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  1. Forcallen Augur

    Please don't go through with all these dot changes and listen to the feedback from people in the know.
    The one dot below will be doing 60k a tic base, plus an avg 104% focus effect with raid arms, another 45% from bard aria, 80% crit rate passive and a 390% crit mod passive. Thats going to be 100k dps in a single cast passive in a supported group and thats ignoring passive and activated twincast and burn tools.

    Pyre of Klraggek Rk. III:
    - Mana Cost changed from '4481' to '16756'
    - Slot 1 changed from 'Decrease Current Hit Points by 6240 per tick' to 'Decrease Current Hit Points by 16267 per tick'
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  2. Baldur Augur

  3. Cadira Augur

  4. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    Aristo is making the changes in lines. He put up the lines he completed with time available and he is continuing with the rest of the lines.
    It's actually an improvement. They were giving LESS than they should have for a few months. Now they will give the intended amount. I THINK the bug I fixed didn't affect Selo, as the super fast unlocks overrode things. (OR the bug was really bad for Selo, and this made a good fix. It would take some research I don't have time for now.)
    But the gist is, the change is an IMPROVEMENT for progression servers.
    There was a period of time when you should have a 3x reward, and that was not triggering properly.
    it should go 2x, then 3x, then 4x. it was sitting at 2x longer than intended then eventually jumping to 4x, skipping the step in the middle, and even then taking longer to get to 4x than intended. Now it's faster to gain multiples than last patch, and at the intended rate. Again, SELO is an odd duck. I think they weren't even affected by the bug and will see no change.
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  5. Magickon Elder

    Ok. I play 3 characters, but necro is the only dotter. So I'm not as familiar with the prior dot revamps. Will have to look at it once I finally login to test. I'm a little skeptical that the best thing for a raiding necro to do would be to use swifts since not every dot boost works on swifts since the base duration is only 12 seconds.

    The other guy's post about the change to klraggek as an example...I'm just laughing.


    If the first round is any indication, it's looking like he's going to be redoing all of that work, because the numbers necs are going to be putting up is just going to be insane.
  6. Catashe Augur

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  7. Forcallen Augur

    I am getting lots of hate as to why this is a problem. If this one dot change occurred on its own then there is zero problem, he took 3 casts and made it 1. However other dot lines that we didn't use or didn't use many of are being treated the same way. So we just get to toss them on in replacement of the 2 casts we dont make for the 2 older pyres now.

    So what was 3 pyre casts for 15k base dot damage now becomes 3 casts for 33k base damage (New Pyre Base + New Dot A we didn't use base + New Dot B we didnt use base). Factor this on multiple targets with burn tools and you see the problem grow.
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  8. Skuz Augur

    Don't panic

    Currencies awarded for completion of raid events (from VoA onwards) were increased, all this change does is make sure the script increases at the intended frequency.

    On Phinigel for example CoTF only ran for 8 weeks but we had to wait 4 weeks longer than expected to see the amount of currency awarded increase to 3x the amount it was originally awarded on live, we had just 2x increase for CoTF currency when TDS unlocked & had to wait for another 4 weeks to see it go to 3x (12 weeks from CoTF unlocking).

    So after this fix Mangler & other 12/8 schedule TLP should see the currency increase for CoTF to 3x happen once TDS unlocks rather than 4 weeks later for example.

    Good fix, thanks Ngreth!
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  9. Skuz Augur

    Messing with an Ogre isn't wise, caffeinated or otherwise.
  10. Lostintranslation New Member

    I don't they will add them to a vendor. Changes were done because they were no-skill combines.
  11. Zuratul New Member

    Thanks for the clarification! The way it read to me was that the 4x key drop was a bug and being fixed haha. Any idea what expansions each of those triggers are at?
  12. Nennius Augur

    Many thanks. Looking forward to testing this. Any more details on this?

    A great move. This should help a number of folks. I had this situation a few years ago and this command would have saved a TON of time talking to a GM.

    Hmmm Now the race is on the find the hole before it closes forever. Images anyone?
  13. Angahran Augur

    So, your issue is you're doing too much DPS ?
    Enjoy it while it lasts, I'm sure next expansion the mobs HPs will multiply by an insane amount like they do every expansion and you'll be back to doing 0.000000001% per tick.
  14. Forcallen Augur

    Correct, I don't want 1-2 months of insanity (beating everyone in burst and sustained no matter the circumstances) and then he just takes 40% of the damage back, leaves the mana cost as it is and then adds 15s recast timers to 3 of our dot lines. I don't want to end up quitting since he destroys the class for 9 months if not forever because he didn't listen.

    We didn't need a full dot revamp after Dzarn's changes. We needed the "Wounds" dot line revamped so 5 casts became 1 with it only doing like 3 versions worth of damage but the duration before the doom being cut drastically.
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  15. Magickon Elder

    Yes, his issue is that he will be doing too much damage. That's why he is asking them not to go forward with it.

    As it is written now, they might as well have just written this:

    Necromancers: In celebration of the popular game Doom, you now have access to idkfa.
  16. Addikeys Elder

    Did some testing (115 on burn) and the melee merc dps nerf seems pretty significant (about 1/3 decrease). I also didn't see much ground made up in terms of the "higher damage poison proc." While I understand that a dead melee merc does 0 damage, the dps hit seems to swing the pendulum pretty far passed the aggro problem. Anyone else do any testing to confirm or refute the above?
  17. yepmetoo Augur

    Sure is fun!
  18. yepmetoo Augur

    They were doing 250k dps on burns. The dps nerf was on purpose.

    The only real reason for the poison dmg thing is to offset a little base damage for some less/non-focused damage.
  19. Siirx New Member

    Hey Ngreth, thank you guys for the work you've put in so far. But I am wondering if you or Aristo plan to get around to revamping the lower level Necromancer spells as well. Every other class with damage over time spells had all of their lines reworked, which is why I ask. It would be nice for Necromancers to be competitive to some of the other dps classes before Depths of Darkhollow on the TLP's.
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  20. Skuz Augur

    The shadowknight revamp was top-end first due to lower spells being shared with Necro, the ones in this patch look to be the 71+ stuff too.

    The ones below 71, as many are shared could still be getting done but will likely come later on, Aristo did say that the Necro revamp would almost certainly happen over several stages.
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