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  1. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    A little background, the step pattern combat abilities started in TSS with Clawstriker's Flurry, followed by Wheel of Fists, then Whorl of Fists, before Six-Step Pattern, Seven-Step Pattern, and Eight Step Pattern. All of these share a timer with the Synergy combat ability line. With TDS the next iteration of the Step Pattern combat abilities, Torrent of Fists, was put on a separate timer from Synergy.

    So the questions:
    1. Were the first three iterations of the Step Pattern line not included due to the naming convention being different or was it simply an oversight?
    2. Was Torrent of Fists left out because it is on a different timer or because like the older versions used a different naming convention?
    I can see no reason for the first 3 to be excluded since you included six-step pattern which is well below the level pre-req for the AA line. Yes, those older combat abilities are not going to be used with the AA, but neither is Six-Step because anytime you can buy the AA you will have Seven-Step.
    With Torrent of Fists, I can see it both ways and just want to know if this was an intentional design decision or simply an oversight?
  2. Dzarn Developer

    1. The level 84 and lower entries in the Clawstriker's Flurry / Step-Pattern not being included is intentional as the inclusion of any ability in the line lower than level 96 is arbitrary. In this case it was for naming consistency.

    2. The intent was that all 3 combat ability lines on timer 8 have a matching reuse time of 15 seconds. Primarily so that using Sting of the Wasp does not lock out Synergy for longer than Synergy's reduced reuse time.
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