Test Update 09/12/2017 - Patch Notes and Discussion

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  1. Orthodox New Member

    Excellent, eloquent post which cuts to the heart of the matter. Daybreak's devs are clearly out of touch with the community that has faithfully supported and kept EQ alive all these years, and all of these nerf-heavy patches will eventually force even the most patient and stalwart of those players away from the game.

    If you're not making positive, quality of life improvements to EQ after 18 years, you simply shouldn't be making any changes at all. To be fair, there are a scant handful of new features (and fixes) in this patch, but far outweighed by reductions and removals that have no contextual reasoning or justification behind them.

    As several others have already pointed out here, the strategy of removing abilities and features from classes, only so you can sell them back to us in future expansion content is offensive, unnecessary, and needs to stop.
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  2. Orthodox New Member

    What a narrow minded response, which betrays your complete lack of business sense. Are you under the impression that there are significant changes made in response to these patches, as a result of players using the test server and providing detailed, thoughtful feedback? I'd be interested to see examples of that as of late.
  3. sojero One hit wonder

    30 min test on live and 30 min test on test against a drunk giant in FM shows us taking about 10% more incoming damage than before.
  4. JolineSZ Augur

    So for us Bards it means, back to hiding in a corner after a rez, not adding something to raid, because we need to have at least a tiny little bit mana to be able to get rid of agro and for this tiny little bit we again have to sit and wait and wait. I seldom used rally on any other player anways, to be honest you do not even really see that you did it on someone else, so it was mostly a skill for our own meditation skill.
    You know I could care less, I just sit somewhere and med and watch the others do the raid, you do not hurt us, in the end you hurt the whole raid, because we are a support class and we just cannot support then.
    Other classes do not need this mana boost at all, they get more mana just standing around with agro rather than from our rally skill.
  5. Stingg New Member

    WHAT the actual ?

    So those of us silly people who actually spent lots and lots of RL dollars *specifically* trying to get a bear mount only because it is indoor usable are just completely dicked over then?
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  6. Gnomeland Augur

    More like I understand how Everquest works after all these years.

    People have complained, cried, and threatened to quit after every change. In the end, they'll keep most of the change, move it back a little, and life will go on.

    Examples are too many to count. Just from what I can bother to remember:

    * Pet classes cried and threatened to quit after pets were nerfed two years ago.
    * Shadow Knights cried and threatened to quit after swarming was nerfed one year ago.
    * Enchanters cried and threatened to quit after runes were nerfed half a year ago.
    * Berserkers cried and threatened to quit after their DPS was nerfed a few months ago.
    * Warriors cried and threatened to quit after stances were nerfed the first time.

    Most of the current changes will make it through, and you will forget about it, after a few months, the same way people have for the past 20 years.
  7. Sindaiann Augur

    The funniest part about the whole "xXxX cried and threatened to quit" part is those are generally people who never contributed to change in the first place.

    Not one competent enchanter I know ever threatened to quit from the rune changes, mind storm changes, azure/sanguine crystal changes, etc etc etc. Because in the end competent people generally have a pretty good idea the changes are coming and just adapt and give feedback if needed.

    People who get to the point of quitting don't threaten it, they just walk away.
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  8. Jumbur Improved Familiar

    I doubt any mount was ever intended for indoor use, it was likely an oversight.
    First time I have ever heard of an indoor mount tbh.
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  9. svann Augur

    No one talks too loudly about stuff that they expect will get nerfed.
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  10. Orthodox New Member

    This response sounds like it's coming from a developer alt account, because it's the only way you'd have access to run reports on subscription and account numbers that correlate to all of those changes you cited. Just because the servers are still operational, doesn't mean the trend of throwing arbitrary, heavy-handed nerfs at the remaining player base isn't hurting revenue and overall game health. It is, and will continue to, promote exodus instead of growth.

    I take the safe assumption that you aren't affiliated with Daybreak in any way, and are instead just a cynical, defeatist shill.

    You still failed to provide examples of where constructive, detailed feedback during "test" phases has resulted in reworks or removals of the aforementioned abrupt and drastic nerfs. The lack of high-level justification and reasoning behind nearly all of changes, coupled with the fact that they remain in place without modification, is an unfortunate indication that current game development isn't focused on keeping long time players happy, or excited to continue playing. Outcries in response to that premise, even when phrased as "complaints" should still be taken seriously.
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  11. Fuelest New Member

    Changes can be a god thing, but some changes I still feel are just a little too late to adopt. No way am I threatening to quit over changes, because well let's face it, there's no other game that keeps us all dedicated over 18 or more years. However, that doesn't mean we can have opinions when it comes to keeping the game we've enjoyed for all the years, overall still enjoyable.

    Various changes over the years have been dis-concerning, the directions we've been pushed and pulled in; I feel hasn't been for the overall health of the game (or quality of life). Sure, there are a few patches that come along, like this one with a neat feature to /finditems! I mean that feature is standard in most other MMO's, but this being as old as it is, that's like a giant leap, which i'm happy for it.

    When you look at changes that effect the overall game-play though, for instance lower aggro, dps, and consolidating some AA's that need to be focused into multiple AA's for a reason, that's where the line becomes a bit blurred. For instance, the changes to Necro's RB (Reluctant Benevolence) which has already seen nerfs and is targeted yet again, but this time with life taps only. On test this is a horrible example of trying to kill off the ability to solo, which most of us do these days. We've yet to see dot revamps, which I feel we desperately need, but let's stay on topic.

    By nerfing RB, which it is a nerf, we're forced to pretty much life tap spam, which as almost all mobs summon these days is surely going to get us killed. Also, the pets are already take much more damage with top tier focus items, which already in same areas is a struggle to kill targets. Not allowing us to trigger RB off of any spells casted, that buffer would surely kill our pets or group members. I personally don't even have a life tap loaded, cause well let's face it, if we're using it, in most cases it's a dps loss. I truly feel after going over this on test, it's something that should be left alone, if you want to make it passive okay fine, but it doesn't need to be, and it shouldn't be changed to life taps only.

    I do hope with some other positive feedback we can get these changes squashed for the better.

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  12. Symbius Augur

    And that is one of the primary things that should've been reverted back to the way it was originally designed a long time ago.
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  13. Dzarn Developer

    The test server spell data was pushed before the following changes were made:
    1. Warrior - The endurance cost of Harmonious Precision has been increased and the effectiveness of Precise Disharmony reduced in the same fashion as the other Harmonious abilities.
    2. Shadowknight - The amount of aggro generated by Precise Disruption (the effect triggered by Harmonious Disruption) has been reduced in the same fashion as the other Harmonious abilities.

    Thanks for the report, we've confirmed that being healed by a lifetap you cast currently expends limited use charges as if you were hit by a detrimental spell. This will be fixed for the live patch.

    The group levitation spells have been modified for the live patch so that casting them will no longer affect the caster's combat timer.

    The bug where the component spells of Fleeting Spirit fade immediately after casting will be fixed for the live patch.

    Shroud of Prayer will be fixed for the live patch to count down in buff-held zones.
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  14. kyong Augur

    Hello Dzarn,

    I was on my monk earlier and was seeing quite a few resist messages for our resonant kicks and resonant strikes. Is that something that could be adjusted to be more in line with how often stunning kicks etc used to be resisted. It used to not happen often. Thanks.
  15. sojero One hit wonder

    Are you able to give us any reasoning behind the change in mitigation? I don't really care one way or another for the change, but some insight/reasoning would be nice. Also might help to cut down on some of what people ask for in the upcoming (soon TM) beta.
  16. Qbert Gallifreyan

    These patch notes make me sad. So much destruction.

    Since I presume only actual bugs in the behavior of these changes will be changed, can you at least throw us a bone? Remove the requirement to meditate when changing spells so that we can change memorized spells/songs while standing. In almost all cases, characters will be less effective after this patch; at least let us have some reasonable access to all of the spell lines designed over the past 15 years (that would be more often used - if spells could be on-demand like disciplines are).

    Leaving comments about nerfs to the side (since anyone arguing about them is merely wasting their breath, unfortunately), the consolidation mantra is driving me crazy.

    I was never in favor of the original aa consolidation, even though that was primarily about making lines with different names have the same name. The consolidations in this list, however, are almost entirely ill-conceived. If nerfs themselves are going to remain (which I presume they are), please at least consider abandoning the forced consolidation of abilities that are different and/or will be forced triggered effects.

    This feels like the terrible design change that made "too-old" content give garbage experience. Sure, it would be nice if players all did what the developers want, but half the fun of the game for many players is in finding unique/interesting combinations that help them succeed, and applying their skills to whatever part of the game they so choose (excluding exploits/cheating).
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  17. Spellfire Augur

    Why EC nerf?

    And why RB nerf? I spent some time on Test and if Reluctant Benevolence goes live like this it will become a worthless ability. I don't know anyone who would mem/cast a life tap spell to get 25% chance to proc a heal. RB always fired off any offensive spell and should do so again.
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  18. MyShadower Newer Than Newest Member

    Silly goose, you can't ride a bear indoors. Where would it ?
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  19. Hludwolf Developer

    Yes, this patch contains some fixes that will improve the performance of AB and all other servers some, but there are still improvements that need to be made that continue to be worked on.
  20. Dzarn Developer

    The resist mod on Resonant Strike and Resonant Kick will be improved to scale from -70 to -230 (up from -25 to -185.)

    To address the discrepancy between bard's self-targeted mana regeneration and targeted mana regeneration, an additional ability line will be added for bards called 'Rallying Solo'.
    The ability will share the reuse timer of Rallying Call but will allow the bard to restore mana and endurance for themselves if they are below 30% mana.

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