Test Update 08/13/13

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by JChan, Aug 13, 2013.

  1. Riou Augur

    It should be the Hardcore Heritage raid of Nagafen, available while Sol B Hardcore Heritage is active.
  2. Deillusional Augur

    You not understand what I mean, say if you wanted a krono but couldnt afford to buy one from bazaar, a friend of yours maybe could and bought one for you on bazzar deliverying it to his parcel, so it going on the wrong account
  3. Gherig Augur

    The way it is written is misleading, the only thing added here is the Text Email you get. The actual physical Krono is put into your UI, you can still remove it and trade it to your friend, it is not consumed and applied to the account upon sending, which is where I think your confusion comes from as it does seem to be worded that way.
  4. Tuluvian Elder

    No mention of the stacking issue with Glyph of Cataclysm and Shaman Epic
  5. Ishtass Augur

    No sir, you don't understand what he's saying. It has always worked this way, so this patch isn't breaking anything. You're asking for a new feature.
  6. Ishtass Augur

    Really happy to see these in particular. I hope some trends continue with this precedence, namely:
    1) More old raid content becomes accessible (moreso that less than a group can request, while we're looking at this old content lockouts)
    2) Turning higher lvl motes into lower lvl ones is nice and makes sense.
    3) AA consolidation needed to happen for awhile, and has happened before. Not sure why this keeps branching back out for us to go back and have to consolidate again :). There's still more lines that can be consolidated as well.
    4) Clickie bracket text is an awesome feature, looking forward to that. Hoping that some old content that has never been discovered will suddenly open up.
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  7. Darkenr Elder

    MPG Trial timer being removed is one of the best changes I've seen in a long time! Consolidating AA lines is also very nice, cuz AAs already look overwhelming enough as it is lol!

    Now if only we could get the stupid 15 level difference limit taken off for getting tasks, we'd be golden! (so sick of not being able to get invite low level friends/alts/guildies to tasks with me... It's such an anti-social restriction. The point I'm sure of EQ and an MMO is to encourage grouping and socializing, so why restrict getting tasks to a 15 level range? If they're of level to exp with someone, they should be able to join a task with someone unless the task itself has a level minimum attached to it. Maybe increase that level difference to 30 levels?
  8. gcubed Augur

    "- Druids and Bards can now sort targets in the tracking window."

    Ok, but my ranger wants something in return, like the ability to track in the Plane of Shadow WITHOUT crashing to desktop.
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  9. Gladare Augur

    I'd like to be able to port or have selos since we're making all classes equal.
  10. Reprisal Augur

    Funny, I did MPG trials a couple days ago. Ah well, good change.

    Can anyone on test, or a dev, confirm that glyph of cataclysm is fixed to stack with shaman epic?

    Edit: Goblin Dojo from DoN expansion still requires 6 players in zone to trigger, that'd be nice to change as well.
  11. Vaft_Gnome Lorekeeper

    everytime you zone the merc window goes away now.
    happens with default ui, and everyone i mention it to has it happening.

    pretty great patch besides that, thanks guys!
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  12. Deillusional Augur

    Glyph of cataclysm changes:

    Changed base2_12 from '0' to '77' ( - Increase Critical Base Damage for by 60%)
    Changed base12 from '0' to '60' ( - Increase Critical Base Damage for by 60%)
    Changed base10 from '60' to '0' (Increase Critical Base Damage for by 60% - )
    Changed base2_10 from '77' to '0' (Increase Critical Base Damage for by 60% - )
    Changed attrib12 from '254' to '330' ( - Increase Critical Base Damage for by 60%)
    Changed attrib11 from '254' to '10' ( - )
    Changed attrib10 from '330' to '10' (Increase Critical Base Damage for by 60% - )
  13. Miss_Jackie Augur

    Oh em gee! My druid alt thanks you! <3
  14. Songsa Augur

  15. Larkey New Member

    Mage level 92, with water pet EM12. After logging out in the guild lobby, the pet stays and is no longer associated with me. Doesn't happen immediately, haven't figured out how long it takes yet.

    Currently have 3 pets standing around the Guild lobby...and I see other pets gone awol too.
  16. Rainbowdash Augur

    Also I noticed you added a new Plushie chest set to all mobs again. The "Phase Spider Plushie" and "Fear Spider Plushie" from them do not work. When being placed they show up as humans, after placed show up as bags, and if you preview them in the preview window it says "Preview not available".

    Not sure on the others if they work yet.
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  17. Benhan Journeyman

    lord naggy raids keeps bugging out at 3% locks us all up cant do nothing the whole instance -- can see chats but it says where offline
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  18. Rainbowdash Augur

    Also, the Nagafen's Lair raid for the revamp. The zone has crashed twice now when Nagafen hits 2-3% hp. Dissolving the DZ instance and booting everyone in zone from game and making them unable to zone in until they "Return Home".

    Ran the event twice. Crashed two times on 3% hp. Also the first time we 'aggroed' a mob called "WaterIO". I suspect it's the invis npc the controls the elementals' auras. The water aura specifically in this case. Somehow having been caught by an AE taunt. I thought this might have been the cause of the crash, but it didn't happen again the second time around.

    So close to phat lewts :( :(
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  19. Vaft_Gnome Lorekeeper

    aye, 2 raids now, first got him to 3%, second to 2% and it bugs, zone freezes / crashes or something.
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  20. Stubar Augur

    You're looking at it the wrong way, now they get to share in your joy!

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