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  1. yepmetoo Augur

    Except most TLP players are live players, who were already subscribed to live.

    If you're playing TLP only, new expansions should offer you nothing. We also shouldn't keep changing things in the old content as it just negates the point of the TLP server.
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  2. p8aa Elder

    They have the option, but they aren't FTP players because you cannot do much being FTP. The amount of alts / boxes running in latest expansions being lvl 110 are paid accounts, and there are a lot of them on live servers. Also, live players also buy ton of things and kronos in the marketplace, for example all the rare raid gear stats things dropping in group content are paid in kronos. Mangler is not a "special" server, before you it was Phinigel which was the "high" population server, until it became a "low" population server and its population moved back to restart on the new fresh TLP server and playing on it until it reach later expansion they don't like, and they will restart over on the next TLP server after Mangler.
  3. Baldur Augur

    TLP players are EQ players too!

    I didn't realize how many live players hated us, it's kind of crazy to me.

    I play on Phinigel. Spent so much time and invested so much in my characters there I won't be playing on another TLP.

    We'll be live in a little under 2 years and then I'll probably be buying expansions and become a "live" player. Hope I don't start hating TLP players too...
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  4. Yinla Augur

    It's not hate for the players, it is hate for the changes that effect live for server that have always been promoted as classic and as close to the original game as they can. Every change they make makes the game less like it was in its original form.

    It is this the live players hate not the TLP players.
  5. Brohg Augur

    I am wholly a Live server player. TLPs themselves hold no interest at all for me. "Been there, done that."

    I appreciate that TLPs raise the profile of long-standing bugs and oversights such that they finally get corrected. Nostalgia is a dumb reason for maintaining shabby & inconsistent game implementation.

    I look forward to the day that model encompasses common-sense but work intensive corrections such as putting LDoN and DoN alternate currencies on the right inventory tab, Quest Journal / task system-ing epics, and back filling spells so that class play is more consistent from low to high levels.
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  6. Ekrei New Member

    Bazaar idea is just one of many put into that post, it's not disguised and I have no idea how you came to the conclusion my entire very long post was a disguised note about giving limited bazaar access to f2p players when that's only one small portion of my entire post.

    I put my post here because I hoped it would reach the dev's eyes.

    I wouldn't be so fast to say that if they invested some money to update some of the non-gameplay effecting systems that they wouldn't see any returns from their investment. I wouldn't say that at all and I greatly disagree. I think this game has quite a-lot of potential, and I think some of my idea's could help attract old players into returning and keep new players here.

    Obviously I have no idea what their code looks like but some of the things I suggested may not be too complicated for them to implement as well.
  7. Ekrei New Member

    #4: They could always put some sort of hard-ceiling for item's / income limit they are allowed to sell. Like one idea I was chatting to my guild about was possibly implementing the ability to hire NPC's who would sell your items for you. And like depending on what tier of merchant you're paying for could define the amount of item's you're able to sell with that merchant. That would allow for f2p to only be given the ability to hire the lowest tier merchant while the paying players would be given access to the rest of the tiers. This would also help out players I think because all the players boxing the game having an alt afk for selling would now have another way to keep their store up on the bazaar.

    To me changes which can help the game as a whole for all players would help incite people to 'stay' playing and help to reduce / get rid of the negative complaints the f2p players have.

    #7 - I have gone through the tutorial area but that wasn't the focus of my topic at all. Yeah I agree it looks just fine. I was speaking of like original everquest zone's which haven't been updated.

    #8 - I think I discuss what you're' saying in my post. You need to figure that many of the 'new' players aren't new to this game at all and are in fact returning players. People who played a decade+ ago who randomly install to see whats up with EQ now because they're looking for a MMO to play and hte laast good ones they can probably remember are EQ and/or Vanilla WoW. Now this game has a very high learning curve and to drop old players who are looking for that nostalgic appeal, to force them into an area they haven't ever seen before can be overwhelming and basically destroys the entire nostalgic appeal for them.

    Paid accounts already get a ridiculous amount of perks. How would allowing returning players to start in the EQ world they remember negatively affect the paying player's experience? What is wrong with having players experience the Vanilla EQ zones?

    Have you ever heard of P99? Most of those guy''s aren't playing p99 because the current state of the game wouldn't appeal to them, many of them are old players who probably started off on live and were completely overwhelmed and lost when they logged in so they went over to p99 instead because other than for the login screen the nostalgic appeal has been removed. To make this change would help keep those players here on live which is what the game ultimately needs. It needs more players, because more players who stay and get invested into the game will result in more paying players thus more bottom line for the company.

    And to solve your next comment which im sure will include "then what about new players because they aren't going to want to start off in old world EQ" which yes there is truth to that. Then maybe they can make a 1-time popup in character creation which can define a variable which, a popup or menu selection which will ask "are you a new or returning player?". Or they can just prioritize / highly recommend CR in the character creation process. Or like I was saying in #7, to just improve upon the old-world / original EQ zones which are extremely outdated, NOT to redo them or anything, just improve them.

    For instance, if lets say they went to improve Butcherblock okay. I think they should just visually update the zone without doing anything else to it other than maybe create more of an ecosystem in it, give the zone some new quests w/o changing any of the old and update the old quest rewards to be more current with the game's current level equivalent items. This way the nostalgic aspect isn't removed, the zone becomes up to date with questing, items, drops and rewards, returning players don't only receive the nostalgic appeal but then also have more to 'explore' thus improving upon their experience, and it creates incentive for everyone, new and old to experience those old zones which by my guess have next to zero foot traffic which is a shame.

    And speaking of items. I really think they should have someone go through and update the statistic's given from quest rewards in the entire game to be more current with what's being dropped in the new recommended leveling area's because it sucks to spend all this time doing a level 40 quest for a piece of armor that is just useless because my level 5 defiant piece I obtained that dropped turns out to still be better than the one granted from the quest. Giving players no-trade gear which doesn't match up statistically to items they can get like 20+ levels ago just isn't good game design and doesn't give any incentive for players to even seek out / do them thus making questing redundant to the overall experience.
  8. Boze Augur

    I'd be really curious to know what percent of TLP players have current live toons. There's a lot of players on Phinigel that came back for TLP and are sticking around to experience the "new-to-them" content. Most people you talk to can tell you an expansion they quit at, and they're currently playing in content they've never seen before even though it's 10+ years old. Everything from GoD through now VoA has been totally new to me, and it's been super exciting to see all the content. I have no idea how people enjoy constantly playing classic through PoP and starting over though, and I imagine most of those are not live players.

    I do agree with the consensus here that the changes to old content are pretty heavy-handed. The devs still provide no clear vision of what they expect TLPs to be: a rose-colored revision or true-to-classic version, tending to pick and choose between these as is convenient.
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  9. AcemoneyFV Augur

    THANK YOU. The players causing problems are in top end guilds on LIVE. People act like they don't know this.

    It's the same reason people make a character to raid on FV, easy currency and Krono's. Every guild on FV has raiders from other servers. Most of them have a toon in every raiding guild! It's easy money.
  10. Liljit Augur

    ...says AcemoneyFV!
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  11. Smokezz Augur

    We don't "hate" TLP players. We hate the utter nonsense TLP players make up about live servers. Things like the live servers are full of automated players, no one plays their own characters. The live servers are all free to play accounts, no one pays for an account there. TLP keeps the game alive... We read the TLP forums occasionally too and see the stuff spewed by a bunch of TLP players that's complete nonsense.
  12. Liljit Augur

    Like a recent don't wake the sleeper argument...

    Or the 19 different posts clamoring for a fix to #charmgate because TLP players, not live players, would charm a rare, locking it down and sell off the loot rights a la RMT farming.
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  13. Jalelorf Augur

    I will take about 2 hours for you to figure out you changed the wrong row.
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  14. Moranis Augur

    There's probably shade being thrown in both directions - but I gather much of the Live crowd gets mad that changes to the TLPs affect them, whereas the TLP crowd gets on their high horse thinking they are the breadwinners and get mad at the Live crowd for complaining. There's probably some merit to both sides.

    The truth is, the TLP game needs many of these changes to stay healthy and unfortunately, that has some negative consequences in the Live game. The first 5-10 expansions had (2) major differences when they first came out - 1.) Stratification of players, and 2.) Large GM Support team. Nowadays, the secrets are out and really the only people that play are well-versed EQ veterans making top-heavy server populations with minimal GM support. Many of the problems that GMs intervened on previously need to be coded out of existence to prevent chaos. In 2001, maybe 2% of the population was end-game raiding and/or doing high-end quests. Today, maybe 2% of the TLP population isn't end game raiding.

    The dynamics of the game are completely changed and I think the GMs are doing as best they can to make the TLPs work and, hopefully, minimally impacting Live.
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  15. Ninelder Augur

    That's pure genius! Yeah it should get nerfed but the guy who figured this out deserves a medal and an A+ in "out of the box" thinking. Kudos!
  16. Ninelder Augur

    More than likely you are lagging from swarm pets, they are part of many peoples burns. It makes the zone have to force into existence 20 new models instantly.

    There is no plausible fix to swarm pets doing this. It will likely never be fixed. Instead of restricting pet classes to reduce lag, do the following:

    Have your raid force use AFK, and switch hide afk players in options to on. Doing this will not only solve almost all lag problems, but it will also raise your guild's DPS.

    Hope this fixes your problem, good luck.
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  17. NameAlreadyInUse Augur

    I hate this suggestion so much, because asking everybody to suffer just because some players are using ancient computers is just wrong.

    Does Realm of Insanity do this? If not, then it's obviously not required. If they do, then we should be asking DBG for the ability to simply hide other players, regardless of whether they are AFK.

    I want to emphasize that I sympathize with not being able to afford the proper equipment to participate in your hobby of choice. And I respect and salute the sacrifices that some folks make to help less fortunate folks join the games with us. But for me, if this ever were to become "required", I would simply leave the raid. If it comes down to choosing between players who come prepared and players who are not prepared, the prepared folks should win out.

    EDIT: And mostly I hate that the game puts in a position to make this choice in the first place.
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  18. Ninelder Augur

    "I would hardly call asking your raiders to type /afk on at the start of each event; suffering"

    I am pretty sure they do exactly this! They may not be doing it to lower lag; its other side effect is raising your raids DPS by ~10pct
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  19. Sancus Augur

    No, we don't, because we don't play on potatoes. The lag we experience has nothing to do with client side lag, which /AFK can help alleviate.

    It's also not a swarm pet specific problem, although they, along with procs, force proc discs, twincast, rapid melee swings, raid scripts, and a whole host of other factors contribute to it.

    We did fairly extensive testing in RoS, which included having everyone /AFK, banning all pets, etc. for the purpose of science. There is no solution that "solves almost all lag problems."
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  20. Zaknaffein Augur


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