Test Update - 06/10/15

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by Hludwolf, Jun 10, 2015.

  1. mackal Augur

    Thank you very much! <3

    Also can I ask some further questions? You said special case to double ripo (is this 223 or 224?) But I was doing some testing with relation to the Double Riposte AA and I noticed that rank 4 appeared to give me double riposte 100% of them time (although just arena dummies so rather poor testing), is this special case why there are more ranks?
  2. Dzarn Developer

    Ranks 5 and 6 just look like bad data to me. There's also a known bug that we may or may not ever fix with SPA 224 in that it does what 223 should be doing and 223 doesn't do anything at all currently:

    SPA 244 currently: Base1% chance to do extra Base2 SKILL attack and Base1% chance to perform a second riposte attack (with your primary hand).

    Double Riposte Ranks:
    1. 15%
    2. 30%
    3. 50%
    4. 110%
    5. 120%
    6. 130%
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  3. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    Isn't the Monk exception actually on Block (due to Heightened Awareness AA) and not Dodge? Or is the dodge one just a normal monk specialty? Or did the aforementioned AA give us the ability to do all of our defenses from behind?
  4. Dzarn Developer

    The ability to dodge with your back to the attacker is an innate monk only trait.
    The ability to block with your back to the attacker is an effect granted by Heightened Awareness.
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  5. misogi22 New Member

    Is the potion of companion's amnesia single use, unlimited, or does it have charges? I've not found a single post stating which way it functions. Doesn't state in-game either, or obviously I wouldn't even be asking.
  6. misogi22 New Member

    Nevermind. I gave up waiting for a response and was somehow willing to waste the points just to find out if it was worst case scenario, which it absolutely was. Just a one shot. Not worth the currency to me, but maybe it is to others. Regardless, you should probably update some of your market item descriptions to avoid confusions like these in the future. Shouldn't have to be rummaging through forum posts for an answer to an inquiry as straight forward and simple as this one was, that had no results.
  7. Schadenfreude Augur

    Open marketplace, navigate to the General tab of the item you are considering buying and click the Inspect button. Carefully read description (my emphasis).

    Change Pet Name
    Spell Effect: Allows you to change your pet's name. This change is permanent.

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