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  1. Gr8fuldave Augur

    If y'all could do this with Shaman and druid heals I'll be your best friend
  2. Velisaris_MS Augur

    EVERY direct heal spell in the game needs to have this behavior...cleric, shaman, druid...everyone.
  3. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    I agree with you but I can see why that probably won't happen.

    Hybrid gameplay is centred on combat with their healing abilities a secondary concern which is the likely justification for these changes.

    Priest gameplay is centred on targeting heals onto their allies, them doing damage is a secondary role.
    They get a few spells that do damage and a heal to their target's target and that's probably as far as the devs will go, to my mind they probably got the way those spells work backwards however - to be consistent the spells should in fact do a heal to their target & damage to their target's target, this would allow them to primarily focus on targets that are allies to be healed.
    Reversing the damage & heal on those spell-types (e.g. Sincere Contravention) makes more sense, at least to me.
  4. Velisaris_MS Augur

    From a grouping standpoint: (because I don't raid and I don't care about raids)

    Druids DPS...and sometimes heal.
    Shamans DPS/dot/debuff...and sometimes heal.
    I can't speak for other clerics, but in ToV and CoV, I nuke and melee...and sometimes heal. The only time I focus on doing nothing but healing is at the start of an expansion and against named mobs, before everyone gets geared up.

    The priest classes have become just as much "hybrids" as actual hybrids.

    Denying priests this type of healing upgrade/benefit because "healing is all we do" is ridiculous.
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  5. Thraine Augur

    "- Headshot will no longer work on the wyverns in Cobalt Scar (CoV)."

    the devs have been working on making headshot as useless as possible since DoN or earlier. why not just take it out of the game and be done with it instead of dragging this out for the past 16 years?
  6. WhtRabbit Lorekeeper

    Have you read the description on Headshot? I'm guessing no. But I am with you. I wish they'd remove the skill. Along with assassinate and Decap.
  7. Thraine Augur

    i have, and those wyverns walk upright and do in fact have heads lol ive main changed from my ranger a year ago or more, the constant nerfs or "fixes" as the devs call them have made the class pretty lackluster.
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  8. Vaeeldar Augur

    Honestly, I have a hard time seeing why anybody would play wiz (useless dps no real utility) or any melee dps that isn't rogue/berserker. Monks/rangers don't really haev anything that makes me think they are worth playing over the massive gap in dps that rogues/ber have. There not even in the same ballpark not sure what the point of the classes are these days in the high dps gameplay that exists.
  9. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    I disagree with you.

    I never said anything like that, I pointed out where the gameplay focus sits if you are the primary healing class in a group.

    I have no problem with expanding more heals to have damage components attached so that healing an ally also does some damage to the active enemy - through smarter spell design this is entirely feasible.

    The damage abilities Priests get are for when they no longer have to focus on their primary role, such as when you have 2 of them in the same group, or for when the content their group is doing is easy enough they can do both healing and damage and swapping targets between enemies & allies is not a problem, if its hard enough that it is a problem they should be focused on targetting allies for healing anyway.
  10. Thraine Augur

    i think the big issue is the disc timers, rogues/zerkers have 8-10 min disc timers, rangers are once every 20 mins and they are really only pushing competitive dps the 1st 2 or 3 mins after that the decline is harsh due to no offensive discs and if you burned properly chances are your OOM or close. i hear wizards share similar lengthy disc re-use timers
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  11. Thundersnake Elder

    For some people it's not about how much potential DPS a class is capable of. We don't all spend hours to optimize every single thing. Some of us are content with achieving things while playing the classes we love, without the constant worry about efficiency. Besides I've seen plenty of Zerkers and some rogues who can't even out DPS a shaman or druid much less a Monk who knows how to poke the mob with a stick or a wizard who can waggle their fingers. Sometimes it helps to remember that we're not all mindless machines behind a keyboard, we are not perfect and we sometimes enjoy doing weird inexplicable things.
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  12. Gr8fuldave Augur

    I use my druid for 90% DPS and 10% heal. Druids aren't the best healers in my opinion and I think that debuffs/dots/remote nukes are where we shine. To be able to heal the tank while in the middle of our 7-8 spell casts of these would be a really nice feature.
    I'm sure some other druids will disagree with me on this, but that's how I prefer to play my druid.
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  13. Conq Augur

    Your monk game is weak. Monks/rangers are barely behind berserkers when played well. Tho, the rangers will fall behind as their mana pool empties...
  14. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    I box a Shaman so it would help me a lot too, I just think it goes against the design of priests and while hybrids have a great justification for them having a heal line that works this way I don't think Priests have the same level of justification, for them it would just be a "nice to have".
    I'm not saying a Druid or Shaman cannot focus on doing damage but they do so knowing there's a clear delineation on their primary role vs their secondary even if they spend more time on their secondary for whatever reason.

    If the Devs decided to go with it I'm okay with it, but I certainly don't support the argument that Priests should get it based on the same logic used for why hybrids got it.
  15. Thundersnake Elder

    I'm sure some might say you perhaps might not be seeing Zerkers at peak play, of course I am not one of those people. For the sake of the Devs, I think Monks, Rangers, and Wizards need some serious increases across the board. On the topic of how and what needs to be done to help them I know plenty of have beat some horses into unrecognizable meat over the last year or so already about this.
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  16. Velisaris_MS Augur

    My comment wasn't directly specifically at you...apologies if it seemed that way. :)

    My point is that I've played a cleric for 20+ years, and the "you heal, that's good enough for you" argument is what I've heard from 99% of devs that entire time. I'm quite sick of it. Considering that lines between priest classes got blurred to heck YEARS ago, hanging on to some sort of "class role" sentiment is absurd.

    This change to direct heals (target or target's target) is a HUGE upgrade that is long overdue and should have been done freaking YEARS ago. But to leave priests out of it for no other reason than "healing is what you do" is an insult. Especially for people who've played a healer almost from the beginning.
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  17. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Ah. "I see, said the blind man". :D

    I've posted I would like to see Clerics get a better mix of dps abilties myself in the past as I have played one long enough in my time to know they are well behind the Druid & Shaman for their secondary role as additional damage and that has always felt unfair, Clerics get the same sort of one trick pony treatment vs the other 2 priests that Warriors get vs knights.

    I can certainly see how the change would be nice, and I agree with you that the "healing is all you do" stance is both outdated & unhelpful, doing damage is fun, healing is fun but not the same kinda fun and it is nice to see how good a player you are by being able to mix both in successfully.
    At one time healing was very strategic, at least in a group, now it's more about spamming your heal spell bar and being able to place a "heal that also nukes" on your heal spam bar would mean you can throw it into your healing rotation if you want.
    While Druids certainly spend most of their time dotting & nuking on raids & in groups where they have another priest or a Merc Healer I'm not going to champion Priests having a nuke bar and heal bar being fully interchangeable without any need for swapping targets.

    The hybrids are getting one heal with target of target functionality, having Priests get one "nuke that heals" & one "heal that nukes" so they have 2 combination healing/damage spells - one for when they are focused on damaging a target and one for when they are focused on healing an ally would go far enough - making ALL heals for Priests being heal target of target is just going too far in my view. You should as a Priest need to make active decisions & have a need to discriminate between targeting for mostly heals and targeting for mostly damage.
  18. Velisaris_MS Augur

    Then you and I will just disagree on this. Giving this type of upgrade on direct heals only to hybrids is a GIGANTIC "F you" to priests in my book.
  19. menown Augur

    I am in favor of expanding the options for playing your class how you want to play. Give priests HoTT heals.
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  20. Drakang Augur

    - The reward chest for The Amalgam Arbiter will have all of its loot all the time.

    Has anybody on Test had a positive or negative test on Vulak and Defenders to say that loot issues due to trash lockouts are not happening on those two events?