Test Update 06/12/2018 - Patch Notes and Discussion

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  1. Dolaorn New Member

    I'm definitely not happy with the nerf to the enchanter Dots. I don't deny they needed tweaking but feel the reductions are a bit extreme as in everything basically cut in half but then for the main line adding 400% higher recast time? I can cut the damage by 30% keep the mana return low to keep it from being OP and maybe do a less severe recast timer? With the mana return being nerfed Enchanter's wouldn't be able to spam it without going out of mana fairly fast. I don't mind the spells being brought in line but I just think the intended changes go to far and hope they can be relooked at
  2. Zamloz New Member

    If enchanters and warriors are frequently topping the parse list in raids, then either the DPS classes are seriously slacking, or your exaggerating slightly. And by slightly I mean greatly. As a necro, I never get out DPS'd by an enc or war, unless I am slacking.
    DoT's, btw, aren't "trash mob" stuff. The DPS from dots takes a while to build up. If you're tossing out dots on raid trash mobs, you're wasting your mana. Those things die so quickly you're lucky if you get more than 1 tick of dmg.
    Some classes weren't intended for massive DPS. They are support classes that were given DPS abilities. And complaining that enchanters can't DPS like a pure DPS class, is like complaining that a cleric can't tank like a warrior.
  3. xcitng Augur

    I started playing my enchanter again a few months ago to box with my other character.I don't raid, i don't care about topping a parse, i just play to have fun.

    I can't understand why the devs want to ruin that by going to this extreme in nerfing, it makes me sad. I can understand if some was needed but why so much?

    I have 2 enchanter friends that helped me a lot to get back into playing mine, they both are no longer going to be playing thier enchanters, and 1 is going to leave eq when her sub expires, this makes me more sad.

    Why are you doing these extreme things to make people quit playing thier characters, and some even leave eq? It all just seems wrong ;(
  4. Dolaorn New Member

    Just remember as a necro, if all the enchanter's quit because of all the nerfs and not willing to be buff bots, Necro's are going to be mana batteries again
  5. HoodenShuklak Augur

    its good to be wanted
  6. HoodenShuklak Augur

    If enchanters were top 5 why were wizards and necros and rogues now flipping out?
  7. Triconix Augur

    It has...multiple times over.
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  8. Boze TLP complaint factory

    Something else fun and unintended / likely overlooked with this change, is that since Beastlords/Rangers share some regeneration spells with druids, the lower level version is now better, and the OoW-era regen spells are now useless. Really only matters on TLP though.

    64 (BST/RNG) - Regrowth -- 20 -> 38
    69 (BST) - Feral Vigor -- 30
    69 (RNG) - Hunter's Vigor --30
  9. Angahran Augur

    Are the 'gemicons' going to move to (a) the new EQUI_Spellicons.xml file or (b) a new EQUI_Gemicons.xml file or (c) stay in the EQUI_Animations.xml file ?

    Hoping for options a or b :)
  10. Dzarn Developer

  11. Angahran Augur

    And Dzarn gets the prize for the shortest post :p

    Thank you.
    Now just gonna have the fun of trying to turn 7 spell files and 3 gem files into 62 spell files and 23 gem files.
  12. Nniki Augur

    I do believe that's Absor's line.
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  13. Drakah Elder

    I just patched Test and I see in log file:

    Removing uifiles/default/Spells00.tga
    Creating uifiles/default/Spells63.tga

    Assuming it was because of having to rename any custom UI's and such, I get that.
    But the files were not renamed back to what they were.
    We are now missing the 1st panel of main icons from Spells00.tga and Spells62.tga and Spells63.tga are now duplicated.

    Aside from this, if you are going to use the new "EQUI_SpellIcons.xml" file, please put the rest of the code in there from the EQUI_Animations file to we have it all in 1 place like normal.

    Code from:
    <!-- Spell Buff Icons and backgrounds -->
    <Ui2DAnimation item="BuffIcons">

    <!-- Spell Gem's -->
    <Ui2DAnimation item="A_SpellGemHolder">

    this should all be in the EQUI_SpellIcons.xml
  14. Drakah Elder

    I see now Spells06.tga was patched... now 05 and 06 are the same file.
  15. Dewey Augur

    So the argument was druids/shammy/enchanter shall not do more damage than a necro. So obviously we should decrease the druid/shammy/chanter damage instead of increase the necro damage.

    Makes perfect sense.

    With the dots of the 3 classes nerfed. So since we see no chance of a class increasing in dps, what class will be nerfed next?

    My guess is mage/warrior's will experience the next nerfs. After all why build new content and give players increases in their dps; when we can just revert all of them to pre-eok dps. It just baffles me that to see an expansion where classes become less powerful at 110 than they were at 105.
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  16. Midasa Lorekeeper

    Not sure if this is intentional but you have a space in some of the new animation item names of races disabled. :( Maybe they should have spaces squeezed out.
    For example:
    <Ui2DAnimation item="RCW_Dark ElfFemaleIconDisabled">

    Dark Elf
    Half Elf
    High Elf
    Wood Elf
    Vah Shir
  17. Midasa Lorekeeper

    To get my old spell icons back, I copied the new file EQUI_SpellIcons.xml to my custom UI folder and just deleted all the contents in it. Since I don't have a copy of EQUI.xml, which is where the new Include of EQUI_SpellIcons.xml is, this seemed simplest and it's working fine.
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  18. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    Any word on whether the Druid and Beastlord and Ranger specific Regeneration spells will receive the necessary improvements so that they are not obsolete after this change?
  19. fortuneteller Augur

    Why should beastlords/rangers have any upgrades ? They never had the same regen that druids/shamans got.

    Druids. should also not have same regen that shaman's got, because shamans are superior in regen over time.
  20. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    There are shared spells that beastlords and rangers get and if those get improved to be better then the spells they get later on it should be looked at.
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