Test Update 07/11/17 - Patch Notes and Discussion

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  1. EQ Dev Augur

    July 19, 2017

    *** Items ***

    - Increased the stack size of most tradeskill components from 1-200 to 1-1000.
    - Spell casting bar and chat now displays the name of the spell being cast from an item.
    - The Hardcore Heritage Sebilis Raid chest items now have purity of 75.
    - Darkened Trakanon's Femur - Added a Type 5 slot, altered its resists to the maximum and increased some of the other stats.
    - Darkened Trakanon's Tooth - Increased the HP it offers.
    - Darkened Trakanon's Malleus - Increased Heal amount and Lowered Spell Damage.
    - Darkened Poisoned Mantle - Increased HP and AC.
    - Darkened Cloak of Piety - Increased HP, Mana, END, AC, and added backstab skill damage.
    - All weapon ornamentation augments (Type 20) are no longer magic.
    - The following purity augments can no longer be removed by standard Augmentation Distillers: Extra Planar Potential Shard, Kunark Volcanic Dynamo, and Purity of Chastity.
    - Improved the potential power of the Artisan's Prize:
    - - Reduced the initial percentage of stats granted by this augment from 75% to 40%.
    - - The augment will now grant an increased percentage of its stats for every 8 7 points of extended tradeskill specialization completed rather than for every 18 points.
    - Fixed the item descriptions for the Eye of Life and Eye of Decay. These items will now correctly list which achievement is required to progress the eye to the next rank.
    - The crafted mounted head furniture from Veil of Alaris is no longer no-trade.
    - Spellshielding Generator, Belt of the Guardian, Battle Soother's Belt, Darkened Sebilite Scale Belt, and Darkened Sludged Girdle now grant an additional potion belt slot.

    *** Quests And Events ***

    - Updated several Planes of Power hunter and conqueror achievements:
    - - Drunder, the Fortress of Zek - Added several missing raid targets.
    - - Conqueror of Eryslai, the Kingdom of Wind - Replaced several raid targets and added a number of missing targets to this event.
    - - Conqueror of The Halls of Honor - Fixed a bug that prevented the trials from awarding credit.
    - - Conqueror of The Plane of Disease - Added a missing raid target.
    - - Conqueror of The Plane of Nightmare - Added several missing raid targets.
    - - Conqueror of The Plane of Storms - Added several missing raid targets.
    - - Conqueror of The Plane of Valor - Added a missing raid target.
    - - Conqueror of The Prison of the Forsaken - Sorted the raid targets in this zone by event phase.
    - - Conqueror of The Reef of Coirnav - Added some missing raid targets.
    - - Conqueror of The Ruins of Lxanvom - Replaced 'Spectre of Corruption' with 'High Priest Ultor Szanvon'.
    - - Conqueror of Solusek Ro's Tower - Replaced Guardian of Dresolik with 'The Protector of Dresolik'.
    - - Conqueror of Torden, the Bastion of Thunder - Added several missing raid targets.
    - - Hunter of Drunder, the Fortress of Zek - Added a missing rare target.
    - - Hunter of Eryslai, the Kingdom of Wind - Added several missing rare targets.
    - - Hunter of The Plane of Storms - Added a missing rare target.
    - - Hunter of The Ruins of Lxanvom - Added a missing rare target.
    - - Hunter of The Reef of Coirnav - Added a missing rare target.
    - - Hunter of Torment, the Plane of Pain - Added several missing rare targets.
    - There are now Hunter and Raid achievements for Lost Dungeons of Norrath.
    - Added additional NPCs to Scars of Velious, Shadows of Luclin, and Planes of Power Hunter and Conquerer achievements.
    - The Following achievement errors are fixed:
    - - an ashenbone drake in Hunter of the Plane of Hate will now update
    - - Echo of Nortlav is now the target for Conquerer of the Hole
    - - Chief Ry'Gorr in Hunter of Eastern Wastes will now update
    - - Xalgoti in Hunter of The Tower of Frozen Shadow will now update
    - Fixed a bug that was causing Clayton Teek to send players to 'Karth Punox' rather than 'Tarl Punox' when working on the task 'Bonus: Fate Rewards the Bold'.
    - Hunter of The Swamp of No Hope - Improved the chance to encounter the various rare creatures in this zone.
    - Updated the hunter achievements from the Seeds of Destruction through the Call of the Forsaken expansions to consistently award credit to the hunter's whole party.
    - Mithril Coldain Insignia Ring (Quest) - Made several fixes and improvements to this quest:
    - - Turning in the Obsidian Coldain Insignia Ring to Korrigain will no longer cause a fire goblin to spawn elsewhere in Eastern Wastes.
    - - Korrigain will tell his story correctly again.
    - - The escortable Icefang will no longer chain despawn and respawn.
    - - The escortable Icefang runs slightly faster.
    - - The escortable Icefang is now player friendly.
    - A heavy mist has returned to Surefall Glade.
    - Many dialogues have been fixed or tweaked on Gurrin Nitestorm, Lerian Wyndrunner, Jhaya Wyndrunner, and Cheyloh Greenwood.
    - The spelling of potamides is now consistent with the mythical creature.
    - Dust Ring (Raid) - Multiple improvements and changes to this event.
    - - The event should now respawn more reliably.
    - - It should no longer be possible to get the event in a bad state by killing the boss too quickly or killing the elementals out of order.
    - - The event should clean up completely on success or failure.
    - A few long lost quests in Velious have been restored!

    *** Spells ***

    - Changed all 'Mount Blessing' buffs to no longer be dispellable.

    *** NPCs ***

    - King Dronan now spawns within the caves of Droga instead deep inside the walls.
    - Torden, Bastion of Thunder - The rare creature named 'Eindride Icestorm' has been renamed 'Finvakur Icemantle' to better differentiate him from the raid difficulty creature that shared the same name.
    - Reduced the respawn time for Grieg Veneficus to closer match other equivalent raid encounters on Luclin.
    - A concerned citizen in Lceanium will stop moving when hailed.
    - Harpies in Steamfont Mountains have been reverted to their classic appearance.
    - Te`Anara, Druid Guildmaster in Surefall Glade, now has a dash in her name.
    - Qomber Roblen, a vendor in Surefall Glade, no longer faces the corner. Nobody puts Qomber in the corner.

    *** Progression Servers ***

    - Many MORE quest items used for quests that aren't available until the Planes of Power will no longer drop until the Planes of Power has unlocked on the server.
    - Shadowknight epic 1.5 and 2.0 pieces will no longer drop until Omens of War has unlocked on the server.

    *** Miscellaneous ***

    - A bug that was causing some corpses to take a very long time to go back the the base zone from the pick zones when they shut down has been resolved. Note that it will still take about 15-20 minutes once the zone has locked.
    - - As a side effect of this change, resurrecting a corpse in a locked pickzone will send the player into the base pick.
    - Fixed a bug that could cause some elevators (such at the lifts in Kelethin) to move without moving the players standing on them.
    - Fixed a bug that prevented the Priests of Discord from releasing characters from the chains of order on non-PVP servers.
    - Increased the distance that environmental particle effects (smoke, torches, etc) will render.
    - When a chat channel is full, new channels will now properly spin up and add new players as needed.
    - Fixed a bug that was allowing PVP combat in Dead Hills instances.
    - Lowered the bloom intensity dramatically in Miragul Everfrost Lost Dungeons zones.
    - The tranquil pool of water in the Temple of Marr in West Freeport will now be more tranquil.

    *** UI ***

    - The default behavior for the advanced loot window popup setting will be to only show if new actions are needed.
    - The Target's Target, Extended Target, and Window Selector UI elements are now disabled in the solo Tutorial.
    - Achievements previously located in the EverQuest->Special and EverQuest->Collection categories have been moved to a new Events category.
    - The achievement category for Quarm has been removed from the achievements window.

    - The EverQuest Team
  2. Qbert Augur

    Kunark Volcanic Dynamo never dropped outside of the beta server. The Extra Planar one is entirely too common . . . I'm guessing their drop chances got conflated somehow.
  3. ShadowMan Augur

    Can some dev honestly explain how its been 16 months since you started dot revamps and you still haven't had time to get around to necromancers and shadowknights? Necromancers should have been the absolute first class you did this for even if it took 6 months of working with them to get it all figured out and right before moving on to the other supplemental dotting classes.

    You guys have continually made the debuff cap problem worse by adding new stuff that eats debuffs slots and is valuable enough for constant use. As well as now putting supplemental dotting classes into a position of wanting or needing to dot. Your beta workload as well is tuning has probably already started and yet here we are getting to the point that its not gonna happen for at least another few months because beta becomes priority.

    This will impact everything those 2 classes might or might not see in beta which then impacts them for the next year all because other devs might be gun shy of whats to come despite not knowing when or what. It is complete bs at this point.
    Emarra likes this.
  4. Krispykreme New Member

    The BFG back in game?! No idea what the others might be.
  5. Raisethedead New Member

    Yet another patch without the DoT revamp for necromancers and shadowknights? Sad sad day.
    Emarra likes this.
  6. Hiladdar Augur

    I checked easy to check things on test server.

    Increasing the purity on the BP, does make them a small upgrade to what dropped.

    The following comment is specific to the ranger BP. The click on it is still absolutely useless, and worst then our self buff, Nettlespear Coat, in my case rk. III. The second problem that I see with the BP is that it is missing a kick modifier, of +13 that was on the TDS and EoK raid BPs. The heroics and other secondary modifiers are shifted around a bit, and from my perspective a non-issue.

    Regarding the Artisan aug, was the intent of the new max on that aug to be 300 AC, 3000 hp, and +150 to all heroics?
  7. valiantSeven Lorekeeper

    The players that pay for the game: "Hey, Devs! Can you fix our anchors that continually stop working? Can you fix housing and guild halls that straight-up get deleted? Can you fix Druids so they don't make other real DPS classes look pointless? Can you finally address debuff real estate and DOT changes for the only real DOT class in the game that has been ignored for the past year and a half? Can you address the countless bugs and quality of life improvement reports on the Bug Tracker?"

    Devs: "Here's a whole bunch of OLD WORLD HUNTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy your reward of ABSOLUTELY NOTHING while we ignore everything else that actually matters and dump hours upon hours of time with a staff we don't have on tracking down named monsters and putting them into achievements! ENJOY!!!!"

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  8. GoldenFrog Augur

    Commenting as I see many considering this a bug or unintentional; The intent is to greatly increase the reward for doing the 300+ tradeskills by tripling the value of the aug at max.

    At original levels, the stats should be the same as before.
  9. Mortium New Member

    Can we get a /outputfile missingrecipes to help with our artisan prize please?
    Emarra, Gyurika Godofwar and Dzarn like this.
  10. Khat_Nip Augur

    I would think they wouldn't go that route since that would include all as yet game-wide unknown recipes.
    If they ever implemented something like you want it would probably be /outputfile learnedrecipes.
    Using the output from that it would be trivial to diff against another file of all known recipes to realize which ones you still need to do.
    Abrax and Dzarn like this.
  11. segap Augur

    Let's add in adding more incentive to do the tedium that is maxing trade skills to 350. Looks like their metrics show that doing so hasn't been all that popular, so they're trying to add more carrot to get people to max trade skills and justify the dev effort that was done on it. If the new full stats are going to be final, it's quite the carrot. I'm not moved though. No way in hell will I ever spend that much time farming crap in ancient content and spending the time managing all the recipes. That is torture, not game play. It's sad they're attaching such a prize to something only a very small segment of the population will actually enjoy doing rather than pushing them to want to quit the game.

    You'd think that maybe they'd have the sane reaction and realize the vast majority of people haven't bothered because they hate trade skills and have absolutely no interest in farming every single trade skill mat in the game to make every single recipe. Instead they double down on what the majority of the player base does not want rather than doing things that would actually be appreciated. It's insanity and shows just how disconnected the dev team is from the player base. It's the same thing with all the recycled hunters and ancient achievements. Hint: the squeaky wheels on the tracker are not representative of the overall community.
  12. Brudal Augur

    unless my math is off, 60 points to gain on the artisan aug times 8 skill ups per 1 percent equals 480 skill ups. Do you have to have access to another tradeskill (alchemy or poisonmaking) to get to 100% now or is it actually 7.5 skill ups per percent gained?
  13. Ishtass Augur

    Yo. 8 accounts paid for over 17 years. I'm digging the hunters content.
    Abrax and Reht like this.
  14. Ishtass Augur

    This is kinda lousy. Some of us paid a lot of money to collect these because they were removable.

    Also curious to know which velious quests were re-introduced. If anyone can confirm the BFG is active again I'm going to get drunk while doing that quest again :)
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  15. EnchFWO Augur

    Confused on what it means by added "raid targets" to many PoP zone conqueror... none of them were missing (when it was current) unless we're talking more of the mini-boss mobs?
  16. bbanz Lorekeeper

  17. Razorfall Elder

    What's the intended purpose for this? Other than general dickery?
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  18. EnchFWO Augur

    SC $$$?
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  19. Kaenneth Augur

    They are doing Necro dot revamp last, because they want to get the kinks worked out of the system before they accidently allow them to solo current raid content; or nerf into oblivion.
  20. Orbital101 Augur


    350 in all Tradeskill and the aug still not show maxed or are those stats correct?

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