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  1. yosco Augur

    Having to individually target every mob to kill them when pulling massive gray con bs mobs... as opposed to now.... where they often kill themselves on your ripos despite not hitting you for damage.
  2. Metapsyche Augur

    The riposte change. I went and tested it at lunch, swarming PoP hunters is a PITA because you have to basically single target and kill every mob vs let them all insta kill themselves in 5 seconds.

    So basically we went from 100 mobs swinging 2-3 times at you and killing themselves to 100 mobs swinging at you for 10 minutes while you slowly target and kill them one at a time. It feels like a wildly ineffective means of reducing lag because you’re extending the fights by. Probably 10-100x
  3. Silverstone Journeyman

    Patch goes to far, to much of a nerf

    Went to gmm pulled 4 mobs, had to pull shield out, still got took me to 20 percent some rounds. Ranger friend pulled 4 mobs never went below 50 percent.

    The patch that broke tanks, first time in 20 years I feel like hanging this game up.

    Ranger seen no difference in tanking ability after patch, same as before. Before those 4 mobs never took me below 70-80 percent with a shield out
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  4. Metapsyche Augur

    How’d the patch hurt tanks and help a ranger?
  5. kizant Augur

    I mean that's kind of how it always was for some classes?
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  6. kizant Augur

    It does sound truly painful after hearing it described....
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  7. Metapsyche Augur

    *begins to play tiny violin* it hurts my lazy bone...
  8. Fibgirl Lorekeeper

    5 was a bit harsh. Why not 12 like Mage beams? 12 is useful w/o being over powered.
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  9. kizant Augur

    It's not a beam tho. It's a Target AE meaning it hits mobs around the thing you have targeted. Although, I think you would benefit from having an improved version that's closer to what other casters have.

    My suggestion is that your max targets be improved to 4 and a timer ID is added so you can't chain multiple levels of the spell. That way you'd have something almost as good as wizards!
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  10. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    Just what Druids need, more timer linked spells, that’s never screwed us over before /rolls eyes. I would say that the wizard timer definitely should be removed. Almost all timer linked heals and Nukes should have that timer removed, it’s a dumb idea in almost all cases (Obviously there are exceptions like Dichos). It seems to just arbitrarily be applied on most spells.

    Druid 0.5s cast Heal, Timer. Cleric 0.5s cast Heal, no timer.
    Druid 1.8s cast big Heal, Timer. Shaman 1.0s cast big Heal, no timer.
    Druid ToT Nuke/Heal Timer. Cleric ToT Nuke/Heal and Heal/Nuke, no timer.
    Wizard AE Nuke, Timer. Mage AE Nuke, Timer. Druid AE Nuke, no timer.
    Hell Druid DoTs that don’t even stack with each other in the same line have a recast Timer.
    All Druid, Mage, Wizard, Cleric PBAE Nukes have timers. Because reasons? I guess farming Grey cons is too overpowered?

    All targeted AEs should be more than 4-5 targets at this point in time. I think Beams with their 12 target limit are a reasonable compromise between the ridiculous unlimited target limit they were originally vs the very low 4-5 target limit of targeted AEs.

    I’d support all AEs being increased to 12 targets for level 85+ AEs. This should include bard vainglorious and Denon’s as well as all the Druid, Wizard and Mage AEs.
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  11. Funky Augur

    ok, well then they coulda left it as it is and added a timer to the song... make it like mages' Rain line... targeted AE without a target limit
  12. kizant Augur

    Rains have a 4 hit max too. :(
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  13. Wulfhere Augur

    Remember when max target was applied to many AE last year? Did you notice that the Al`Kabor line got a max target value of 4? and not 5 as it should have?

    The ("worthless") Al`kabor line has always had a higher mana cost because they are the original unlimited target TAE spells (not songs) in EQ. They were nerfed before 2003 to max targets 5. Now down to 4, I believe due to an over sight.
  14. Bobokatt07 Journeyman

    I am not sure if it's a result of the recent patch or possibly the one before but for years, I could finish off a lesson on my beastlord, or just get ready to log out after raids. I would as always, buff my pet before suspending and then logging off for the night so the pet would have some extra love the next time I logged.

    I would cast all my pet aa's and other buffs and clickies. All the buffs would be still on my pet the next time I logged on. Also great for pocketed pet for raids or whatever. Now many of the best buffs no longer last after I zone or log.
    For instance: Companion's Fury that casts Bestial bloodrage on the pet always stayed on the pet whether I logged or zoned. Now it poofs.
    Combat Ability Savage Rancor timer 3, again would stay on pet before, now if I log or zone with suspended pet, it's gone.
    Combat Ability Ruaabri's Fury timer 4, again would stay on pet before, now if I log or zone with suspended pet, it's gone.
    My buff cast from my Earth-Emblazoned Leather Tunic, Spirit of Earth, same as above. It poofs
    If I have my chanter cast his Reactive Rune spell on us before I log.... again as above, all the runes are gone after I log on again and get the pet out.
    I am sure I am missing many many more.
    What changed? I am lvl 110, max AA.
  15. kizant Augur

    Al`kabor has to be the worst wizard in Norrath history.
  16. Veritas New Member

    If the wanted all classes to be exactly the same why did the bother making different classes ?
  17. kizant Augur

    Each class focuses on a different aspect of the game and by having multiple classes you can create situations where those classes can work together to be stronger than the combination of each class would be working on their own.

    For example, you can tank 20 lower level mobs all at once without fear of dying. The cleric can heal themselves and be able to do the same thing. Neither would be very efficiently at killing those mobs but they could probably stay alive for a long time. They take different approaches but are strong at accomplishing a single thing.

    Then you have damage dealing classes. They can kill those mobs but they would also die trying to tank them for a long length of time without help. What you need to do is combine the damage dealing classes and the tanking or healing classes to efficiently accomplish your goal. That doesn't mean that, as a tank, you should be incapable of doing damage. But it should be a slow and arduous process where it takes you a very long time without having damage classes along to help.
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  18. Sirene_Fippy Augur

    The pet buff window doesn't save "short duration" (buffs that go in song window) buffs when you camp/zone any more. I think it was because pets could have too many buffs and they would all be dropped, so now unfortunately some of them get removed when you zone/camp. Since NPCs don't have a song window it's not that easy to tell which buffs don't zone on a pet.
  19. Wulfhere Augur

    Actually this has been happening to my player characters for years. I camp fully raid buff in guild hall or PoK (or elsewhere) and come back a few days or a week later (i.e. weekend to weekend) and half of the buffs are gone. I assume is has to do with server side resets as it doesn't always happen. It's generally the same buffs that vanish, those case by others.
  20. Brohg Augur

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