Test Update 05/19/14

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by crieger, May 19, 2014.

  1. Saeadyan Elder

    Why are we still unable to enter Tower of Rot on test? I thought the whole purpose of the test server was to test things before they go live yet once again here we sit unable to enter a zone that is now live.Makes no sense whatsoever.
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  2. Ravengloome Augur

    YES WHY are we still not able to go into Tower of Rot?
  3. Kreacher Augur

    Why are you trying to sustain it?

    It takes 1sec to cast the PBAE mez for initial lockdown. Which is what the developers want crowd control to be about.
    You are wanting to be able to sustain 4 unslowed mobs hitting on you indefinitely just via 1 spell. The fact that you're able to sustain 3 unslowed mobs with minimal heals, points to me the recast time at 12secs still being too low.
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  4. EverChanter Augur

    How long can monks tank again?
  5. Ravengloome Augur

    Good luck with that comparison.

    Now back to the important subject at hand: Test server still not having Tower of Rot.
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  6. Harabakc Augur

    They've integrated rune procs into many tank weapons specifically because of the aggro component. It's pretty well tied into the game now.
  7. feiddan Augur

    Three or four mobs in Dead Hills? For as long as Earthforce lasts (24 seconds), and without any sort of AE aggro.
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  8. Chandrok Augur

    We're looking into the Tower of Rot issue. Unfortunately there is no ETA on when it will be available.
  9. Ravengloome Augur

    Thank you for your response Chandrok.
  10. sinderkad Augur

    You're not monks or tanks, you're chanters. Runes are a STOP GAP measure to let you bring mobs under control for the rest of the group. When did chanters start seeing themselves as caster tanks??
  11. Marton Augur

    Nothing wrong with using class abilities in unconventional way.
  12. sinderkad Augur

    Absolutely not, but claiming that unconventional application as a defining role of your class is wrong. If the devs wanted it that way they wouldn't fix it. I main a bst with pet pulling and FD i CAN pull but that doesn't mean i should be amazing at it. (and im not) I haven't seen a good argument as of yet as to why chanters should be able to sustain tank 4+ mobs with no worries as some seem to think they should.
  13. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    If you have endless endurance as a monk then you are seriously slacking off somewhere. Every monk I know raid or group is out of end within 10-20 minutes of a good grind group and only able to maintain what is considered our baseline sustained with the Rest line.

    Also sustained by definition would be almost endless. Now if the Wizards had endless burn dps that would be an issue but almost endless sustained is intended.
    I have been thinking the same thing. Any duration disc with a reuse time like more than 5-6 minutes would be endurance free, but ones that are instant or have short reuse times would require endurance. More or less reintroduce the original kind of Disciplines.
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  14. sinderkad Augur

    A number of games have similar mechanics, some MOBAs do it this way. In some ways i like it as it would be easier to balance around for future content but by the same token i also think it would dumb the game down a bit, which i am always suspicious of. If all classes had their resources removed and were balanced around timers, certain stats would become meaningless. A lot of content and player balancing would have to be done. (not that there aren't big balancing problems with current stats)
  15. EverChanter Augur

    Enchanters aren't SUSTAINING anything tank related, this is the pure ignorance that comes from other classes...You're talking about ONE ZONE. You guys that are using that argument have no clue, even having to chain cast runes as a "stop gap" as you put it will ensure the enchanter is OOM in well less then a minute (and won't help at all if they are stunned.)

    Would you like to discuss that runes are NOT a defining role of the enchanter class?
  16. sinderkad Augur

    Why are you chain casting runes in the first place? As a stop gap it needs to only be effective long enough to let you gain control of the mobs. If the mobs are completely immune to your tool kit then that is by design. If you are taking over a minute to bring mobs effected by your tool kit under control while still continuously tanking then you are doing something wrong. What are you arguing runes should be? chain casting them to tank is NOT a stop gap.
    Give us an example of how you think runes should interact within the group setting if you find other people's examples insufficient. How many mobs do you want to tank and for how long? ect
  17. EverChanter Augur

    Well, I would probably be chain casting runes to keep the mob off of the healers because most likely all the tanks have died. I would be chain casting runes because it's the only thing keep me alive at that point. Even then, if it isn't PoWar or a HA I'm most likely dead soon anyways. What you're asking is why am I giving 100% to try and keep things going...because that's what people do.
    We're talking about the recast timers, not the amount the runes have. If you've been keeping up with this then you'll know what I've been saying since the first changes went in, so I'm not wasting my time anymore trying to explain it.
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  18. sinderkad Augur

    Ill look at your other posts, but as far as i can see many chanters have started treating runes like chain heals to exponentially increase their tanking utility for far more extended time then ever before. While it is understandable why someone would want to keep such skills, as they open up your utility in many functional ways, that does not make for a proper argument as to why they should be allow to exist that way.
  19. Kreacher Augur

    I'm sure if it was affecting the group game, they wouldn't have overly cared.

    The problem is you have guilds who are using Pets + runeing enchanter to tank raid mobs.
  20. silku Augur

    I'm not asking to be able to Tank.. my mana will run out long before I can tank anything down. I'm asking to be able to live through ccing 6 mobs when necessary. Do you not understand how cc works? It's not supposed to be oh, you can live through 2 mobs long enough to mez one of them. it's supposed to be a chanter can control crowds.... otherwise, you might as well have a bard as king of CC as well as king of single pulling and buffing groups. The entire thing about enchanters for as long as I can remember is being able to control groups, not single pulls. Sure I can switch to single pulling.. but why should I have to just because the devs don't want to figure out a more intelligent way to balance the plane of war?