Test Update 09/10/2019 - Patch Notes and Discussions

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by EQ Dev, Sep 9, 2019.

  1. Dahaman Augur


    And thank you too for the wholly generous and excellent community information from the rest of the post. Marvelous!
  2. Khyrra Elder

    After this patch I have noticed that I cannot target and click open various Veteran summoned NPC's eg Summoned Permutation Peddler.

    So even if I type in its name and can then target I still cannot buy and sell. I had to get a guildie (we were in a raid) to buy the augment distiller.

    Anyone else having this problem or can suggest how I can resolve this annoying problem please.

  3. Raytan Elder

    It sounds like you may have "click through pets" checked in your EQ Options. If so, may want to uncheck it and see if that works.
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  4. Khyrra Elder

    Hi Raytan

    I tried your suggestion and clicked on Tribute guy and it worked!!

    So hopefully when I need the Peddler it will work as well.

    Thank you so much :)
  5. WaitingforMoreEQ Augur

    You guys really should NOT postpone these changes. 7th and 9th straight up trivialize all content in GoD and OoW. 7th is also a primary cause of the massive class balance issues in these expansions, basically any DPS that can use it well like monks is really overpowered. If you guys decided 1-6 should stay in that's cool, but 7th and 9th really shouldn't be coming in until TSS at the earliest.

    7th and 9th have ruined GoD and OoW on enough TLP that don't need to ruin Coirnav too.
  6. Wulfhere Augur

    Thanks for listening. I look forward to pressing that hot button finally :)

    Also please consider enabling Preservation of Rodcet Effect to use charges and increase the hit limit from 10 to say 24 or 32. That's not overly much for a 6 minute duration with 18 minutes of cool down. This would be a good way to boost paladin tanking, through spell interrupts, in a pinch. Tanking a raid mob or 2? Casting interrupted incessantly? Discs down? Preservation buffed? Hand of Tunare!
  7. Aneuren Augur

    This is a very biased point of view. I've been in many different kinds of guilds going through GoD and OoW across Fippy and Phinigel during those eras. I've seen guilds unable to clear Txevu,Tacvi and Anguish who had access to those veteran rewards, and I've seen guilds destroy those zones with and without veterans up for a given fight.

    None of those rewards is an iWin button on these encounters but, and as usual, disciplined and skilled players can absolutely demolish older content. There is no reason to ever make this change on TLP servers unless it's part of the core rule set announced at launch.
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  8. WaitingforMoreEQ Augur

    Nothing biased bud. You straight up get to ignore many Boss mechanics because of 7th and 9th. GoD and OoW are Trivial on TLPs and 7th and 9th are a major reason for it.There is zero reason monks should be burning for 3k DPS when wizards have a 8 second cast time on their 3k damage nuke. It's stupid

    Basically every guild on Phinny 1 shot every raid in GoD and OoW.
  9. Aneuren Augur

    I did not mean to imply that they never cleared the content mind you, but there were plenty of times where even the guild I ran with did not one shot those encounters. You aren't seriously implying that veteran rewards, if used, guaranteed success on every encounter I hope?
  10. Metapsyche Augur

    This really just comes off as class envy to be honest. You’re essentially calling for nerfs to specific classes because they’re out dpsing other classes. If you feel that monks are trivializing content for your raid, don’t bring any monks? Blam! Challenge mode.
  11. WaitingforMoreEQ Augur

    Yes tanks being unkillable, while DPS do insanely out of era damage guarantees success.
  12. Aneuren Augur

    At this point, I don't honestly know if you're deliberately misstating or thinking about glyphs. What you are saying simply isn't true.
  13. Lorewood Lorekeeper

    Yes, I agree here. I have used that on a few names to get past an initial nuke. So as a passive ability I will no longer have control over it so yes a major nerf ( but hey when don't pallies get nerfed )
  14. Lorewood Lorekeeper

    This will last exactly one month then we will be without a combat rez AA ( they will nerf 96% combat for sure )
  15. Lorewood Lorekeeper

    I would guess they are consolidating because AA lines across all classes are a freaking mess its horrible as a player to figure them all out ( "shudder" as I think as a new player and run away screaming ) and as devs I imagine it is worse. Simplification without nerfification is good.
  16. Lorewood Lorekeeper

    yep, and think about it all those misses you don't repo you now don't get the chance to proc a heal stun banestrike etc..etc..
  17. Metapsyche Augur

    As a Paladin that enjoys doing lots of solo stuff, I’m still going to have to side with Devs on this one. Shield of brilliance was maybe useful for 1 or two namers and realistically it was only “useful” for a cute “hehe look I reflected a spell”. It will not impact our ability to still kill things that we could previously.

    “I have a suspicion that this may be the first time that Shield of Brilliance has ever been called 'useful', which makes terms like 'major nerf' seem like hyperbole.”

    Sometimes I feel like people peacock over a nerf of obsolete niche abilities just to make it seem like they’re more complex or skillful than others... this is really a minor change and will be a net gain to every Paladin as you’re going to reflect more spells over your life with it as a passive than youve ever actually clicked it to “purposefully” reflect a spell (speculation of course).

    Just my $.10
  18. yosco Augur

    While this is most likely a moot point, I would like to again urge you all not to push this hit/miss/defensives order of operations change live. It impacted survivability on Test in unpredictable ways and is going to impact SK tanking/mitigation around which class balancing has been done.

    I hope you are all prepared to revisit SK class balancing after this.
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  19. Metapsyche Augur

    I’ve been commenting that this is going to make doing old content (hunters etc) SUPER annoying.

    If the concern is over system resources strained by swarming, maybe limiting riposte to the XTarget list? I assume that would not work though as you’d have an XTarget check on every melee round so that could be a nightmare
  20. kizant Augur

    What would be annoying?

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