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  1. Behelit Augur

    Dicho Psalm having +spell dmg bonus is fine as long as they would scale it correctly, and really makes it easier to balance. If they want it to add 1k ADPS to casters, they'd bump the dmg to 20,000 per cast... If they want it at a reasonable level comparable to other useful Dichos they'd bump it up to 200,000 per cast or 10k ADPS per caster. Dicho's have long recasts and huge resource costs, they're supposed to be impactful.

    Enchanter dichotomic is all about the proc, the spell dmg added is laughable compared the dmg the proc generates even capped at 16 charges. The vast majority of the Ench dicho's power is from its proc not the mana return and not the spell dmg added, they're both just extras so if they get nerfed/boosted its irrelevant as long as the 16 procs still go off. On a burn with a competent group of casters, Ench dicho is adding ~32k dps per caster or ~192k dps for the grp's burn. I dont think I or anyone needs to do the math to see that the Bard dicho won't even be worth comparing in terms of ADPS even in a full grp of hybrids that take advantage of both aspects of Psalm.
  2. Xikteny Augur

    RIP Mind Storm.
  3. Siddar Augur

    RIP necro dichotomic then as well.
  4. Siddar Augur

    Can confirm mind storm only returning 1000ish mana per tick on 500k DoT ticks.
  5. Sindaiann Augur

    Confirmed. Played with it on test, mana return is garbage now, even with dotting multiple mobs.

    Was nice while it lasted
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  6. Siddar Augur

    Total nerf massacre mind storm returns about 1k mana, bard dichotomic gives 2500ish mana, necro dichotomic heal is capped at around 15k. Bard and Enchanters just got hit with Necromancer Death Bloom level nerfs..

    The board will be full of salt very soon.
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  7. Sindaiann Augur

    Meh to be honest every enchanter knew the Mind Storm change was coming at some point, but I was surprised how long it lasted. The only reason any enchanter ever used Mind Storm pre dot revamp was for the mana return, and after the revamp and repatch on the mana return all of us were surprised it didn't get capped then. So whatever.

    To be honest sitting at 100% mana constantly even during a FULL Burn was stupid.

    Its not the end of the world, well played enchanters have lots of utility for mana return and it just returns the aspect to the game where you utilize support from other classes when you no longer have anything left to use and need the mana. *GASP*
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  8. Xikteny Augur

  9. Razorfall Augur

    I'm curious as to why this is just now being corrected. Is there somewhere where we can view the current development roadmap?
  10. Hellboy007 Augur

    if they fixed the bug which was the main problem with the regen part of the song that would have been more than enough. but they also killed the return all together.

    so the ability will go from (in a 6 person group) 16k+ mana return to 1139... i didnt miss a digit there either.

    this is like one wizard AA nuke every min...
  11. Rcalielie Elder

    Lovely... don't look forward to this change but it is what it is.
  12. Hellboy007 Augur

    Just for reference. Rk3 songs

    Crescendo = 19Mana per second
    Sionachie = 20Mana
    Dicho = 19Mana
  13. segap Augur

    If you look at their past history, they always tend to both fix the bug causing the problem and also make an adjustment based on the bug not being fixed. It's like one person on the design team changes values to get get things where they think it should be while someone on the coding team simultaneously figures out and fixes the actual bug causing the problem and neither talks to the other to say what they've done.
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  14. Tevik Augur

    Oof. Well, there's fixing a bug, there's nerfing a song, and then there's just straight up neutering an ability. This definitely falls into that third category.

    As stated before, the ADPS provided by bard dicho is garbage, both before and after this patch. You'll get more dps out of a low-level clicky than what this provides. I could overlook that when it was so good in other areas, but that's simply not the case anymore. I understand fixing the bug, but honestly to me the mana return portion of the song would have needed buffed after that bug fix, and the endurance return portion wasn't at a broken level even WITH the bug imo.

    Also the cost is straight up astronomical, and you've gone and increased it. First off, bards are the only class with mana that uses endurance as their resource for dicho. As bard mana regen stinks anyway, that's not a terrible problem I guess, but the cost isn't relative to the mana-equivalent cost of other, better dichotomics given the regen rates involved for mana users. Now bards are left with equal cost, ineffective means of recouping that cost, and an inferior ability. Here's hoping the 10:00 patch notes show you realize there was a mistake made here.
  15. Riou EQResource

    I never got why it was hit limited at such a small value on top. A 138 value with no hit limit would be something like 8000ish DPS gain on the fastest melee class (that cheeses HHE + -x second skill delays together), a bit less for any class you hit that can't do that, in a full group that would probably be like 30-40kish realistic DPS gain. The buff only lasts like 12 seconds for those gains too.

    Guess the regens and stuff are too strong :p
  16. Hiladdar Augur

    Regarding the patch notes:

    All I can say is good-by, good riddance, and the only sleep I will be loosing over removal of this useless bloat to the client is in celebrating it's relegation to the bit-bucket.

    Regarding ranger mana and the dico's being modified:

    I do concur, that mana regen on a full burn for a ranger is an issue. I take a look at who I am grouped with, and manage my mana usage accordingly, based on the duration of the fight, dps needed from me, when my DPS needs to spike and so on. As a ranger, I'm sure I will be able to adjust my play to what ever changes are made to that spell.
  17. Tevik Augur

    Well, so much for that hope. Thanks guys. Just break everything.
  18. Stickietoes Augur

    Good thing I didn't renew my sub. It ends tomorrow.
  19. josh Augur

    uh, this is a significant improvement over the way it has worked for the past month.
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  20. Sindaiann Augur

    Comments like this make me laugh.
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