "A Wailing Centi" in Ka Vethan is also guilty of this. It seems to have the same hits and HP as normal zone guys
  16. Niskin Clockwork Arguer

    The teleporter thing happened again, this time to my guildmates. They pulled the teleporter and placed it again and it worked. Not sure if this is a side effect of the 64-bit client or just some weirdness.
  17. Blastoff Augur

    Trying to campfire into tacvi still results in an item timer but no teleport.
  18. Jkauff New Member

    Overlord Teralov in Gorowyn. When killing the place holders for Overlord Teralov they would change into Overlord Teralov and quickly change back to the place holder. The hitpoints on the place holder would reset during the transformation into the named and back. I spent some time there and did not have Overlord Teralov spawn at all.