Test Update 06/13/17 - Patch Notes and Discussion

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by EQ Dev, Jun 13, 2017.

  1. Elyssanda Augur

    to all zerkers: welcome to the nerf club.. this is how they *FIXED* bard dicho from TBM... at least you didn't have nearly a YEAR of it before they castrated you.
  2. Denhbers Elder

    Again, I don't need to be preached at, I have seen this type of BS happen over and over again.
  3. Zaviere Augur

    Denhbers, your post text is very small and hard to read. Please use normal-sized text like the rest of us. Thanks!
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  4. Fnyanea Augur

    Gonna get a retune on some eok raids with these dps nerfs?
  5. klanderso Developer

    Just a heads up, Test is coming down shortly for a quick update to bring it in line with the update on Live tomorrow.
  6. klanderso Developer

    Test is back up :)
  7. Telkiney Elder

    " For a class with no utility other than dps"
    LOL I love when Zergkers try to make this arguement as if other classes and the devs don't realize you have self sustain utilities for both HP and End(Inner Rejuvenation, Blood Sustenance, Communion of Blood)
    Stun(Temple Demolish, Axe of
    Snare(Tendon Tear, Binding Axe)
    Jolt(Jarring Smite, Axe of Numicia, Distraction Attack)
    Armor/Mitigtation Debuffs(Axe of Numicia, War Cry of the Braxi)
    Increased defence/avoidance (Battle Focus Discopline,Prior Retaliation, Conditioned Retaliation, juggernaut's Resolve, Uncanny Resilience)
    Group buffs(Battle Cry of the Mastruq, Bloodlust Aura, Cry Carnage)
    Cure(Agony of Absolution)
    Run speed (Tireless Sprint)
    FADE (Self Preservation)

    ...... But yes... you have no utility.... give me a break.
  8. Cleaver Augur

    Stick to your own class because its obvious you know nothing about berserkers.
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  9. Eshtoma Lorekeeper

    And not to mention half of those abilities are on the same timer or share timers with more important discs.
  10. Broamen New Member

    I'm surprised that none of you people have the guts to admit or mention that zerker is the only pure melle dps class that actually are intitled to be on top of the dps parses even wizards have ports while zerkers dosent have any of the utilities at all compare to all other so called dps classes .Also not sure whats everyone is going on about zerkers beging 2 or 4 times better than everyone else on the dps while in my top raiding guild wizards rogues rangers all ware breathing neck to neck to zerkers specially on range fights .Noone seem to mention that zerker dps only shine on short burst fights and not so much on a long term fights according to my raiding experience but none the less I much rather to reroll some other class that will do same or now better dps than zerker aka pure dps class and have tons of utilities thanks to all the crying about it
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  11. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    I believe these are fixed for live.
  12. Telkiney Elder

    Oh its a lie anyway, besides Tendon and Temple which are on timer 9 with ya a pure damage ability, the rest are pretty much on their own timers.

    Ya I laughed at the red line responses.... Oh the 101 Tendon snare has a dot.... well the 71 doesn't and it snares at 95% ....soo... have fun

    They can say they have no utility till their eyes bleed but you ask them what Necro's utilities are and it will be a similar list to what they have "Oh they have a pet" LOL most necros never use a pet in raids. the excuses will go on and on.. oh wizards can port... as if anyone cares when everyone has steins, guild portals and and origin.
  13. Deux Elder

    Ported into POK after being Quarm in Time. Full group ported in the middle of the table in front of Maelin and all characters stuck. The porter couldn't sit to mem a port spell to get the group out, /rewind didn't work, lev didn't work, etc. Had to /q out
  14. Eshtoma Lorekeeper

    Only if you're offering...
    If you honestly think that after rereading your utility list, you clearly don't play a berserker.

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