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Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by EQ Dev, Jun 11, 2019.

  1. Sancus Augur

    I feel like you’re talking about things in the abstract that don’t actually reflect the state of the game.

    I’ve raided on a Magician since Call of the Forsaken. In those six expansions, there was *one event* where fire pets were worth using, and the fact that they were worth using on that one event was likely a bug. It’s unusual for mobs to be weak to fire, and even more unusual for fire pets to benefit from that weakness because of how pets are coded. But even if that happens, so what? We’re the most fire dependent class in the game, we’d be dominant on such an event with or without a fire pet. It’d hardly be a nightmare even if we couldn’t use them, which is dubious. Beyond that, it seems imprudent to keep the pet in a perpetual state of uselessness on the off chance Highly Flammable shows up in a future raid that *also* doesn’t allow for AEing.

    Regarding the rate at which it casts, I don’t think you realize how weak its spell DPS currently is. Of the ~15k sustained DPS it does on test, only 5k of that is from its nuke. If that nuke were changed to an AE with a 5 target limit, it would still take 4 consistent targets to do more DPS than a water pet (even without ADPS, which would put the water pet further ahead). That’s not to say it wouldn’t need adjustments, especially to smooth out its normal vs FBO DPS, but the idea that the total DPS it’ll do is going to materially alter our overall AE damage profile is fairly uninformed.
  2. Sheex Augur

    I’m a terrible Magician, and you can tell why it took us mid tier plebes so long to beat that event from the numbers, but still gets me hawt after all these months...


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  3. Arkeal_Rathe_Bots Journeyman

    thats not an advantage....
  4. TestPlayer New Member

    TLP won't be an EQ Live burden come August 27th. Hope Daybroke can find a new cash cow to sustain us!
  5. Chalkstix Journeyman

    So it's my understanding that squeaky wheels get the grease. I don't know how big the player base in Everquest is, but of the thousands of players, a handful have apparantly run into some enchanters with bad behavior. I have never seen anyone using charm+gate or the like. I have seen plenty of casters outdps'ing, dispelling charms, dispelling mezz, waking up mezz. I'm not saying there aren't any enchanters out there with bad behavior. I just haven't run into them. But why punish all enchanters for a few rotten eggs? Everquest is a great game because of all the utility spells and strategies like sneaking to a specific npc that has backstab, charming it and having your mage friend coth you back to the group with the awesome pet in tow. Why streamline it completely?
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  6. Leigo Augur

    Props for all the team does!
    However, wouldn't it be better to find issues if DBG did open beta like we saw a few years ago?
  7. kazaaaaaaaam New Member

    This patch is going to be the biggest crock of sh*t I have ever seen outside of the hardcore bard nerf back in the day. Instead of fixing the underlying issue on TLPs and fixing the terrible timers, IE Lord Bergurgle spawning more often, Pained Soul not taking 8 hrs to camp, Ancient Jarsath not being a terribly long camp, you wouldnt have to worry about charm gating actually happening.

    I can bet your removal of teleportation being able to be used during combat you guys are going to completely screw up how evac and succor work. Not only that youve gimped casters on being able to get away if they screw up a pull. Example. Wizard runs around trying to solo something cause bored. Pulls to many, roots trys to gate.... Oh wait. Gate no longer works in combat.

    Way to go on a terrible fix. Kudos to you
  8. code-zero Augur

    A wizard who uses gate to try and escape sucks at playing a wizard
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  9. kazaaaaaaaam New Member

    Switch it up to a mage then, and theres plenty of people that suck at their classes on mangler
  10. kizant Augur

    Gate is a great option for doing just that. But anyone who's logged into test for 30 seconds would know that such spells are not effected.
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  11. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    Anyone who reads the patch notes carefully will know that such spells are not effected. Then, yes, they can confirm that they are not effected on test.
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  12. BlueberryWerewolf Augur

    I don't want to be that guy but using "effected" here instead of "affected" actually means almost the opposite of what you mean it to mean >_>
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  13. Xinny Journeyman


    I don't particularly like your idea of the Fire pet doing any sort of AE damage. I feel like it would miss too often or be the bane of CC events. It would be niche as you are establishing, but I think it would be too niche to become useful.

    I think your idea of augmenting fire spells is a better one. The Fire pet would be much more useful if it proc'd a limited charged buff (2 - 4 charges) that augmented fire spells FOR THE GROUP similar or IDENTICAL to our fire form proc. This would allow us to potentially (SPA?) select a separate AA elemental form to use during raids where it would be nice to have "two" benefits. The fire pets spell damage could certainly be raised quite a bit but still fall behind the pure DPS of the water pet enough to be "less than even" when considering the addition of the fire spell augment proc. Some balance testing would need to be done to measure DPS of:

    Fire pet DPS vs. Water pet DPS: fire should be less by some measure, but not as bad as it is currently.

    Fire pet+owner w/ proc vs. Water pet+owner: fire should be slightly less for added second form benefit.
    a) this option above needs to consider how much the PC dmg is also being raised in conjunction when using a fire pet. This combo / value should still be less than running your own fire form with a water pet by some slight margin.

    I like this augmenting idea much more than a pet that AEs. I've been raiding Everquest since the first server wide Nagafen kill (Crush/Tribunal) and my experience is that pet control + AEs added in will = a pet that is never allowed on raids.

    I would vote yes on your non AE idea - with balance in mind
  14. kizant Augur

    When we hail a Fire Pet I think it should summon us a mod rod.
  15. Yinla Augur

    Gate is far more reliable that evac, evac has a very bad habit of leaving the caster behind!

    Which remdinds me I haven't tested elemental pants!
  16. Lateryn Augur

    You need to add to the list : Chanter charms named/rare/mob, another character is in /duel with them and dps down the charm pet, then they invis at low health to pretty much gaurentee the kill as the melee will have attack on whole time, so no delay while anyone else has to wait. And if you try to chain dispel the charm, they can get you for harassment.
  17. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Evac can also get you killed in a raid when you regain agro after zoning before you have control again
  18. Elite_raider Elder

    Keep up the good work making the game more 2020 then 1999, times change :)
  19. Tiane New Member

    Actually, it's really fugly and totally messes up several of my interface pieces. Is there some reason you couldn't have made a NEW EQTYPE for the full decimal display instead of messing with something that's been stable for 20 years?

    It looks really stupid and out of place considering there are no decimals on any other number in the game. Hell why not just put in the raw number of experience points instead.
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  20. Dailor Augur

    Live EQ = Boomers confirmed. THINK OF THE VETERANS?!

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