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Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by Hludwolf, Sep 16, 2015.

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  1. Tadenea Augur

  2. Forcallen Augur

    The data I linked is current live data. Cover tracks was never meant to be 100% aggro fade it was intended to be 85% by the devs when it was created, as the spell data shows. Thats the bug that they corrected (as I showed from the patch notes), any fade ability with no duration that was set to something under 100% be it 95%, 85%, 50% or whatever was incorrectly fading 100% of the time because of that bug.

    Personally I think all of these changes are dumb and shouldn't go through for any class but there is a difference between the bug fix they are doing for abilities that were not working properly and the outright nerf of the necro AA.
  3. svann Augur

    Thats still not clear. I know bards have songs that increase damage both fire and magic for instance. Is this saying they couldnt do that for spells before and now they will be able to?
  4. mackal Augur

    That's still one focus effect. If you go look up gift of mana on raidloot's AA page you will see it has multiple lines that are like it's first followed by aa set of limits. Each of those are a different focus. You couldn't do that in spells before. If you look at a bard song like you mentioned, you will see it has one focus followed by one set of limits. (There was some fire/magic one at 103 that is one focus)
  5. Dropfast Augur

    Dear Daybreak,

    I love you.
    I want to father your children.
    That is all.
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  6. sojero Augur

    caster 'resist' is == to melee 'miss'
  7. Beimeith Augur

    Not even close, but I don't really have much issue with the current level so that's all I will say.
  8. sojero Augur

    I was meaning melee and casters both have the ability to not do damage to a mob, casters have to get through the resist check, and melee have to get through the avoidance check. There is a ton more to it than that, but don't care to hash that out here. he also doesn't acknowledge all the other aspects that melee have to deal with, but woe is me to his class that stands back 90% of the time. Also I barely ever notice resists on lb and lower mobs with any of my casters.

    If casters are seeing huge amounts of resists and lowered damage then by all means bring it up, talk about it, it helped melee get the AC lowered on Arx mobs. Other than that, if you want to "educate" me on what you don't care to talk about send me a PM, would love to get to see what you think, but your arbitrary comment really is meaningless in the context that you put it. Now if you are upset about the destruction aa line nerf, yeah I am upset about that too, and many more things.
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  9. Ibadan Kun'Tirel Augur

    Magician - Combined the AA abilities Drape of Shadows and Cloak of Shadows into a single ability line Drape of Shadows which provides a chance for the Magician to escape from combat and a guaranteed chance for their pet to escape from combat. The combined ability does not require the Magicians pet to be up for the Magician to escape from combat. Merged the Magician passive abilities Hastened Drape of Shadows and Hastened Cloak of Shadows into a single line which provides a 4.5 minute reduction to the reuse time of the combined ability at max rank.

    Yay, more nerfs.... instead of two abilities to escape combat or reduce agro, there is now one. So my incentive to resubscribe is what?
  10. Brogett Augur

    IMO both burst melee (rog/ber) and wiz have become too strong in places, and I say this as a rog. Our AE is plain bust. I don't like to see stealth changes though. I'm wondering how many of these are deliberate and how many is just accidental leakage of changes they were experimenting with. (I haven't read the full thread so I probably miss something.)

    However you're wrong regarding melee resists. Spells can have full resist and partial resist. Partial resist is like melee having a low DI roll. In this respect on low level mobs we suffer much less than we do on high level mobs, that part is true. The full spell resist however is directly equivalent to our full miss. That does change a bit with level, but not THAT much.

    Anyway, really wiz have no issue with green / grey con mobs so it's hardly the big issue. Balance around the bulk of the players, which means 105 now.
  11. Schadenfreude Augur

    I'm aware Cover Tracks was 100% success rate and has been from day one (and currently still is on Live). It was originally supposed to be a group fade but that got nerfed. Thanks though.

    Oh and again you're STILL going to be FD at the foot of the mob with quite possibly any adds having pathed home allowing you to simply stand and have a nice clean single pull. Please explain how this is worse than a 90% chance of success if the mob does not see invis and much less if it does?
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  12. fortuneteller Augur

    Have to agree on this.

    This should remain 2 lines.
    There situations where you want pet to drop aggro, but not yourself, and vice versa.
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  13. Brogett Augur

    I was aware agro is tied to the weapon damage (not the hit amount, but the actual stat listed in the item info panel), but I hadn't heard about it being +dmg bonus too. If that's true then this could be a significant boost to agro which wouldn't be welcomed at the same time as reducing the ability to fade mid fight to drop agro.

    Most likely a big impact on berserkers, less so on rogues due to other abilities. IF this is how agro works that is.
  14. mackal Augur

    It should also balance out since the tank is getting a big increase as well. Bold Attacks also got buffed significantly, which might be because of the DB increase?

    I also haven't seen parses that state definitely that melee hate is DB + dmg rather than just dmg, I've heard both for ages.
  15. Qulas Augur

    Rogue is most definitely a 'burst' class, and also offers great sustained, in fact so do Wizards. The only true ' burst ' class imo is berserker as their sustained tends to drop the longer the night goes or the fight is. Rogues and Wizards are the opposite, the longer the fight goes the higher their sustained get ( However the PD change may change that significantly for Wizards ).

    The AE attacks aren't being nerfed they are being optimized, the focused one will just attack one target ( just like it works now if there's only one target ), and the regular one will attack all targets. They are on the same timer though so you can't use both. But the biggest change is now you can focus attack one mob even if there is a pack of them, so this offers a lot more leeway for melee classes.
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  16. Brogett Augur

    Yes rogues are a burst class, but I've been playing a long while and I recall things being different. Rogues *had* a burst, but it wasn't the bulk of our dps. True burst was wiz, hands down, but they waned on long fights. Somewhere along the line wiz got better and better sustained and, for a while, rogues got better and better burst to the extent that there was a period of rog outbursting wiz and wiz outsustaining rog. That was a total reversal from the original game. Clearly rog and ber both need a solid burn ability, but the percentage of our damage coming from burst has simply become too high. Look at a graph of damage over time and it's blindingly obvious. The recent patches *attempted* to resolve this but IMO failed as they nerfed the discs we don't use and left the ones we do (so they got focused by the new AA to be even higher burn).

    As for AE attacks, I hadn't noticed the focused versions. It's definitely an improvement as it means we can do our full dps even with mezzed mobs nearby, but it's still the wrong fix IMO as it doesn't do anything to address the ratio between burst and non-burst being so very very high. Sometimes nerf is correct, and I agreed with Elidroth's post (over a year ago now) explaining how he wanted to change the AE abilities. That boat has sailed though.
  17. sojero Augur

    not entirely true, the zerker one is being nerfed according to the test data from 70 sec to 48, haven't been able to get on the zerker on test to test that out, was doing stuff on sk last night. Hopefully tonight.

    Furious Rampage II:
    - Spell Name changed from 'Furious Rampage' to 'Furious Rampage II'
    - Slot 1 changed from 'AE Attack for 70s' to 'AE Attack for 1000s'
    - Slot 2 changed from '' to 'UNKNOWN SPA'
    - Group id changed from '100276' to '38106'
    - Spell Icon changed from to
    - Duration changed from '0' to '8'
    - Interruptable changed from 'Yes' to 'No'
    - Dispellable changed from 'Yes' to 'No'
    - Land on Self Message changed from '' to 'You become more destructive.'
    - Land on Other Message changed from '' to ' becomes more destructive.'
    - Wear Off Message changed from '' to ' you are less destructive.'
    - Description changed from '' to 'This ability, when activated, will cause all of your primary hand combat rounds to strike your current target and every other target within 40 feet of you with an additional primary hand combat round for 48s (8 Ticks).'
  18. Beimeith Augur

    A resist is not the same as a miss.

    A miss is a failure to hit your opponent.
    The caster equivalent of a miss would be a fizzle.

    A partial resist is the equivalent of a low DI roll.
    A full resist is a hit against your opponent where they say you and take no damage. This would be the equivalent of a parry/block.

    Fizzles (and Full resists) are much more punishing than a miss/defensive due to the different natures of the damage dealt.

    Melee attack multiple times per round and have several rounds in the timespan it takes to cast a single spell. Additionally, the damage of each attack is (generally) significantly less than a spell.

    My point being a single fizzle (or full resist) is more like 5-10 misses/defensives for melee, which is why we have (or should have) far fewer of them and outside of a few isolated incidences I have no issues with how it works currently.
  19. mackal Augur

    ROG/BER got nerfed, MNK got buffed. The patch notes aren't 100% clear, but I think it works more along the lines it was initially documented as working, just it can trigger an extra attack off of double attacks as well. (I'm also not 100% sure if ROG/BER got nerfed that much, I think their durations did though)
  20. sojero Augur

    Ok, I see where you are coming from, we just look at it a bit differently, but in the end it is still the same. I see a fizzle as a single/double swing that doesnt turn into a triplle or flurry. Melee don't have anything that truly equates to a fizzle as we can never fumble or drop our weapon or something like that so that no round goes off. Fizzles are also rare in my experience anyhow. The full resist would be a miss for melee because no damage was done, same as for a wiz. where a partial resist is like a low di roll (min hit).
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