Test Update 05/19/14

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  1. guado Augur

    Change the named in plane of war, not enchanter abilities. Come on now...........................
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  2. EverChanter Augur

    You do know you're talking about ONE zone right? While 'you saw with your own eyes' did you also see the amount of mana that was used in doing so? Did you happen to see what happened to that Enchanter the minute they were stunned? In these last two set of patches, runes have been changed twice...here's the kicker: NO ENCHANTER ASKED FOR THE CHANGES IN THE FIRST PLACE.

    You other classes are complaining about changes to your class (rightfully so, the changes were stupid as and we all should be happy they aren't going live for now) but here's some knowledge for you. Enchanters are supposed to be masters of Mez, Stuns, Runes....tell me which of these hasn't been drastically changed/nerfed? ALL HAVE BEEN. I highly doubt you'd take it lightly if they said Monks were no longer allowed to use FD or throwing items; Zerkers were no longer allowed to use two handed weapons, Clerics were no longer allowed to rez a corpse. SoE has given out all of the Enchanters "game breaking" abilities to cast illusions, mez, etc.

    I've PM'd a dev (who of course has ignored it or not bothered to give a reply, and Rosh (who responded in typical PR mode). I've played and payed for the Enchanter class longer then 80% of the EQ team, only to be on left and right while other classes get an open dialogue every time a change is made. The ONLY time something like that was presented to us was the Mental Contortion change.
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  3. Sinestra Augur

    Did that Enchanter have a pet? See their gimmick zone PoWar had a gimmick effect of causing pets to draw aggro on their owners. How that works with Enchanters is that the pet draws a lot of aggro, as pets always do, and the Enchanter keeps runing themselves. This doesn't give the Enchanter the ability to hold aggro, it gives the pet the ability to hold aggro and their gimmick effect causes that to focus the hits on the Enchanter. They don't have this gimmick effect in other zones and holding aggro in a real group against real DPS classes is not really happening. There is nothing overpowered about runes.
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  4. Dandin Augur

    Reverse this change. SOE. There aren't many Enchanters left
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  5. Killstrike Journeyman

    [IMG] Rune of Xolok ENC/96 1: Increase Absorb Damage by 37931 1120 Abjuration Single
    [IMG] Rune of Xolok Rk. II ENC/96 1: Increase Absorb Damage by 40776 1164 Abjuration Single
    [IMG] Rune of Xolok Rk. III ENC/96 1: Increase Absorb Damage by 43834 1211 Abjuration Single
    [IMG] Mastermind's Rune ENC/96 3: Increase Absorb Damage by 78431 1127 Abjuration Self
    [IMG] Mastermind's Rune Rk. II ENC/96 3: Increase Absorb Damage by 84313 1173 Abjuration Self
    [IMG] Mastermind's Rune Rk. III ENC/96 3: Increase Absorb Damage by 90636 1220 Abjuration

    doesn't look like that high of mana cost to me..
    even the lvl 100 self rune rk3 is no more than 2500 mana..

    now if they were 4000 mana or more each.. then I would say.. they are fine in current state..
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  6. Astran Elder

    Sorry to disrupt your troll attempt, but those aren't the runes being changed.
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  7. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    There are other ways to change the runes without making it so the chanters cannot survive when they are mezing and getting resits in normal game play.

    One suggestion I have seen is to remove the agro from casting runes.
  8. Zellic Elder

    I didnt see chanters having any trouble surviving before runes got boosted.
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  9. Skarlath New Member

    That's because they didn't have issues before.
    I play with Dandin a lot, before runes got changed, he either lived or he died. It was about 50/50.
    The next patch came in he died less often. But he still died.

    If he's standing out and saying this change is problematic.... Well.. I agree

    Aggressive play or passive. This will effect all of you
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  10. Brogett Augur

    I even had enchanters asking me to bring up runes being overpowered. Pretty much everyone did know they were too good to be true, including many of the enchanters themselves.

    Were they bullet proof and without flaws? No, of course not. Was it totally without risk? No, also of course not. Was it safer for an enchanter to tank some mobs instead of the actual tank? Sometimes yes. That seems... odd. The intention of runes was to provide the enchanter a way to live when something resists or breaks mez and instantly goes after the person that has had them locked down. I'm 99% sure the devs never intended enchanters to be able to chain rune and hold aggro so they can act as tanks!

    Simply asking for the change to be reversed isn't going to get much sympathy. Explaining why and offering a different solution that doesn't reintroduce the current problem possibly will. (Yes I know some have been doing this. /salute)
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  11. Kreacher Augur

    Rune of Xylok will generate around 80k aggro each cast. , not to mention other "spam" abilities, which i wont mention due to nerfs, which can generate you a lot more aggro.

    You are putting on over 170k HP's in runes in 1.5secs, every 1.5secs. It's ridiculously powerful and I'm surprised it's stayed so long.
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  12. EverChanter Augur

    Many of us would like to have the agro removed since this is apparently going forward. Also, many want to know why the new changes are worse then the state they were in before the first patch that buffed them up. It's not that we've "simply asked for them to be changed", we want to know why they were explicitly excluded from the discussion to rest and claw while they were in the same set of change to go in. There's no good reason why they weren't included, other then that's just how they deal with changes to Enchanters; the SoE silence should tell you that much.

    There are many VERY POWERFUL abilities in this game, two out of three that were to go live were dropped. Arguments can be made for and against all of them. Again, no Enchanter asked for them to be beefed up and yes in a few situations it was more then was needed (I'd love to see someone post a video of an Enchanter tanking the DH2 raid!). However, taking two steps backwards is NOT the solution. A 12 second cast time is NOT the solution, nor is the mana cost. If people think this was just "endless chanter tanking"...you're very wrong. Casting a rune every 1.5 sec is a good way to be OOM in less then 2 mins even with 100k+ mana pool. Rangers and Monks can tank that long...at a MUCH LESS cost to the player yet that is "fair" and "ok".
  13. Sinestra Augur

    And when that is the case they remove the aggro from the rune or greatly reduce it. That is an intelligent decision, nerfing them the way they have is the lazy decision which is the new norm.

    Then again, virtually limitless resources are also very powerful, but they reversed those changes. Well, then again, they seem to only be overpowered when it's a Necromancer.
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  14. Elricvonclief Augur

    Thank you for continuing to look at Rest, rather than implementing in the changes.
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  15. Zellic Elder

    Im thinking that the tanking wasnt the whole issue. If what I keep reading of these runes is correct, how much defense they provided, then they were very OP regardless of if you were tanking with them or not.
  16. Edrick Augur

    What is wrong with them? They are dying just fine.
  17. Mithrandyr Augur

    The PoWar named or the enchanters?
  18. silku Augur

    Go pull 6+ mobs, let them hit you, parse the dps and tell me how 19k dps runes are gonna allow chanters to CC mobs now? Ill have to test it in game, but I imagine chanters are gonna be standing in camp just dpsing a lot now.
  19. Spanky New Member

    When will the test server have its dead hills zone updated to include the zone in to tower of rot?
  20. silku Augur

    Went to dead hills. Pulled 2 mobs. Rune dropped, cast again. Rune dropped, cast again. etc. Could easily sustain two mobs. Three mobs, similar though I took some damage in between each. 4 mobs, unsustainable. So if you get an interrupt on 4+ mobs you're dead now. Much better to get a bard in your group to pull now than an enchanter.

    Mana wise, one mob with twincast mez in between, using new runes and just nuking takes over 80% of a bar of mana.