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    This thread is for new bugs and how to reproduce them only. Please keep all opinions, discussions, posts about balance, and anything else in the other thread.
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  2. Froglok Augur

    Thank you for addressing many of the Hunter issues!

    However... there are still potential concerns that can / may be addressed / looked at before the Live Patch next week.

    UPDATE: Have lined out things that seem to have been addressed in the Live Patch.

    Here goes:


    MOVED: Hunter of Thalassius, the Coral Keep to The Buried Sea: Novice Hunter of The Buried Sea
    MOVED: The Buried Sea: Hunter of Jewel of Atiiki to The Buried Sea: Novice Hunter of The Buried Sea

    REMOVED: The Buried Sea: Hunter of Suncrest Isle (10 Ach. Points)
    REMOVED: The Buried Sea: Hunter of Jardel's Hook (10 Ach. Points)
    TOTAL CHANGE: -20 Ach. Points.

    AWARD CHANGED: The Buried Sea: Adept Hunter of The Buried Sea (increased from 10 to 30)
    AWARD CHANGED: The Buried Sea: Veteran Hunter of The Buried Sea (decreased from 40 to 20)

    This is a loss of 20 Ach. Points, which means those of us who actually got Jardel's Hook done (it was updating), will lose 10 Ach. Points they have all ready earned, and 10 more they never had a chance to earn (due the bug).

    SUGGESTION: Increase The Buried Sea: Novice Hunter of The Buried Sea +20 to account for losses (there are a LOT of MOB's in The Buried Sea zone, after all).



    REMOVED: Depths of Darkhollow: Hunter of The Hatchery (-10 Ach. Points)
    CHANGED: Adept Hunter of Depths of Darkhollow (decreased from 30 to 20) (-10 Ach. Points.)

    This means Players who completed Hunter of The Hatchery & Adept Hunter of Depths of Darkhollow will lose 20 Ach. Points they have all ready earned.

    SUGGESTION: Add 20 Ach. Points to Adept Hunter of Depths of Darkhollow, to make up for the reductions.



    SPELLING CHANGE: Prophecy of Ro: Hunter of Sverag, Stronghold of Rage: Chieftain Darkmaw

    Not sure why this was changed unless you also changed the name of the actual MOB? Correct spelling is CHEFTAN DARKMAW in game, I am pretty sure?

    SUGESSTION: Verify & change it back.



    REMOVED: Hunter of Blackfeather Roost: a harpy explorer
    REMOVED: Hunter of Frostcrypt: Icefloe

    Both of these MOB's do exist, do update Hunter and do drop loot.

    However, there does seem to be both a rare and non-rare version of the Harpy (both of the same name).

    Also, Icefloe does appear as well, even though it is a "merge" of two MOB's that are also on the Hunter list (Ice & Floe). Was this one removed so you don't have to camp there twice (once for Ice & Floe and once for Icefloe)?

    SUGGESTION: Both exist, both are loot droppers. Put them both back as Optional kills?



    REMOVED: Hunter of Meldrath's Majestic Mansion: Findlewill

    Findlewill is merely a bugged spawn, is he not? He does drop loot.

    SUGGESTION: Fix the spawn of Findlewill. Add them him back or put him as Optional.

    >>>>The following things do NOT appear to have been addressed in the Test Patch<<<<


    Zhisza, the Shissar Sanctuary (Chitters, Copperfang, Defiler Jaziriiz, Elder Kazzi, Holloweyes, The Stonecarver)

    Gyrospire Beza (Chamberlain XI, Commander Gearmost, Commander Shockmore, Engineer Tristos, Fuelmaster XXI, Garden Keeper IXV, Lerosma, Minotaur Warleader)

    Gyrospire Zeka (Chamberlain VI, Commander Gearwell, Engineer LXII, Fuelmaster XI, Repair Steamwork XIV, Shocktroop Commander XIX, Zeka Repairer III)

    SUGGESTION: Add the Achievements, then list them in the Novice / Adept / Veteran Hunter Achievements as Optional Steps.



    Kod'Taz: Coerced Tiv Chanter; Subservient Punisher; Subjugated Vrex Caller.

    Blackfeather Roost: a violent harpy.

    Sewers of Dranik: Craftsman Ferinio; Stonefoot.

    Ruins of Takish Hiz: Compact Prefect Tweyne; Compact Prefect Unala; Compact Prefect Thosan.

    Harbinger's Spire: Crafter Arvang.

    Catacombs of Dranik: High Sorceress Vi'tara.

    Sverag: a slasher (confirmed loot dropper, unless there is rare trash loot in the zone?) -

    SUGGESTION: Add them as Optional MOB's.



    Relic, the Artifact City (doesn't seem to exist): A Raging Spellstream; A Relic Crushpile; A Walking Bone Pile.

    SUGGESTION: If they don't exist, they should be removed from the lists. If they do exist, they need to be fixed.



    Direwind: Ironpaw, Koda`S Mate = Ironpaw, Koda`s Mate (The "S" should not capitalized);

    Fungal Forest: Death'S Hand = Deaths Hand (The "S" should not capitalized and there is no apostrophe);

    Barren Coast: Bosun'S Mate Fat Gregory = Bosuns Mate Fat Gregory (The "S" should not capitalized and there is no apostrophe);

    Foundation: A Brass Golem = a brass golem (no capitalization);

    Underquarry: A Flint Genati = a flint genati (no capitalization); A Great Brass Golem = a great brass golem (no capitalization); A Master Hunter = a master hunter (no capitalization); a master scout (no capitalization); A Master Soldier = a master soldier (no capitalization); A Red Gold Golem = a red gold golem (no capitalization); A Sand Genati = a sand genati (no capitalization);

    Sverag: An Imprisoned General = an imprisoned general (no capitalization); An Imprisoned Hero = an imprisoned hero (no capitalization); Bedrock The Crusher = Bedrock the Crusher (the "T" is not capitalized); Breaktree The Giant = Breaktree the Giant (the "T" is not capitalized); Farsight The All Seeing = Farsight the All Seeing (the "T" is not capitalized); Hivsgar The Terrible = Hivsgar The Terrible (the "T" is not capitalized); Queen Suvarla The Sterile = Queen Suvarla the Sterile (the "T" is not capitalized).

    SUGGESTION: Correct them.
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  3. Thunderkiks Augur

    Something didn't transfer right in the buried sea achievements. I finished the buried sea static zone already on live which rewards the adept slayer achieve. Now since it was changed it shows on test the Buried sea zone done, and adept hunter done, but on the main tab I don't get the reward for the Brineslayer and it shows adept isn't checked under Brineslayer. I tried 2 different characters just in case my achievements were bugged somehow but the other character was the exact same. So I cannot get the reward for Brineslayer. Not sure how to upload the screenshots I took so I hope my post made sense.
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  4. Jogath New Member

    Thanks for fixing so many of the hunter achievements! One more comment to make, also posted elsewere:
    TSS Hunter - Frostcrypt
    The mobs which trigger Icefloe (namely Ice, and Floe) do not appear to be killable on Mangler (and I assume are not killable in era). This might be due to the fact they are intended to trigger Icefloe when both are are 50% (based on my experience). The mobs will heal themselves back to 50% if brought below, so unless you have significant overkill to avoid this mechanic, this are effectively unkillable in era.
    I would recommend removing Ice and Floe from the Frostcrypt hunter list as well, to be consistent with the removal of Icefloe.
  5. Bigstomp Augur

    Not sure if this is new or not:

    When the guild banner gets pulled up like at the end of the night I get a message:
    "You cannot perform that action right now. Please try again in a moment"
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  6. Froglok Augur

    I have been seeing this as well, but for different things. It' all most as if the Devs put in a hidden delay for doing things.
  7. Bigstomp Augur

    In my case I've just been standing in the guild hall, not moving at all. I just have not logged out yet.