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Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by Hludwolf, Jun 28, 2016.

  1. Fayt89 New Member

    One effected user here.

    The characters in my instance of sleepers tomb that got effected are:


    However, this issue did not just effect the characters in that instance of sleepers, but all characters on all accounts as well. Too many to list, and I do not know all of their names.
  2. Fayt89 New Member

  3. Evurkvest Elder

    This is a positive change but cant this AA just be totally redone to not need a nuke to trigger. Its just annoying and adds to the already complex raid spell casting. I would prefer counters like improved twincast or why not un-nerf Flesh to Poison to trigger it.
  4. Fayt89 New Member

    I'd also like to add that all accounts are in like some weird limbo - any character created on these accounts at this point in time automatically crashes eq.exe upon entering the world. Then those characters also do not show up on char list.
  5. Fayt89 New Member

    Any chance at a status update on the bug mentioned above about the missing characters? :) If there's any more information needed I'd be glad to assist in any way.
  6. JChan Developer

    We have a speculative fix and some more diagnostics (in case the fix doesn't work) going in now for the missing characters on Test.
  7. Darkitecht New Member

    Wanted to let you know that the fix has indeed worked and characters are accessible once again. Appeared outside the ST instance.
  8. Brazox New Member

    Looks to be fixed on all accounts that I have.

    Let me know if anything needs to be tested, another instance, etc.
  9. ~Mills~ Augur

    What hoops? You cast the AA and then twincast a spear every time its up and casted. You don't have to cast a terror in between to proc the spear twincast or cast a lifetap first to then twincast a spear casted after it.
  10. ~Mills~ Augur

    It wasn't one massive change all at once but when some classes gained a new massive nuke line and or gained multiple versions of those types of nukes and or when some nukes saw 25-35% increases in base spell power when other dps spells were only seeing 10-15% increases and or when lots of stuff that previously didn't exist for nukes was added like crittable focus mods and stackable crit mods.
  11. Ravengloome Augur

    Since when because in ROF and COTF you most certainly had to cast a lifetap

    NVM i see when it was changed
    11/18/2015 - Description changed from 'Allows any direct damage spell level 85 or greater to cause your next Spear line of spells to twincast for up to 3m (30 Ticks). Note: Your spear will not trigger this proc.' to 'Allows your Gorgon Spear, Spear of Sholoth, Spear of Grelleth and Spear of Vizat spells to be twincast 100 percent of the time and reduces the time required between uses of these spells by 16 seconds for 3m (30 Ticks).'

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