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  1. EQ Dev Developer

    This thread is for new bugs and how to reproduce them only. Please keep all opinions, discussions, posts about balance, and anything else in the other thread.
    Patch notes and discussions thread
  2. Sumteengex Journeyman

    Test is still laggy , rubber banding massive spikes in both game play and chat lag of 1 min or more, also randomly kicking ppl to char select and then rolling back the chars. when the kick to char select screen happens , pet s are poofing , even when not logged in. this has been happening for the better part of a month now, the random disconnects are also effecting task updates.
    in a GMM darkness howls mission, 3 mobs in camp 2 or which died right as the group got disconnected . when logging back in the mission couldnt be completed because the 2 kills didnt count but didnt respawn. i had 4 accounts get kicked but a 5th stayed online so its not an internet issue, and its happening to everyone. the chat lag is annoying but can work with it, the rest..not so much
  3. Braikkarrii Journeyman

    I have noticed that the proc effects on EOK+ era weapons seem to have been scaled-back. For example, the WAR-only 1-handed slashing weapon "Bloodlaced Blade" originally had the effect 'Spike Of Anger IV', but after the most recent patches I have noticed that the effect being advertised in the weapon's description is now just 'Spike Of Anger'. I have also confirmed (through spell/chat filters) that the effect being casted is also 'Spike Of Anger', and not 'Spike Of Anger IV'. Therefore, this not only a display issue but a functional defect.

    This is just one example. All EOK+ era weapons that my characters currently possess have the same problem.

    Steps to reproduce:
    (we shall use Bloodlaced Blade again as the test subject)

    1. View your EOK+ era weapon's in-game description.
    2. Observe. You will notice that the proc effect has changed (in this example, the weapon's original 'Spike Of Anger IV' proc has been replaced by 'Spike Of Anger (cast as level xx)').
    3. Set-up your chat filters so that you are able to see the detrimental spells your character is casting.
    4. Fight any NPC with your EOK+ era weapon and wait for it to proc.
    5. Look through the logs.
    6. Observe. You will find that the weapon is casting 'Spike Of Anger' instead of the expected 'Spike Of Anger IV'.
  4. Nniki Augur

    It was intentionally changed with the 07/17/2019 game update (07/09/2019 test update).
  5. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    Exactly. The new spells scale damage according to a level set on the item. (this level is shown with you inspect)
    In the long run, this will allow us to save memory by not creating a stack of spells each expansion for procs. I also plan to actually delete some unused spells, thus saving more memory.
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  6. Dahaman Augur

    If reducing spell count saves memory, would it be memory effective (enough) to create spell lines as single spells that evolve with character bit flags?

    Example: Assume the basic SK lifetap spell at level 110 is modified to use character bit flags for evolution. The spell casts the basic Rk I spell as its basic form. Go out and earn a spell token (= Rk II spell scroll) to earn a character flag. With that flag, the lifetap spell casts the Rk II version. Go out and earn the raid spell token (= Rk III spell scroll) and get a replacement flag. The lifetap spell then casts the Rk III version.

    Carry that forward... at level 115, a level 115 basic spell token, level 115 RK II spell token, level 115 Rk III spell token can be earned to give 3 new replacement flags. The initial spell just needs case state expansion for the 3 new flags added.

    In this short example, it would collapse 6 spells into 1 spell (and 1 character flag) that effectively does the same thing.

    You could collapse entire level 75 thru 115 spell lines into single spells and eliminate 27 spells (9x 3 ranks) for 1 spell and 1 character flag. Granted, you'd also have to change the spell scrolls to alter the character bit flag instead of adding a spell to a spell book.

    Is that a potential to save memory and maybe additional design time in the future?


    Example Case Statement Built into the above Lifetap Spell:

    Bit Flag
    1: Damage = 100, Mana = 50
    2: Damage = 110, Mana = 52
    3: Damage = 120, Mana = 55
    4: Damage = 200, Mana = 100
    5: Damage = 220, Mana = 105
    6: Damage = 240, Mana = 110

    The level 115 spells are added via adding 3 lines to the case statement (4, 5, and 6) and then dropping spell tokens instead of spell scrolls.
  7. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    There are raids and other situations where using current spells will cause issues and you want to use lower level spells instead.
  8. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    While this is a cool conversation, this is the bugs only thread. Please keep it to bugs and not speculating new systems.
  9. LDEffectsMe Augur

    Visual Bug: Noticed after this patch that the Enchanter Epic 1.0 has lost its animation. The snake head used to look both directions and slither its little tongue a bit. Now it's static and doesn't move at all for some reason.
  10. Skuz Augur

    I noticed that the live update patch notes were missing this entry:

    - Destroy Marnek's Wand - If somehow a character with this quest that has handed in the wand has lost their Suncrest Isle instance, the fisherman will give them another one.

    Was it just missed off or did it not resolve the issue?

    I reported this quest as not being able to be completed & it was because handing in the wand was supposed to destroy the wand & transport you to a final encounter, but what was actually happening is that due to the place you are meant to be moved to being an instance (a DZ) & that instance not being ready the second you are summoned to it & because you now no longer have a want to transport you there as it was destroyed you couldn't progress, there was no other method by which you could travel to the instance (like a hail/key word the npc would respond to by transporting you there like with raids for example that the npc in this quest did not have).

    Been hoping to finish this a while now.
  11. Absor Developer

    To be frank, I fixed something that was broken. But in testing we found another issue. I wasn't sure exactly which was your issue, and it was too late to make further changes. I can't really even start investigating the issue until after the update. If you perform a complex series of actions you can have your task reset. It shouldn't be possible, but it happens. I did add a function to have the fisherman give you a new DZ if you need one. However, he might also reset your task.

    I'll have to find the issue, which won't be easy since I can't see how it is even possible, and depending on what is needed to fix it, we might be able to hotfix it. Even if I can figure it out, I am not sure that it warrants a hotfix, considering that it isn't current content on any server, but that will be a team decision.
  12. Skuz Augur

    Issue that I had was I didn't & couldn't enter the dz that was spun up rather than the instance being lost.

    I got the usual "this instance is not ready for you" text warning, so the problem was the handing in of the wand span up an instance I had no means of getting into because even if i had waited until the instance would allow me to enter the quest had no means of allowing you to enter at that point because the npc takes your wand & destroys it, meaning you then cannot hand it in with a fully-spun-up instance ready for you to port into & there is no text-prompt method to enter this dz as there is for others, leaving you unable to proceed in any way even with a live dz.

    To fix the problem I had I can see two possible solutions:

    1. Make it so that an additional line of text has you you hailing the Fisherman with the wand in your possession to initiate the instance for example "let me know when you are ready & I shall make preparations to destroy the wand" AND then make it so only once the instance is ready to receive your party can you then hand in the wand, it be destroyed by the NPC & your party is transported into the now ready instance.

    2. Make it so that after handing in the wand you get an additional line of text from the Fisherman along the lines of "are you ready to face that murderous sorcerer & defeat him once & for all" where for example [defeat] is a keyword that allows you to enter the instance as other instances do.

    Either way the current quest structure is not going to work for players & allow them to finish this quest even if all the "bugs" are fixed because of the way that instancing works.

    side-note: This feels like a quest that originally was designed to port you to an isolated area of the current zone rather than an instance & then the instance was bolted on without taking into account how they have a delay between being triggered & being available to the players - were it the case that instances spun up instantaneously then this quest would probably operate just fine.
  13. Piznut Augur

    Hi Frank

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