Test Update 09/11/2018- New Bugs Only

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by EQ Dev, Sep 11, 2018.

  1. EQ Dev Developer

    This thread is for new bugs and how to reproduce them only. Please keep all opinions, discussions, posts about balance, and anything else in the other thread.
  2. kizant Augur

    So, the description for Sorcerer's Vengeance changed from 'increase direct damage spells meeting X requirements' to 'increase damage done by your spells and abilities'. With the addition of the word 'abilities' to the description and knowing that the change involved removing the mana cost and cast time requirements, it appears as if the intent is for this AA to benefit more than just spell casts.

    While testing the change I noted that it now works for spell casts that have a 0 second cast time. Spells such as Cloudburst Thunderbolt and Burning Beam are receiving the additional 2000 damage just fine when they weren't before.

    However, the following wizard abilities are not receiving the additional 2000. Granted, none of these are focusable except for #5 so I didn't expect #1 through #4 to work in the first place but I just wanted to be sure I wasn't missing something:

    Don't Work List
    1. Arcane Fusion
    2. Force of Flame, Force of Ice, Force of Will
    3. Pyromancy (Pyromantic Ignition)
    4. Cryomancy (Cryomantic Stasis)
    5. Sympathetic procs like Sympathetic Burst of Ice from one of our type 4 weapon augments

    So, unless we're getting a new 'ability' in the future I don't see anything besides regular spells that receive a benefit. The description should probably be changed to remove the term 'ability' at a minimum if we're not getting anything new and there isn't an actual bug here.
  3. Astrine New Member

    It seems that the marketplace is not displaying properly. I've tried on multiple accounts and get the same result every time. I even patched my live account folder to the test server and found the same result that only the background of the page showed up and none of the content of the page.
  4. niente Developer

    The Marketplace is disabled on Test until the next Live update.
  5. Draxton New Member

    Since this morning all three of my accounts lock and crash to desktop when trying to zone between the Guild Lobby, Guild Hall and Grand Guild Hall.

    Two accounts on one laptop and another account on a separate laptop, all freeze and CTD.

    From the dbg file:
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:08 2018]00585:Initializing zone.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:08 2018]00586:Initializing world.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:08 2018]00181:Beginning handling memory on zoning.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:08 2018]00182:Memory: Load: 61, Total Phys: 8058, Avail Phys: 3076, Total Page: 14085, Avail Page: 4326, Total Virtual: 4095, Avail Virtual: 3060, FreeBlocks: 2044,328,102,96,83,75,60,49,45,26
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:08 2018]00183:Pools: Temp: 131072(0). Persistent: 45522968(45443832). OnDemand: 131072(104722). Zone: 0(0)
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:09 2018]00184:MaxTextures: 12305k, CurrentTextures: 2128k, HighQualityTextures: 2128k
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:09 2018]00185:Finished handling memory on zoning.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:09 2018]00186:Memory: Load: 61, Total Phys: 8058, Avail Phys: 3076, Total Page: 14085, Avail Page: 4324, Total Virtual: 4095, Avail Virtual: 3060, FreeBlocks: 2044,328,102,96,83,75,60,49,45,26
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:09 2018]00187:Pools: Temp: 131072(0). Persistent: 45522968(45443832). OnDemand: 0(0). Zone: 0(0)
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:09 2018]00188:MaxTextures: 12305k, CurrentTextures: 1088k, HighQualityTextures: 1088k
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:09 2018]00587:Verifying world files.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:09 2018]00588:Attempting to load guildlobby.EQG.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:10 2018]00589:Loaded guildlobby.EQG.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:10 2018]00590:Loading zone specific files.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:10 2018]00591:Bad file: guildlobby_chr.txt
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:10 2018]00592:Initializing cameras.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:10 2018]00593:Initializing lights.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:10 2018]00594:Initializing visual effects.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:10 2018]00595:Initializing target indicator.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:10 2018]00596:Initializing player path.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:10 2018]00597:Performing post-load operations.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:10 2018]00598:Initializing precipitation system.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:10 2018]00599:World initialized: guildlobby
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:10 2018]00600:Resetting cameras.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:10 2018]00601:Resetting overlays.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:10 2018]00602:Zone initialized.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:10 2018]00603:Creating INI files.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:10 2018]00604:Requesting AA data.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:10 2018]00605:Requesting Skill rank data.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:10 2018]00606:Parsing INI file .\Draxalt_test.ini
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:10 2018]00607:INI file .\Draxalt_test.ini loaded.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:10 2018]00608:Loading UI.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:10 2018]00609:Deactivating previous UI.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:10 2018]00610:Unloading previous textures.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:10 2018]00611:Resetting UI.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:10 2018]00612:Resetting character select UI.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:10 2018]00613:Resetting game UI.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:10 2018]00614:UI Reset.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:10 2018]00615:Initializing UI.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:10 2018]00616:Initializing UI manager.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:10 2018]00617:Initializing fonts.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:10 2018]00618:Parsing UI XML.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:10 2018]00619:Parsing INI file .\UI_Draxalt_test.ini
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:10 2018]00620:INI file .\UI_Draxalt_test.ini loaded.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:12 2018]00621:Loading default UI resources.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:12 2018]00622:Initializing game UI.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:39 2018]00623:Loading Icons.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:43 2018]00624:Resetting viewport.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:43 2018]00625:Game UI Initialized.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:43 2018]00626:Loading UI Complete.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:43 2018]00627:Memory: Load: 63, Total Phys: 8058, Avail Phys: 2980, Total Page: 14085, Avail Page: 4242, Total Virtual: 4095, Avail Virtual: 2978, FreeBlocks: 2044,249,102,96,83,75,60,49,45,26
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:43 2018]00628:Pools: Temp: 0(0). Persistent: 45522968(45443832). OnDemand: 0(0). Zone: 6183560(6153066)
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:43 2018]00629:MaxTextures: 34492k, CurrentTextures: 34492k, HighQualityTextures: 34492k
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:43 2018]00630:Entering main loop.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:43 2018]00631:DoMainLoop - Just after packet processing()
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:44 2018]00189:Invalid render material type.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:44 2018]00190:CRender::CreateBatchWithoutColor() failed.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:44 2018]00632:DoMainLoop - Just after actor creation()
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:44 2018]00633:Loading game sounds.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:44 2018]00634:Requesting initialization data.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:44 2018]00635:DoMainLoop: just before first while(!EverQuest.ReceievedWorldObjects).
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:45 2018]00636:Zone Connect -- Received MSG_SND_WOBJECTS_RESPONSE
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:45 2018]00637:DoMainLoop: complete after first while(!EverQuest.ReceievedWorldObjects).
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:45 2018]00638:DoMainLoop: just before second while(!ReadyEnterWorld).
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:45 2018]00639:Zone Connect -- Sending out a MSG_READY_ENTER_WORLD.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:47 2018]00640:Zone Connect -- Received MSG_READY_ENTER_WORLD
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:47 2018]00641:DoMainLoop: completed second while(!ReadyEnterWorld).
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:47 2018]00642:Setting up models.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:47 2018]00191:Invalid render material type.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:47 2018]00192:CRender::CreateBatchWithoutColor() failed.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:47 2018]00643:Starting pre-load
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:50 2018]00644:Setting up character.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:50 2018]00645:Activating music.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:50 2018]00646:Initialization complete.
    Entering main loop.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:50 2018]00647:Memory: Load: 63, Total Phys: 8058, Avail Phys: 2979, Total Page: 14085, Avail Page: 4204, Total Virtual: 4095, Avail Virtual: 2959, FreeBlocks: 2044,230,102,96,83,75,60,49,45,26
    [Thu Sep 13 08:20:50 2018]00648:MaxTextures: 40815k, CurrentTextures: 37172k, HighQualityTextures: 34929k
    [Thu Sep 13 08:21:26 2018]00193:D3DXCreateTextureFromFileEx()    failed to create texture blueglobesp501.dds    for    particle system.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:21:26 2018]00194:D3DXCreateTextureFromFileEx()    failed to create texture electricj.dds    for    particle system.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:21:27 2018]00195:D3DXCreateTextureFromFileEx()    failed to create texture actor_damage_01.dds    for    particle system.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:21:27 2018]00196:D3DXCreateTextureFromFileEx()    failed to create texture electricj.dds    for    particle system.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:21:52 2018]00649:Networking: Connection Closed [0] with 0 pending bytes.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:21:52 2018]00650:Stopping world display.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:21:52 2018]00651:Attempt to send message 29104 on a void connection.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:21:52 2018]00652:Beginning EnterZone block.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:21:52 2018]00653:Calling WorldAuthenticate.  Countdown is 4
    [Thu Sep 13 08:21:52 2018]00654:Networking: using port [60249].
    [Thu Sep 13 08:21:52 2018]00655:Networking: Connection Established [1]
    [Thu Sep 13 08:21:52 2018]00656:WorldAuthenticate: Initiating Login.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:21:52 2018]00657:WorldAuthenticate.  I got a message of type 0x74af (29871).
    [Thu Sep 13 08:21:52 2018]00658:WorldAuthenticate.  I got a message of type 0x23a5 (9125).
    [Thu Sep 13 08:21:52 2018]00659:WorldRPServer message: server name test
    [Thu Sep 13 08:21:52 2018]00660:WorldAuthenticate.  I got a message of type 0x6d19 (27929).
    [Thu Sep 13 08:21:52 2018]00661:WorldAuthenticate.  I got a message of type 0x2ac3 (10947).
    [Thu Sep 13 08:21:52 2018]00662:WorldAuthenticate.  I got a message of type 0x53d6 (21462).
    [Thu Sep 13 08:21:52 2018]00663:WorldAuthenticate.  I got a message of type 0xa20f (41487).
    [Thu Sep 13 08:21:52 2018]00664:WorldAuthenticate.  I got a message of type 0x7008 (28680).
    [Thu Sep 13 08:21:52 2018]00665:WorldAuthenticate.  I got a message of type 0x5a34 (23092).
    [Thu Sep 13 08:21:52 2018]00666:WorldAuthenticate.  I got a message of type 0xc4d (3149).
    [Thu Sep 13 08:21:52 2018]00667:WorldAuthenticate.  I got a message of type 0xeb3 (3763).
    [Thu Sep 13 08:21:52 2018]00668:WorldAuthenticate.  Access granted.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:21:52 2018]00669:Check 1x. 0x59538a10
    [Thu Sep 13 08:24:56 2018]00670:Draxalt requested status for 1121354465, but the response never came in 180.000000 seconds.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:24:56 2018]00671:disconnected at c:\p4\EverQuest\test\EverQuest\EverQuest.cpp:21754 (char. select) DisconnectReasonUnacknowledgedTimeout
    [Thu Sep 13 08:24:56 2018]00672:Character is Draxalt.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:25:10 2018]00673:Networking: Connection Closed [0] with 2016 pending bytes.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:25:10 2018]00674:Waiting to connect to zone... Character Draxalt
    [Thu Sep 13 08:25:10 2018]00675:Exception in RunGame GameLoop Code = c0000005  ADDR=005FBF20
    [Thu Sep 13 08:25:10 2018]00676:EAX=16018ae8  EBX=0e989408  ECX=00000268  EDX=0000036a
    [Thu Sep 13 08:25:10 2018]00677:ESI=019fe724  EDI=00000000  EBP=019fe3c0  ESP=019fe330
    [Thu Sep 13 08:25:10 2018]00678:Process was trying to READ invalid data.
    [Thu Sep 13 08:25:10 2018]00679:Invalid access occurred at virtual address 0x00000268.
  6. Zizie New Member

    And When Will The Next Update Be???
  7. niente Developer

    Next Wednesday 9/19
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  8. Prathun Developer

    As of mid-2018, the in game calendar shows when the monthly update is likely to occur. This will be correct the vast majority of the time, but please keep in mind that the date and time can change for a variety of reasons. If no update event shows for the month, that means the expected date is not firm enough for us to estimate.

    I've added this to the Game Update FAQ.

    The monthly scheduled Test update usually lands on the Wednesday the week before the Live update, which would be the 2nd Wednesday of the month, generally. Though, Test updates are much more likely to be shifted to a different day than a Live update. This month is a good example, as a big Test update was rolled out a full week early to test some major changes.
  9. Angahran Augur

    It appears some 'healing' messages are ignoring the new healing filters.
    You feel replenished by a chorus of voices.
    Bob is healed by a soft rain.
    Bob experiences a healing surge.
  10. Sancus Augur

    This was never actually put on test. This is what the spell data is for the live patch at the moment:

    [49738/16189] Enhanced Theft of Essence Effect IX
    Classes: MAG/254
    Skill: Melee
    Target: Single
    Range: 200'
    Resist: Beneficial, Blockable: Yes
    Focusable: Yes
    Casting: 0s
    Duration: 4m+ (40 ticks), Dispelable: Yes
    5: Increase Chance to Avoid Melee by 26%
    8: Increase Current HP by 10000
    9: Increase Max HP by 10000
    10: Increase ATK by 2750
    11: Decrease Melee Haste by 75%

    It looks like Base1 is set to 25 instead of 125. Unless something works differently for swarm pets, I'm rather concerned a fundamental part of our class is going to be broken until next patch...
  11. kizant Augur

    It's probably a mistake but let's hope it stays until next patch. It'll be nice to only lose to mages by a little bit instead of a lot for a change. :p
  12. Dzarn Developer

    Thanks for the report, this should be fixed in the next full patch.
  13. So Happy Augur

    No idea if this is where to report, but instances are borked again on test. Also the DB store remains nonfunctional. Please shock back to life or feed test server hamster. :)
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  14. Raisehell Lorekeeper

    Any chance we could get a rough time frame on this next patch...Want my mage back in orderly working order again
  15. Sancus Augur

    Strong likelihood is Tuesday October 9th for the test update and Wednesday October 17th for the live update.

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