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Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by EQ Dev, Aug 13, 2019.

  1. MarttinPH Augur

    I wish the advanced loot bug would be fixed. I am talking about how sometimes it bugs out and causes a crash to the desktop. It is extremely frustrating.
  2. Absor Developer

    Let me know which.
  3. Zanarnar Augur

    I paid full price for them. (and have several collectors editions) The only ones I've been gifted would be the ones released after CoTF (which is when I stopped playing on live totally).
  4. Piznut Augur

    The problem is that you guys are changing the entire game because of about 50 super toxic krono farmers who bounce TLP to TLP and farm hundreds of krono to RMT. And instead of actually taking care of these individuals, you punish the rest of the playerbase for their actions.
  5. Filthy casual Journeyman

    I think what Cailen was getting at is that as TLP unlocks each expansion, you pay 0 additional money. Whereas those on live pay a minimum of $39 and a maximum of $139 per account. While most TLP's are true box, which tends to limit the amount of per person expenditures, live tends to have many boxers who will pay for the newest expansion as it is released, many times over.
  6. Cailen Augur

    I went back to chardok to verify it.... but right after RoS release when I hit lvl 110 The Bridge Keeper was charmable. I guess he's not anymore. To bad he was an awesome pet.
  7. Cailen Augur

    except that it's still single target with a 45 sec recast
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  8. kizant Augur

    Ok that is true.
  9. Barder-mangler Elder

    Well there goes my entire strategy in chardok to break the koro room solo :p You can dictate tag out your mob of choice in pretty much all of Chardok currently, but it looks like that’s no longer going to be an option. It’s actually a much bigger nerf to the enchanter class in classic- would much rather go back to charm being dispellable, or quest mobs being uncharmable, or even mobs flagged as uncharmable once damage is dealt to prevent charm ks’ing, but this is over the top.
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  10. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    So why did we have the TL changes?

    The have been fine for the last 18 years why change them now?
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  11. Tobynn Augur

    Leaving this here simply because this thread is current:
    Item Oil of a Frog is neither tagged as tradeskill nor stackable.
    Item is an ingredient in Planes of Power era recipe for Aqua Glaze.
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  12. p8aa Elder

    It's not hard to figure out that most of their incomes from live servers. Take the amount of live servers versus the amount of TLP ones
    Atm, 1 live server showing as high population, 3 as medium population, 9 showing low population.
    1 TLP server with high population, 1 with medium population, 6 with low population.

    TLP player population migrates from one TLP to another one. For example, Phinigel was high population, it's now low population, and it swapped to Mangler now.

    With FTP you cannot do much on live servers, so not only there are all the raiding guilds of all live servers with most of them boxing one or more gold accounts (paid account), but there are also all the more casual players or groupers only who also have a paid account.
    Now add to the paid account, the expansions that are bought on all these main and box accounts of all these live server players each year.
  13. Rasper Helpdesk The Original Helpdesk

    Low priority obviously, but is it 2 or 3 rares?

    From my notes I'm missing 3 rares that drop item pairs 71316 & 71323, 71328 & 71336, and 71329 & 71337
  14. Moege Augur

    GMM: Ironing out the legion
    The mechanis in the furnace room can be killed out of order, no credit in quest step and they do not respawn. Grimmerlove can be killed out of order, no credit in quest step and he does not respawn

    Both problem bugs the quest and you cannot complete it.
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  15. Prathun Developer

    It's three. The public-facing note is incorrect. Will try to get that fixed for the final notes.
  16. LDEffectsMe Augur

    I would disagree. While by pure numbers, yes, Live servers would appear to have more players, those players have the option of being free to play. Every TLP server is filled with 100% subscribers and the majority of those subscribers *appear* to also purchase multiple Krono per month in order to hear their toons. I would say that Mangler easily generates 3 times the amount of players in Krono revenue every month... Not to mention people paying $40+ for a bag and countless XP and clarity pots... Without any concrete numbers I think Mangler alone generates enough income to justify the fixes TLP received, and probably also funds a good bit of the expansion Live will receive.

    I stepped away from the Live game years ago. The only reason I'm back now is because of Mangler. I don't see myself every buying another EQ expansion unless they add some new content that is available to people at any level range. (Like a new Race, which they said would be a huge undertaking with this client, or even new Race/Class combos.) As a TLP player, I don't hate Live (like Live players seem to hate TLP) but I feel like that game left me in the dust and new expansions offer nothing to someone like me.
  17. Ekrei New Member

    -- A few suggestions --
    Hello, I am new here to these forums, and while I am not inherently new to EverQuest I am in a way new as I have come back now 15 years later. Being back and now that I have played a ton of really horrible MMORPG's I must say that EQ, to me is by far still the best MMO on the market.

    With that said I had a few suggestions for this game which I think may honestly really intrigue more old players like myself back into playing/choosing this as their go-to MMO.

    First I have to say that I hope you guys realize how beautiful of a gem you have here. Now that I have been playing for a few weeks this game is still just amazing. The pro's heavily outweigh the con's imo. I think some of the appeal comes from the games difficulty as its by a large margin the most difficult MMORPG on the market. It's not 'too' difficult either, its just the right amount.

    Anyways a few suggestions I have.

    1. Rebuild the Animation system & create many more player animations. I know that on my combat log i have numbers going by so fast and the animation's don't keep up with what the combat log is outputting in the slightest. If numbers were combined with my second suggestion a rebuilt / more fluid animation system could very possibly keep up with what the combat log outputs thus improving upon the visual representation of whats going on.

    2. When double & triple attacking triggers, combine the numbers together and display as a single number. When a critical happens in one/more of the attacks which make the whole just add an * or something in the combat log to represent that crit. This to me would be a really nice feature as the combat log just goes by so fast. While grouped it can become nearly impossible to see your numbers on screen unless you set a separate window to view them. Plus it would give us the players an idea of how often double/triple attacks are going off.

    3. Update the physics system in game to make jumping and stuff more fluid. It's just nice to have fluid controls. Also if jumping felt responsive and real then you guys could start creating jumping / platforming challenges.

    4. Give free to play players the ability to sell a limited number of items on the Bazaar. Being that I have now re-joined after my 15+ year old hiatus one of the first things I noticed was that the prices on my server at least, in the Bazaar are ridiculously overpriced. The price on every single thing seems as tho its set for a max level characters income. By giving free to play players a limited ability to sell on the Bazaar it would help to flood the market with items thus creating competition and thus driving down prices inuto something more reasonable. Also it would supply the market with a larger selection of items to choose from.

    5. Give us the ability to sheath our weapons. I can remember when I was a teenager and I can remember wanting this feature even way back then. To walk around with my weapons at my side or on my back. It would look so cool. Like just please do this.

    6. Some of the particle foliage is being spawned slightly too high on the .z axis and floats above the ground. Could use a slight tweak.

    7. Start redoing the old-world zones to be more visually appealing. I have only seen a few of them but I can imagine with the plethora of new assets you guys have to work with it not being too difficult to do. With those updates as well you could also improve upon those zone's quests / mobs and what not without changing or removing any of the old content so it still has its nostgalic appeal but becomes more visually appealing. To just improve upon.

    8. 100% definitely give free to play players the ability to choose their start location. Like I can't even stress this enough because a-lot of us old re-joining players are going to WANT to at experience the world of Norrath as it was and not be forced into something which is completely new. I know this feature exists for pay-to-play players, but someone coming back and starting free to play, when you place us in CR its sort of an anxiety causing moment because we aren't familiar with it at all and its a HUGE turn-off. When I first re-joined I quit after like the first hour and downloaded project 1999 because everything was overwhelming and nothing was familiar. I didn't come back to play a new game, I came back to play what I remembered. I can't honestly express this enough and in no way do I mean any disrespect by saying this, but you guys are fools to not allow free to play players choose their start location. That doesn't mean you can't highly recommend CR as the start zone in character creation. It just means that if we are a returning player, we have the choice to start off in the Norrath we remember.

    I understand the the code in this game is archaic and could be just crazy complicated to understand as I have been programming for about 10 years now so I can understand that pain. But being a programmer I can also visual theoretic possible ways to upgrade / update this game as well. I can imagine that probably the best way to update is to just start to create new systems and slowly replace the old with the new, or to just refactor it.

    But I think if the game was updated to give a more responsive visual representation of what the characters are doing, I think that feature alone would attract a TON of old players to come back. Because lets be real here. EverQuest is arguably the only good MMO out there other than for Classic WoW (which was okay). Think about it, everyone is talking about 'classic wow' right now.. A ton of people still talk about Original EverQuest as if it doesn't exist anymore. Well I don't know about you, but isn't it about time we remind them that EQ still exists. And although the systems have been extended upon - the core difficulty and challenging game-play we got so addicted too still exists!

    Presentation is fundamental! Presentation is key to get them back. Nostalgia only goes so far but to update the presentation! That's where its at. That's how I think you're going to get the old players back in. You don't need the new next gen graphics. Sure the kids might care about the graphics but any of us mature players understand and know that its all about the game-play. Well I shouldn't say all about the game-play because some of the zones are in dire need of a visual rework like honestly, has anyone other than me gone to Butcherblock lately?... It's horrible.. Just double the poly count or something even, anything.... Go spend 20-min there and I think you might understand what I mean... Sorry I just cringed so hard in that zone...

    Back onto the point.

    Doing these updates would give Classic WoW some competition as it people would notice that "hey, EverQuest is looking (visually) a-lot better now, wow they really worked on it a lot" and i'm pretty sure people would come back to try it out again. Visual responsiveness is just something I don't think anyone would complain about. Like it would also be nice as well if I actually animated every-time I fire my bow instead of having arrows magically appear out of my chest while the animation is on cool-down.

    I believe EverQuest is that of a visual nature where it falls under that category of art style's that never get old. Like its so old that it totally falls under that category because the graphics aren't trying to be too realistic, nor are they trying to be too cartoonish. The current graphics/art-style is that of being right on the lower end of that sweet spot if you ask me.

    Also, I can't imagine any of these updates being of a nature which people would complain about as it would just make them look so much cooler and it wouldn't effect the game play at all other than the fact that people may be jumping around more often. Also if you guys could smooth out the jump system so its fluid and feels correct, then you could make little hidden jump challenges around the game which would be really cool!

    Also if you're in need of a passionate programmer to join your team feel free to keep me in mind! I can imagine going into a project like updating EQ with desire and passion and also I do have a fair amount of experience programming animation systems.

    Thank you and take care.
  18. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    But there is a lot that has been changed because of TLP, years ago we had a update to NPC modles, with the introduction of some of the more recent TLP servers they took a step backwards and changed the modles back, the wolf especially looks aweful.

    Over the years there has been many, many things which have changed the way live servers play. Sony gave us nice things, Daybreak has taken them away.
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  19. CatsPaws SMH

    #4 - what then would you give to people who pay for these privileges? At least those high priced sellers are paying Daybreak and helping support the game. I don't see any cash income to DBG resulting from free players having this option.

    #7 - have you not gone thru the tutorial zone lately? They just upgraded the graphics in the last 6 months for Gloomingdeep and it is beautiful.

    #8 - again what should paid accounts get as a perk for paying? They created Cresent Reach because there were not enough players in the old zones for beginning players. Now you can start in CR and all the quests are right there making it easier and faster to level which is what all new players want. If you want to go to old zones and start there then do so - you don't have to pay - your start city only sets your origin key but your free to travel, quest etc where ever you want.

    Overall EQ is still a 32 bit game and as such its running very well for a 20 year old game, the price is dirt cheap for entertainment in today's society and if they made all the changes everyone wants then it would no longer be EQ. It would be WOW or some other long eared sheathing weapon flying or floating anime. :)
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  20. blood & gufts Augur

    Curious, Ekrei.

    But your post what has that to do with patch for test server ? It should be placed in veteran or some else place, because it has nothing to do with test patch.

    Also, as I see it, it is nothing else but a disguised note about wanna have bazaar for free.

    Rest of it, well nothing will ever happen, because it basiclally only expense expense and more expens. and none of the money will ever come back..
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