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Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by Hludwolf, Jul 14, 2016.

  1. Hludwolf Developer

    July 14, 2016

    Fixes issues where a character could get into a bad state and be unable to login or not show in character select.

    AoC still bugged I believe.
  2. Hludwolf Developer

    Test unlocked.
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  3. Alor New Member

    still missing characters on 3 accounts after doing Agent of Change
    Characters missing: Allisster
  4. Gyurika Godofwar Augur

    Last night I was killing in Neriak 4th Gate and the XP seemed to be less than normal. I always use a 100% XP pot and usually get 2 to 3 AAs per kill for trash and 5 for a named. I was getting around 1 per kill for trash and didn't see a named in the hour and a half I was on.
  5. Hludwolf Developer

    Which characters did you interact with the AoC with?
  6. Picaresque Augur

    Guard Bonus on Rathe for Heroic Adventures not working. Still receiving the base 16 AAs at level 105 on all characters. Last night, same problem. Both were Dead Hills HAs.
  7. Alor New Member

    Allister Myrlon and Wushui
  8. Torven New Member

    Are the not-showing characters supposed to be fixed? None of mine are
  9. Melirae New Member


    Citadel of Anguish

    Overlord Mata Muram

    I encountered this bug several times over the past few weeks. I honestly would not even be surprised if it was currently impacting Quarm server as well.
    I engage Overlord Mata Muram on a group of level 85+ heroic characters. Highest being level 90. They dps the boss down, all mechanics ignored. (I have tried clicking the masks as well - this did not change anything.) At 30%, the boss stops fighting back and the riftseekers spawn as intended. He walks to the middle of the room (I've also tried leaving him in the middle of the room the whole fight) and then eventually ports my entire group to Ture's room.
    I then run back, click up back from Hanvar's hallway and engage. Upon engage, overlord heals roughly 25% of his hp per tick, and clearly out regens any dps im able to do.
    I have tried many things in order to kill him. I've waited a super long time before clicking up, I've clicked up and not engaged (he just depops after about 20s). I've even tried some methods found on the forums where you /say worlds to him at 30% and that doesnt even work. (tip found in this thread https://forums.daybreakgames.com/eq/index.php?threads/info-request-asylum-of-anguish-omm.232412/)

    My friends and I have been trying to kill him for weeks to no avail, and after hours of attempting various different things (slowing dps down to a crawl, etc) we have been unable to prevent his regeneration in phase 2.
  10. Torven New Member

    Also some bugs/errors I noticed: (not from this patch however)

    Innoruuk in TimeB was casting the fabled Barrier of Hatred even after the fabled events were over and the non-fabled NPCs were back up. I noticed this on Test and Live servers.

    I did the Terris Thule encounter in NightmareB and the script didn't seem to work. She didn't dispel or make the gargoyles come to life. (this was on Test)
  11. gotwar Augur

    Have run into this problem myself, along with many others.

    Warden Hanvar is also borked.

    I wasn't really familiar with the encounters myself so I hadn't bug reported it (I thought I was just doing something wrong), but after reading this and checking around a bit more, both encounters are definitely bugging out. Should be a fairly easy repro, just run through the encounter as normal (Warden Hanvar, Overlord Matta Muram) and wait for it to bug out. Can also demonstrate on Test with my toons if needed.
  12. gotwar Augur

  13. Melirae New Member

    What is borked about Hanvar? I've killed him every reset the past few weeks easily enough with my team of level 75s.
  14. gotwar Augur

    Again, this could be my lack of knowledge for the encounter, but I've noticed two things:

    Hanvar's adds will despawn at random so they must be killed fast. If any of the adds despawn during the encounter, his health will eventually lock somewhere between 5%-X% (if one add despawns, for example, he will lock at 5% and be unkillable).

    Hanvar can randomly begin to reset (move to spawn point and regen to full) starting at 15%. This is not a gate, it's a full instant reset w/ hate-list wipe. I've encountered this at least 3 times, and had to bring in a glass cannon to one-shot from 16% to 0% or we would not have been able to finish the encounter on all 3 occasions.
  15. Melirae New Member

    Hanvar is HP locked, and loses 5% of an HP lock per add that dies. I just did it again this morning, and was able to bring him to 75% once the first adds died, 50% after the second set of adds, 25% after the third, and then kill him after the fourth. Working as intended I feel - no HP resets, or walking to the spawn point w/ full regen.

    Have approx 5 kills with him working as intended over the past month, but I'm not zerging it with high levels so that might cause it to glitch maybe. Fights usually around 20 minutes.

    OMM on the other hand..bugged to heck.
  16. gotwar Augur

    Right. We understand the 5% lock per add (I feel like my post pointed this out). The problem is twofold, one, that the adds will depop at random (meaning they actually disappear. Hate list wipe and the mob is no longer in the zone). If even a single add depops during the encounter, Hanvar will need to be completely reset. And two, that Hanvar will actually reset himself to 100% and return to his spawn point (this still happens even if he is fought on his spawn) around 15%. This seems to happen at random. Because of the long lockout timers, it's hard to get an accurate repro on both bugs, but it is most definitely a bug.

    Between PB members collecting orbs, Hanvar has probably bugged out like this ~10 times in the past month or two, with me witnessing four of these "bug outs" personally. I've had to bring my Wizard in to Manaburn or pop a chromahaze nuke at 16% on every occasion or Hanvar would have been unkillable.
    It's very possible the issue is related to killing him with 105's. Generally there are 2 or 3 of us and we kill him very fast. Regardless, he shouldn't be having this issue at all.

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