Test Update 05/07/2024 - Patch Notes and Discussions

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  1. Koichiro New Member

    It is nice to see a lot of people wrongly assume all a SK has to do is press auto attack to win the game. I regret to inform you that it isn't that simple. Yes we can take care of business with max aa, best in slot raid gear in every slot, best augs, best trophies, best stat food, and knowing exactly what spells/abilities to juggle when and where. Even more so if we are put in a group with a bard, shaman, and enchanter on a full burn call with no adds. But how many hundreds of hours do you think it takes to get/learn all of that? A group geared SK without AA really struggles as a tank in current content. Dying on single pulls is a very real possibility if your group healer isn't paying attention or you have a merc healer out. Now if you stack a team up of top of the line raid geared DPS your group geared no AA SK might get by a little easier but in your average group that will not be the case.
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  2. Sethisto Elder

    After testing bard out, these are excellent changes. Dots have been just about worthless aside from the resist debuff for years, and now they are actually competitive with other songs and worth using.

    Same for the proc songs. I like the idea that bards wont just be mindless boxes people throw into their box armies, and instead an actual reasonable DPS addition.

    It reminds me of Augmentation Evoker from WoW. Great buffs, but they can also do about 80% of the damage of a regular DPS class. Excellent change all around. Bards desperately needed this.
  3. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Can we also get Lord Gimblox's Signet Ring' added to the loot tables of Goblins in Sol A , this would ease the camping issues in Sol A.
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  4. Swiss Augur

    I'm guessing you're talking about TLP? it's a nerf on live.
  5. rahzel44 Lorekeeper

    Paladins definitely needed a DPS nerf. I almost started playing mine again. Thanks for curing me of that desire.
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  6. Cadira Augur

    With all variables constant, sks simply take care of a LOT more business than the other two tanks.

    That's the problem.
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  7. Razorfall Augur

    That's pretty generous considering how often they tend to overcorrect.
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  8. Galvanize Elder

    I have a feeling based on the bard proc numbers whoever is doing the changes doesn't know they are all post crit calculated and not pre crit. If you made the spell focus songs add 100k per cast post crit it would still be pretty meaningless. 3k per cast pre crit would be noticeable
  9. Koichiro New Member

    Then improve the other tanks in a meaningful way, taking away from me won't do that.
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  10. Stune Augur

    This needs to be done. I already checked out the Crown, works like a charm now. Still will be camped by bots though. No drop, Lore would be nice. 15 minute + respawn is going to be super camped for a long time. Selling for Krono holding the spawn location. Really annoying that can be. Randomize these things. and it would be good if you cant it.
  11. Krazzi Elder

    The thing I don't get is, the last 3 years in a row, devs have put in new ranks Mortal Coil that added ac and duration to it. In the last 3 years, no one had a problem putting that in, but now it's a problem?

    A 14% nerf of the weapon mastery of the knight aa for sk and paladins? Then for sk, on top of that soul abrasion gets a 16% nerf to 3 procs we have on all the time. Basically 5 nerfs for ShadowKnights plus the nerfs from last month, is that really called for? Nerf dev seems to be an over achiever.

    And, Reavers Bargain..... is still garbage, but I never use it anyway. Do whatever you want to that.
  12. Bolien Elder

  13. Elkar Headhunter Elder

    These nerfs will not hurt SKs very much. Just be happy they didn't target DOTs. Which is what should have happened if bringing down SK DPS was the goal. Was SK DPS the target? If SK DPS was the target now paladins have been caught in the crossfire where their DPS is already way to situational.

    What is more concerning is it has been very difficult over the years to find bards. Now that they are finally starting to show up this is the welcome they have received. Bards were by no means OP or out of balance. I don't main a bard, but I play a pretty mean bard and the people that play their DPS classes well do not lose to me on the parses.

    I don't have much faith anymore in the process used by developers to balance the classes. If there even is a process.
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  14. alanus Augur

    The paladin version of Mortal Coil, Blessing of the Faithful, was nerfed from down to 2 minutes a year ago. I would imagine they just "forgot" to do the same to Mortal Coil, too. Mortal Coil is far more powerful than BOTF is, too. It's still very powerful with the melee damage being returned as HP
  15. Drakang Augur

    Spite Spell is not one to try and boost I may be in the minority but I hardly ever use it. Its not worth it.
    Mortal coil did not need the change. In any group with a DPS class getting the kill shot is a rarity.
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  16. chungus Lorekeeper

    I wonder if this will be retroactive if u have already the achievement for the raid
  17. chungus Lorekeeper

    I wonder if this will be retroactive if u have already the achievement for the raid
  18. Svann2 The Magnificent

    Yes. When I copied my character to test he got the reward when he logged in.
  19. chungus Lorekeeper

    thanks for the answer
  20. Sancus Augur

    Just to clarify a few apparent misconceptions:
    • The minimum damage bonus on Weapon Mastery of the Knight (and most melee modifiers in general) generates no aggro, and therefore reducing it has no impact on aggro.
    • The minimum damage bonus on Weapon Mastery of the Knight does almost nothing. A 14% reduction to almost nothing remains almost nothing. It's fair to wonder why it was changed; that I don't have an answer to.
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