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  1. Renotaki Elder

    This is something that I'm happy to see a Dev say himself and agree on. I mainly mean this in terms of class balance particularly, but I think many frustrations and heated debates that turn into disguised nerf calls happen when there is a perceived class imbalance. If people had a rough idea of what the devs wanted for long term development, I think some of us would be more accepting when things seem off. It can happen when there is a desire to buff a class in a neglected area, and there is an overcompensation in power gained. A big example of what I mean was when priest dots got huge gains. A lot of pure DPS classes took to argument over this because it was treading into an area of being too high for a non dps class, let alone what dps classes should have. There's no big issue with messing up and overcompensating as long as measures are taken to re-balance later, but I think many people would have been a lot less angry if it was stated where Shamans and Druids were INTENDED to be dps wise compared to other classes from the start of the buffs. Then the arguments could be pointed towards the stated design goal, and people could be urged to wait until things are changed to fit that design P.S. I'm not trying to pick on Shamans and Druids, I just thought it was a strong example- and one I felt passionately about. This can be applied to a ton of design choices.

    People also get frustrated because we really never know when or if our class is planned to be buffed next expansion or next patch... or even in the next two years. Then we see another class get huge gains in an area we feel our class is supposed to specialize in (and may even be lacking in), and then people start making a lot of noise because they have no idea if the devs know where the balance stands or not. I fully recognize that it does not help when people exaggerate, or underplay their class potential. I think people should be willing to provide detailed accurate information when bringing up class balance concerns, and being misleading causes a mess. It's easy to get biased towards your own class, especially if you are the kind of person who only really ever devotes to one character. You end up feeling personally attached, and also more passionately want to look out for the class that concerns you the most. At least nowadays I'm trying to be more open and honest about where I think wizards are lacking and where we are doing fine in, and why. This is all the more reason why I think seeing public statements about what the devs feel like class balance between scenarios is supposed to look like would be super helpful. I know what I think wizards are supposed to be strong and weak in, but do the ones making the game see things the same?
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  2. That0neguy Augur

    You are a godsend. Thank you for posting this and the rest of the information. No one is always going to agree with your decisions but the pure fact of communicating the why behind them is so important for the community to understand. As well as giving the community an idea of the general themes and directions DBG wants to take with the game.

    It is hard and takes a ton of time but it is critical to the success of any software.
  3. Ibadan Kun'Tirel Augur

    Thank you for taking the time on this post. I really appreciate the humility and efforts toward communication exhibited here. It shows a level of care that isn't always fully displayed (even if it exists, it's nice to SEE it). Appreciate it/you!
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  4. ~Mills~ Augur

    Thanks for the reply, really wasn't expecting anything. It doesn't come across but most of us get that you guys are very limited based on choices out of your control so many complaints that get laid at your guys feet that really should not be yours. Resources, time relative to workload, etc that drastically impact what can and can't be done. However some stuff very squarely does fall at your feet as its choices being made with the time and resources you have and how you use them.

    Sorry for the long post.

    I get that your stance is very much different than Eli. And most expected going forward AA were going to be handled much differently. We figured maybe some really broken older stuff or subtle changes were to be expected but no one expected random older things to be gutted or drastically changed decades after the fact just because. And I say "just because" because in many cases equivalents to what was changed still exist for others but theirs are left alone so it wasn't some singular thing that was broken or granting umpteen more power relative to other versions. And as a player frankly thats awful and there is no other way to articulate it. First because players expect their toons play-ability 2 months from now to roughly correlate to what it was a year ago or even for a decade in some cases as long as something wasn't glaringly broken. And second because its not fair to say well you can't have this apple because its been deemed to delicious but ignore that three others have apples over there, since their apple came from a different tree or are green instead of red they are ok.

    Specific examples from a necro perspective since its clear thats what I play most often (far from everything):

    Death's Malaise started off as AA version of Shackle of Spirit which is a 70% slow to undead that necros have had since level 38. It grew on its own over the years, had cripple aspect added and the % slow I believe was increased to 75%, as the spell line itself was gone for over a decade. Shadow Knights lobbied for and were granted a weaker version Helix of the Undying since necros were one of their parent classes at the time (now thats no longer how classes are viewed) this ended up also being given to Paladins. Aristo about a year or so later then decided to add a new undead spell slow to necromancers. However it was inferior to Shackle of Spirit but despite all the feedback on it he pushed it live regardless. Then based on this new spell Death's Malaise was nerfed down to 40% undead slow to be below the new spell that came out after the fact. While the Knight version was left as it was and suddenly was now superior. Shaman and Enc AA slows all remained relative to their spells, because their spells had at least retained what they had been prior and were not in a situation where their level 38 slow trumped the level 100 version in effect power and duration.

    Death's Effigy for necros being nerfed down to 90% success. Necromancers are the first class in game with Feign Death at level 16. Monks got the skill based version later think its level 17 or 18 and Shadow Knights not until 24. Bards fade and Rogue escape came much later as did their traps. Necromancers Deaths Effigy AA was correctly described and working as 100% fade, it wasn't similar to the other abilities there were listed at say 70% success but were bugged and working 100% of the time regardless. Yet it was split off and reduced years after the fact. The non puller designation as far as level cap also wasn't inline with decades of development of spells.

    Scent of Terris. We have covered this topic quite a bit recently and we mostly regained what was lost but only many months later. And it was still a situation of our AA being handled one way while other classes versions were left alone or handled differently.

    The theme from these being A it drastically changed the play-ability of the AA and B that it was singled out while other peer version AA's were left intact or didn't result in 50% or more reductions in some cases. Many AA's are clones of spells or discs or drastically alter the base power of the spell so significantly that its stopped new versions from being developed and or replaced the spells use and yet they continue on. Melee disc AA being an example which often double the duration, cut the reuse to a fraction, amplify the effects upwards of 75% in some cases. Or other that add 200% more counters or duration. Many of which are still in recent development like Heel for monks or Withstand for knights. Same with AA snare, roots, mezz, charms, etc many of these AA are pure clones of spells that often replace the spells use more often than not and yet remain. So while you do have a new stance its very much applied randomly both in terms of when and who.

    Talked about this above in regards to death's effigy but as I said necromancers are the first class in the game with feign death which is the basis for where most of these fade ideas came from. And retain all the other pulling tools that come in and out of play over the years snares, roots, knockbacks, mez, charm, pets, traps, lull, fear, harmshield, evac, gate, etc. Hopefully this means your considering giving necromancers back their 100% success rate for 5 levels above at our current reuse with that of bards, monks, sk's and rogues. And not lumping us with everyone else absent our pulling tools and that didn't get feign death at level 16 and giving us some 15 minute 100% drop.

    A fair point but since you know that you aren't perfect, none of us are, how about when the next "I have to change this very old AA line comes up" you allow for more time to mull it over and or consider feedback. The big three changes I listed above that stand out all had ample feedback from necros and even non necros saying why are you doing this or why so drastic. Why is the necro ability being handled differently from the other 100% fades as if its one of the bugged abilities not firing at its intended threshold? Why is this slow % being cut in half while others retain their slow %, maybe just casting the most recent spell when there are glaring spell design flaws in the most recent isn't the answer or extra steps are needed to address the difference between what the AA was and where a spell is that often went decades without comment because the AA filled the need? Why is this debuff line being so drastically reduced despite how a class has evolved in terms of number of dots to ramp up as well as resist types used when every other caster class sufficiently can debuff for the spells they most often use?

    Obviously from my posting history and comments one of the classes I play most often is a necromancer. The big issue for AA for me relates to the underlined comments above. You say the team viewed something as to high and or had an issue with it and thus it was nerfed. When that often means your take on AA's or the classes direction relating to AA's both past and present. Which if, you or the team, were applying said rules to everything equally while still a bitter pill to swallow for many it at least comes across as a concise plan. But when the following occurs its impossible to see it any other way IMO

    You can't say necromancers having 100% fade was to powerful or an issue and then leave it for monks, shadow knights, rogues and enchanters by default with how their totem works. Especially when we got the original ability feign death at level 16. It and it alone was handled differently than the other 100% fades.

    You can't say your 70-75% undead AA slow was to powerful despite it needing all these extra steps to land but its ok for shaman and enchanters 70-75% slow to land without all those extra steps. Or its ok that shadow knights and paladins now have superior AA versions of the slow because they kept what they had and were not reduced based on them getting it on a copy cat request instead of based on a spell they have. if all slows were reduced by some % for being to powerful than so be it but when one AA line goes from 75% to 40% when it was based on a spell that remained 70% its being singled out.

    You can't say necromancers are debuffing to much making it to easy to land their spells so take ours away. But leave in the AA debuffs as they were for every other casting class. If you guys reduced all debuff power or all AA debuff power equally because it was suddenly deemed as to much people would complain but at least its concise and fair. Not just this one AA here for one class and bards, enc, mages, wizards you guys are staying as you were.
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  5. blood & gufts Augur

    Then put a max on the tradeskill mastery, it works on recipes that are below 325, on those above, it does nor work on.
  6. Stephen51 Augur

    - Paladin - Shield of Brilliance has been changed to a passive ability.

    Live description of this AA is currently "This ability, when activated, grants a 100% chance to reflect any reflectible spell back at their caster for 100% of the spell's base power and improves the resist modifier of that spell by 200 points for 18 seconds.

    Test description of this AA is "This passive ability grants a 5% chance
    to reflect any reflectible spell back at their caster and improves the resist modifier of that spell by 120 points."

    So I am initially interested in the following;

    1. I'd like to know the breakdown of the 23 levels of the AA, that brings the AA to the max point it is at now. Due to the reduction of the effectiveness of the ability should there be a refund of some ranks?
    2. How does this AA stack with the spell, Silent Piety and the other AA ability Sanctity of the Keepers.
    3. As the ability dropped the part about reflecting back 100% of the spells base power back at the caster, does this allow the reflected spell to be partially resisted?
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  7. p2aa Augur

    That doesn't change the debate of Hdex versus Hagi in group content, especially current group content with mobs that don't miss you all the time. Hdex was chosen not because riposte was a skill checked first before miss. You will still have after the patch Hdex that impact 2 defensive checks, riposte and parry, and Hagi that impact also 2 defensive checks, dodge and miss. But the offensive side of Hdex is what makes it the winner of the 2, more DPS to kill the mob, and this won't change with this patch.
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  8. Renotaki Elder

    Also thank you Dzarn, for showing Arcane Fusion a little love. I was one of the people who wanted to see the AA line be brought up and getting both guaranteed crit and the adjusted proc chance is a nice thing to see
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  9. Wulfhere Augur

    Dzarn could split the difference and have misses checked second behind riposte to minimize impact on the riposte game classes. I also think moving Dodge up to 3rd place might save some processing time because all classes have the skill (so it might cache better).

    Proposed order:
    1. Riposte
    2. Miss
    3. Dodge
    4. Parry/Block
    5. Shield Block

    From a swordplay perspective, perhaps the most "believable" ordering checks misses first. A master swordsman can sense that an attack will miss and ignore it, rather then reach out and parry it, to conserve energy. However a riposte is a counter attack and such is the first defensive move one would want to make in most cases, regardless of the opponent's accuracy.
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  10. Renotaki Elder

    Edit to my previous post for clarification- by "proc chance" I mean that it's not adjusted as low as we thought it might be at first when looking at the patch lol
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  11. ~Mills~ Augur

    Wanted to chime in on the bolded above since I missed it yesterday. Necros, to my knowledge, have never withheld any data from the devs nor have we had a "concerted effort" to pull a fast one on the dev team to get some super secret overpowered combination or toy. Unlike many of the more forthcoming open to all heres my details that support my narrative folks. We aren't angels by any means but hiding play from the public in general is far from insinuating we haven't been forthcoming with the devs. What we have learned is that openly sharing ideas, hunting grounds, strategy, play, etc leads to nothing but trouble as prying eyes then use it to their advantage or ideas get stolen or good camps suddenly are always taken.

    Some examples:

    When Improved Twincast and Spell Twincast first were added in game Necromancers got them as well. We tested it out during beta and we were putting up massive numbers for the time and shared as much with the team. After some discussion on toning it down for us it was decided that we would just not get them for now. So it went away until Gift of Deathly Resolve came to be a few years later. Far from Necro club being silent and taking the massive power boost.

    When Aristo unlocked the 3rd swift dot line we told him it wasn't needed and it would be to much. He chose to do it anyway and sure enough a few months later you guys took swift dots away on raids because our performance was to good relative to peers. Necro club shared it was going to be a problem before it ever hit live and no one listened.

    When we first got death bloom we said this is amazing and its exactly the tool we needed post out of combat regen being added to the game for others but its probably to high as it was. Eli at first said he was ok with us having such high mana regen as we did not have a means to dump that mana. He changed his mind on this altering it and playing with deathblossom until others harvests and AA harvests had caught up but we still shared how powerful this was right from the start expecting it to be halved before it launched to live.

    When we first started getting multiple spell lines of our swarm pet spell we told Aristo they were not linked so we could spam 2 or more versions at a time. Aristo commented since the pets were both individually weaker and as a set weaker than the mage version that he was ok with it working like that. Obviously your guys stance changed on this when everyone started seeing necro pet walls but this was another example of us being completely upfront with you guys about it despite the rep of Necro Club.

    When we asked Aristo to add a mana cost to Flesh to Poison we totally laid it out that we wanted it to proc Gift of Deathly Resolve and while he never said that works for me he did then add a mana cost to the nuke proc like he was fine with that idea. You obviously didn't agree with it working that way a few years later when you changed the mana threshold for Gift of Deathly Resolve higher than the proc cost so it no longer worked.

    Pre dot revamps you guys presented us with the option of that expansions dots getting a 40% increase in base power instead of the 20-22% other dots or spells were seeing as a trade off for capping our epic weapon focus. Forget which dev it was that stated our epic accounted for 50% of our dps and continually grew in power every year so it had to go. We presented all the data showing that even with the broken bonus aspect from Epic 2.0 effect that our epic only accounted for a flat 15% difference in dot dps.

    When you guys first started doing dot revamps we chimed in repeatedly with every single classes dots that you are increasing their dots base power far far to much and not accounting for adps, burn tools, etc. Numerous well respected necromancers of the community have presented ideas or plans for how to handle dots in general or at least necromancer dots to avoid being over powered. We don't want a situation where for one month we are insane and then end up getting massive nerfs that end up destroying areas of necro play outside of raiding.

    When we got a second version of Flesh to Poison we posted that they stacked allowing both buffs and procs to occur and it was left as it was.

    Hell someone even questioned on beta was the jump from Sphere of Dissolution to Remote Sphere of Decay intended knowing it was quite a change.


    While Necro Club is very real it has always been a protect our ideas, play style, strategy, camps from the public thing not a hide this from the dev thing with the examples above showing as much.
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  12. Allayna Augur

    In response to this piece. I understand the need to re-balance classes and I think this was a creative way to reduce incoming healing from riposte damage more than any optimization of the EQ servers.

    I'd like to take a moment and ask if you (collective DBG Dev team) have thought about the unintended consequences of this change before you implement it and we have to deal with it for at a minimum of a full month.

    For instance:
    Farming TS components just became more cumbersome due to a trivial mobs miss rate.

    If this is truly an attempt to optimize server lag/player lag, I ask this:

    How much lag is created writing each line to a log file?

    I cast 1 spell, this is what dumps into the log:

    [Sun Sep 15 05:50:58 2019] Your Scaleborn Lifewalker Leggings shimmers briefly.
    [Sun Sep 15 05:50:58 2019] You begin casting Cyclonic Roar Rk. III.
    [Sun Sep 15 05:51:00 2019] Your Threadbare Weighted Tabard flickers with a pale light.
    [Sun Sep 15 05:51:00 2019] Your Irae Faycite Shard: Cyclonic Roar feels alive with power.
    [Sun Sep 15 05:51:00 2019] Your Scaleborn Lifewalker Cowl feels alive with power.
    [Sun Sep 15 05:51:00 2019] Your Ingenious Phlogiston Belt feels alive with power.
    [Sun Sep 15 05:51:00 2019] Your target is immune to the stun portion of this effect.
    [Sun Sep 15 05:51:00 2019] You hit Combat Dummy Fana for 73245 points of magic damage by Cyclonic Roar Rk. III. (Critical)
    [Sun Sep 15 05:51:00 2019] Combat Dummy Fana is lashed by a roaring wind.
    [Sun Sep 15 05:51:00 2019] You are bathed in a healing burst. You healed Liljit for 0 (4207) hit points by Healing Burst VII. (Lucky Critical)
    [Sun Sep 15 05:51:00 2019] You are bathed in an alleviating burst.
    [Sun Sep 15 05:51:00 2019] You hit Combat Dummy Fana for 4208 points of chromatic damage by Obulus Strike.
    [Sun Sep 15 05:51:00 2019] Combat Dummy Fana is struck by Obulus.
    [Sun Sep 15 05:51:00 2019] You are soothed by Obulus. You healed Liljit for 0 (9505) hit points by Obulus Soothing. (Lucky Critical)
    [Sun Sep 15 05:51:00 2019] You are soothed by Brell's Soothing Wave. You healed Liljit for 0 (500) hit points by Brell's Sacred Soothing Wave.
    [Sun Sep 15 05:51:00 2019] Your Irae Faycite Shard: Cyclonic Roar feels alive with power.
    [Sun Sep 15 05:51:00 2019] Your Scaleborn Lifewalker Cowl feels alive with power.
    [Sun Sep 15 05:51:00 2019] Your Ingenious Phlogiston Belt feels alive with power.
    [Sun Sep 15 05:51:00 2019] Your target is immune to the stun portion of this effect.
    [Sun Sep 15 05:51:00 2019] You hit Combat Dummy Fana for 214293 points of magic damage by Cyclonic Roar Rk. III. (Lucky Critical Twincast)
    [Sun Sep 15 05:51:00 2019] Combat Dummy Fana is lashed by a roaring wind.
    [Sun Sep 15 05:51:00 2019] You are bathed in a healing burst. You healed Liljit for 0 (4284) hit points by Healing Burst VII. (Lucky Critical)
    [Sun Sep 15 05:51:00 2019] You are bathed in an alleviating burst.
    [Sun Sep 15 05:51:00 2019] You hit Combat Dummy Fana for 4573 points of chromatic damage by Obulus Strike.
    [Sun Sep 15 05:51:00 2019] Combat Dummy Fana is struck by Obulus.
    [Sun Sep 15 05:51:00 2019] You are soothed by Obulus. You healed Liljit for 0 (9551) hit points by Obulus Soothing. (Lucky Critical)
    [Sun Sep 15 05:51:01 2019] You hit Combat Dummy Fana for 16500 points of physical damage by Banestrike XXIII.
    [Sun Sep 15 05:51:01 2019] Combat Dummy Fana is struck by vengeful spirits.

    28 lines reported to logs in 3 seconds. That's solo without aura's adding procs.
    Seems a bit excessive for 1 spell cast, no? Now multiple that times 54 all mashing their buttons. That's a lot of data dumping.

    In response to the changes to shield of brilliance and questioning the reaction as a nerf. The ability as a passive does not fit into a tank archetype. It was also gutted in effectiveness as you can see listed below.
    Two things not listed below is that it is extended out to 26 seconds and on a 3 minute refresh.

    I appreciate the heart felt post and some back and forth communication with the player base that loves this game as much as you do. I'd like to echo the sentiment that understanding a game direction makes class changes much easier to tolerate and give feedback on.
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  13. Allayna Augur

    And upon thinking about this 300 unique AA limit, I'm sure every single class would tell you that half of the focus line of abilities is useless, well, maybe not necros.

    For instance on a paladin, outside of paladin's healing paladin's on the general's raid, I have never loaded the following spells:

    Ardent Cleansing Line
    Ardent Touch Line
    Blessed Light Line
    Burst of Dayspring Line

    Rarely load:

    Crush of Povar Line
    Crush of the Darkened Sea Line

    Very niche:

    Doctrine of Exculpation Line

    We have 12 Focus: XXX lines and I just listed 7 that I either never load or extremely rarely load. That was a lot of AA for useless ability or "power gain"....

    This was actually brought up almost 2 years ago.


    So I am asking, can we have a post from a dev in each class regarding any "improvements" that are along those lines so as to not repeat useless abilities and lines? I know other classes feel similar.
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  14. Wulfhere Augur

    Agreed and I have not even purchased these focus AA because I never use the spells:

    I have 0/6 ranks of these AA and I will continue to buy Glyphs before ever buying them:
    Focus: Ardent Cleansing
    Focus: Blessed Light

    I have only 5/6 ranks in these AA because I rarely use them but some moment in game made me think it was a good purchase at the time:
    Focus: Ardent Touch
    Focus: Crush of Povar
    Docus: Doctrine of Exculpation

    The others I maxed out because they get regular time on my spell bar. There are healing spells that are almost ALWAYS on my spell bar that have no Focus AA. Please redress this Devs. Thanks.

    Focus: Protective Devotion ?
    Focus: Valiant Diversion ?
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  15. Beimeith Augur

    How much server lag is created writing data from the client running in memory on your computer to your local hard drive?


    How much client lag is created writing data from the client running in memory on your computer to your local hard drive?

    It depends.

    Traditional spinning hard drives generally have a sustained write speed of > 100 MB (megabytes) a second, so writing 4 KB (kilobytes) every second (much less every 3 seconds) isn't really going to be a problem.

    That said, by default eq opens, writes, and saves the log file for each line, which means it is editing the text file hundreds of times a second. As noted above, this isn't really a problem with the physical write process, however most anti-virus/malware programs interpret find this behavior as suspicious and you get excessive scanning and thus it is generally recommended that you exclude the EQ folder from your virus/malware scanner.

    SSD drives work differently than spinning disks. When a file is edited and saved the SSD writes it to a different location each time so that it doesn't wear out as quickly. This can cause issues if you let your log file grow too large (several hundred megabytes or gigabytes) and can result in a noticeable performance drop.

    To fix these issues, they added the /loginterval command which lets you change how EQ writes the log to the computer. By changing from /loginterval 0 (default) to /loginterval 1, EQ will no longer open the file hundreds of times per second, but will instead write once per second.
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  16. Faelthos New Member

    This is kind of what I wished for in that other thread about wishes.

    Perhaps when I said consolidation, it was taken the wrong way, but why do we need 10 AA that all do the same thing "increase your DPS", when it could cost the same amount of AAs to get, but all be done on a single button, or maybe 2. More than that, and we quickly run out of keys to easily press to accomplish whatever it is we are trying to accomplish. For me, managing 20 hot keys is difficult, (while paying attention to the fight/positioning/emotes/etc).

    I also think that somewhere along the line, class balance got screwed up, and hasn't been really looked at in a while. I could be mistaken. How are some tanks able to tank 4-8 mobs while other's can't tank even 1. I think power creep, and stat creep has gotten too far out of hand.

    I would assume the overall DPS would fall into a tier, with the DPS classes fighting to come out number 1, rather than a singular class (or two) demolishing the other classe(s) by sheer numbers. The other alternative, is maybe I have just been lucky (or unlucky as the case might be), and grouped with players much more skilled than I am.

    I also don't like the permanent bonuses you get from completing previous expansions that increase your character power. I understand it rewards loyalty, but it also creates a huge vacuum of things to do for people returning to the game, or those that take a break. I can barely keep up with the current expansion, and you want me to go complete content from up to 5 or 6 expansions back, just to be able to participate in the current content. (If you don't have the trials of mata muram, hero's fortitude AA lines, and similar) you just cannot compete with people who do have them. Either give them to everyone once the new expansion comes out, or remove them, or don't count them when calculating the difficulty of new content. In my opinion, I shouldn't have to go backwards, in order to move forward.I resubbed during EoK, then canceled again. Why do I need to go back into EOK to get the gear I missed, to upgrade in RoS? Why do I need to go visit obsolete zones, or force a guild to help me go through Call of the Forsaken for required AAs (this is where those hero's ones start iirc). Forget about TBL without a lot of help from others. What is the thought process making me kill names in PoP to evolve a TBL item? If you're going to do that, at least revamp the areas so I can get xp while doing it, or alternate current level gear.

    Thanks for listening.
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  17. smash Augur

    Your problem as i see it is that you not willing to invest the time in it.
    Today old expansions are easy and fast, but still takes time, you cannot expect to get everything for free through autogrant. It IS a mountain to clim, true.

    A mountain we all had to climb, but we have had years to climb it, which you wanna do in a flash, sorry that is not how it works.

    Those aa you mention they do not make a huge difference as you think, they good but relative tiny, a lot goes without them.

    Enough said as this not new test patch related.
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  18. Faelthos New Member

    Since I quoted a dev, I think it is related, at least as something to think about.

    You are correct to an extent. I don't have years to dedicate to past content in order to "catch up". While I have to catch up by going through the content minimally (still have to level). I also don't mind earning the AAs, in respect to non-trivial content.

    For example, I would rather spend 3000 AAs (50 per level for 60 levels) to get Hero's Fortitude, than go backwards to do progression I won't ever use again. I'm not opposed to earning it, just in current content, rather than past.
  19. Brohg Augur

    but earning Hero's AAs thereby *is* using that content
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  20. smash Augur

    It is challenge/achievement to get and totally up to prople if wanna have. They not game changes in degree like tbm eyes and if you dont want, thats you. I will rather spend time there than 3- 4 k aa.

    Those aa give people some to do that is just earning aa.

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