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Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by Hludwolf, Sep 16, 2015.

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  1. maylay New Member

    Let me point out the perils of including the weapon damage in the damage bonus calculation.

    Take for example two weapons with equal ratio: 10 damage 10 delay, and the other 20 damage 20 delay. Using your formula, if you consider only the delay, the first weapon would have a multiplier for 10 for delay, and the second weapon would have 20. This would lead to double the damage bonus for the weapon with half the speed, which is perfectly fine and as you would expect. The net effect would be the same for both weapons.

    You can now say the same thing for both weapons when it comes to damage modifier to the damage bonus calculation. The first weapon would have half the bonus that the second weapon would have, based ONLY on the damage. This is not at all as you would expect. The net effect is that the 20/20 weapon would have 4 times the damage bonus as the 10/10 weapon, and the net damage bonus damage dealt would be double for the slower weapon.

    For a level 100 player:
    10 damage, 10 delay weapon bonus = (10 * 10 * 100 * 80) / 400000 = 2 damage bonus
    20 damage, 20 delay weapon bonus = (20 * 20 * 100 * 80) / 400000 = 8 damage bonus

    Over a period of time, the 10 delay weapon will have double the swings, but will yield half the bonus damage.

    EQ has always worked in such a way that all other things being equal, with equal ratio, faster weapons gave more damage than slower weapons (talking mostly about 1h weapons). This change would flip that on its head. If you go forward with this formula, slower weapons will be better -- in some cases they will even be better with worse ratios.
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  2. Derd Augur

    Except your using examples of weapons that don't exist , 10 dmg 10 dly or 20 dmg 20 dly at least in current content. How it works with real world weapons is all I care about, and if it also removes the need for one class to use super old low delay weapons just to get a huge bonus during a certain disc. I think the change will have been for the better. I'm no math wizard... heck I can barely count so hopefully more testing and number crunching will take place.
  3. Navin Novellus Journeyman

    Agreed on this as well, more often than not I only want to fade one or the other. That, and these were never on the same timer, so it does not make sense to combine them.
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  4. Hludwolf Developer

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