Test Update 06/12/2018 - Patch Notes and Discussion

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by EQ Dev, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. Shysty New Member

    wow this is the first time i have ever actually read these posts and its crazy how many people just complain and some stuff dosent even make sense.... one guy up there is complaining about enchanters cant melee in the first line of their post :p DBG and Sony have always sucked at updates... if it goes on long enough they will give us free stuff and you will be so happy about it you will forget you even had to wait... if an enchanter could only CC i would still want one in my group... but Hurry the hell up guys i wanna play my favorite game :-D
  2. Gungnire New Member

    Especially for a game that's 19 years old. Meanwhile Blizzard always gets their servers up fairly quick. 4 hours ago we were told the servers would be up after a delay, now we're all still sitting here. I only logged back into EQ after a 10+ year hiatus because I got bored of completing all the content in WOW. Once the new expansion for WOW is released in August, I'm out of here if this is how patch days work for EQ.
  3. Hludwolf Developer

    I understand everyone's frustration, but occasionally bugs make it through our internal and test environments. You will have to take my word for it, but if we unlocked the servers earlier today, it would have been WAY worse. We are making good progress and hope to be up and running ASAP.

    As far as how estimates work: earlier today we had a handle on the problem and provided an estimate only to find another problem immediately afterwards. The new issue provided us no information as to what was causing it due to memory corruption. At that point, we change it to no ETA.
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  4. Arceus-Mend New Member

    Leave it up to an Iksar to find bugs and corruption ;)
  5. Herf Augur

    Hahahaha, "occasionally"?
  6. Hludwolf Developer

    Fair enough, but there are quite a lot of things that change with every patch and I am referring to game breaking things that must be fixed before people are able to log in.
  7. Mortium Elder

    I think the best lesson you guys can take out of things is this:

    Just communicate with us, even if it is just to tell us that you have a problem and have to run tests to work out why the problem is occurring.
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  8. Deuce New Member

    Will this all day down time finally fix the Xegony daily crashes and rolebacks?
  9. Poyzen Frawg Augur

    Thank you so much for the update. I agree that 90% of us only want to be informed. If this is taking so long because you are un-nerfing everyone, please continue. :)
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  10. Trafthek Journeyman

    The frustrating thing is that your stuck in this loop that you have a patch every month. You put it on test and watch it and listen to the bug reports and feedback. Most of the time you ignore the feedback you get other than the bugs that you can reproduce. It seems like regardless of the outcome of that short week of testing. The following Wednesday, it has to be put on the live servers. There was no Norrath saving issue I can see in the patch notes that couldn't wait a week. So you apparently didn't test it properly and shoved it to live only to find "game breaking things" before you even unlock the servers. So if there are game breaking issues your working on now, you need to reevaluate your testing procedures.
  11. Hludwolf Developer

    Unfortunately there is a possibility that it will not. Xegony has a different issue but we continue to work on a permanent fix. We have a temporary fix in place that makes it much less common.

    We try to give new updates as we get them, but everyone was working their butts off all day today to get the servers up and running and some of the updates were not as regular as I would have liked them to be.
  12. raza31 New Member

    Hludwolf !!! Much respect to you and the team . Keep up the good work and thanks for the updates !!
  13. Girth-Matters Lorekeeper

    What is the purpose of posting the Test update and 'testing' the patch when obvious and easy-to-fix oversights like the druid group-regen spells are posted about 3-4x on this thread but not acknowledged? You change a number to a different number...how does that not get applied prior to the patch?? People have been asking about the Chardok/Seb Echo for a looong time and only one of them gets fixed? Instead we get smiley faces and responses to poems.

    I honestly don't care about a patch day taking extra time like this, but I care about the community being ignored when they try to help out the devs.


    Great work on the TLP potions though, for real.
  14. Hludwolf Developer

    Servers are unlocked.
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  15. reallyy New Member

    All this and still nothing about fixing Pals DPS!!! Outrageous!
  16. reallyy New Member

    thanks Hludwolf :)
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  17. Redhead Journeyman

    I can remember a list of bugs I'd rather forget LOL (guildhalls disappearing, anchors not working, character gear going poof when you zone, etc). Thanks for the heads up about what's going on. Gonna chill in RL tonight, with hopes that everything's up and running soon.:D
  18. Nniki Augur

  19. Xythor New Member

    No double exp for us waiting so long? whats up with this, I finally had 2 days off after 2 1/2 weeks of work and day I get to play I cant?
  20. IceSy Augur

    ok, I've read through,. and did a few changes,. but still can't get my custom Spell Bar UI to work. Iv'e gone through the new UI piece forwards and backwards,.. What am I missing (other than sleep)???

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