Test Update 07/21/17 - Discussion

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by EQ Dev, Jul 20, 2017.

  1. Kiadan Dakine Journeyman

    Awesome!! Thanks for letting us all know. <hands out virtual coffee>
  2. klanderso Developer

    Test is back up and unlocked :)
  3. soundsof New Member

    im guessing its down again since its still showing as locked?
  4. Lenivaya Journeyman

    They took it back down to put in place a more permanent fix, yes.
  5. Broozed New Member

    any eta on server being unlocked?
  6. klanderso Developer

    Sorry, we had to do another bounce, but everything should be up and much better now :)
  7. Lenivaya Journeyman

    Thanks, klanderso! Appreciate all the work you've done on this.
  8. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    I have been told that there are other TS'd stat foods which are used in recipes that are only used for quests like the one(s) MTP seem to be, but do not stack too 1000. And those stat foods are a lot hard to farm for. I suppose that the people who told me could be mistaken, but it isn't something I would expect from them. Also there are numerous TS'd items without which are used in subsequent TS recipes for Stat items which do not currently stack to 1000; some even still stack to only 20.

    Why should Chronal Absithe only stack to 20 (which are actually used in multiple non-quest recipes), while MTPs stack to 1000 but are only used in 1 or 2 quest recipes?
  9. Zwerg New Member

    Still have housing issues.
  10. Hludwolf Developer

    Please elaborate.
  11. Zwerg New Member

    Name changed from X to Y...

    2/3 houses changed from X to Y...

    1/3 houses still resembles original name (x).
    *cannot access items within storage (such as trophies, marketplace bought items, quested items placed)...

    As such I am without item among other values.
  12. Yruc Augur

    Couple bugs -

    Chat channels - just stop working - have to zone to fix it - hard to do sometimes when not near a zone line and in a group but this has happened the last two night sometime between 6pm and 7pm CST.

    Advanced Loot - Have /hidecorpse always turned on and I join a group and there is loot in the advanced loot window that is red and locked but not yet rolled on by the group.
    1. Not sure if bug or not but it includes you in the roll for the loot if it is on your loot filters already even though you weren't part of the group when the loot dropped.
    2. If you win locked loot the item will pop up in your personal loot window for you to Loot / Leave / AN / AG / Never. If you click on it and have it select corpse, the hidden corpse will now appear. You are supposed to be able to right click on the corpse to clear the lock, this does not happen. It will not let you loot the item and the corpse gets bugged and stays around for a long time (longer than the 30 min) and you can still see the corpse even if you click leave on corpse after you've tried to loot it. After 30 min you still can not loot the corpse normally but can still see the corpse.