Test Update 07/21/17 - Discussion

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by EQ Dev, Jul 20, 2017.

  1. EQ Dev Developer

    Test is being updated tomorrow morning with our current Live build. There are no new patch notes at this time. Everything should match Live.

    Players should now be able to use /testcopy again to copy their characters to test.
  2. Holyfires Elder

    test copy is still broken still getting test timed out
  3. Greattoad Journeyman

    confirmed same here still timed out
  4. Greattoad Journeyman

    :mad: sigh 10 days
  5. Holyfires Elder

    ok 5 times nothing again .
  6. Greattoad Journeyman

    OK my 105 paladin is stuck on live I've tried and tried /testcopy all I get is testcopy timed out I even waited 10 mins after tes came up still nothing .. 10 days of this will make you angry I pay a gold membership and I've wasted 10 days plus on waiting for this to get fixed kicks the Hamsteres come on back to Work!!!
  7. Holyfires Elder

    This is why people leave the game for runescape joking !!
  8. Holyfires Elder

    god this is bs so windows 10 users are out on testcopy now ?
  9. Katsus New Member

    There is a workaround, AL on test found it
    on test server, create the name/class/ (race seems to not matter, but i kept it the same) of the toon you want to copy, then goto live server, and do a /testcopy
    worked for me and a few others.

  10. Greattoad Journeyman

    OK dear Devs ok found a work around for test-timed out in the process found the issue that is causing the timed-out .
    OK seems to be issue with name /char/class when you try and copy a char that's new not on test you get timed-out , if you /test copy a char already on test it's fine .
    So the work around until the devs can fix it make a lvl 1 char same name same class different race this will be your anchor for your test copy once done /test copy on live and it will complete .
    I would recommend doing this only if necessary and shouldn't be abused please
  11. klanderso Developer

    Alright, for real this time, /testcopy should now work!
  12. Greattoad Journeyman

    I haven't tested it yet but I will in the morning, I hope the write helped pin point the issue
  13. TelinDarkforest Journeyman

    dire wolves in iceclad now have the classic model, but have the wrong texture. They're currently all white, and were grey with red eyes in classic.
  14. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    Not exactly a new development, but is it intended for Misty Thicket Picnics to have had their stack size increased during the recent changes to TS items? Since MTPs are still used by people regularly for food; if not then you're probably going to want to get a fix in soon preferably with an allowance for those who already have them in larger stacks. Alternately, you might consider changing stack sizes for all food/drink items to match or at least mirror the increase % wise.
  15. mmats Augur

    Test server down
  16. Lenivaya Journeyman

    came up shortly and then crashed again. Now reading "Up" but get "an unknown error" when you try to connect.
    Hope this gets fixed quickly
  17. smash Augur

    Why should it not?

    Its used in recipe, which is why.

    Other food might not, which is also why not.
  18. playseqalot New Member

    I don't know if this has ever been brought up before, but the has anyone ever thought about changing the way npcs behave when they are first agro'd? Now i know the way npcs act has been pretty hardcoded for awhile in everquest, but the way npcs can stun players while the player is running away from them is pretty annoying and almost a definite death sentence for casters and the like. This is an area of discussion I have been told, maybe its time to change the unforgiving nature of running away from npcs and being stunned and one rounded? Or maybe this is why we love everquest in the first place punished for small mistakes.
  19. Bellona New Member

    Being stunned and one rounded is one of the dangers of pulling. I dont see why this should ever be changed it is an ability all mobs have if your a caster you should be pulling from ranged anyways so shouldnt get stunned unless you allow mob to get to close to you.
  20. Zwerg New Member

    Test broke again. This time I cannot zone into neighborhood.