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  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Please keep feedback constructive.
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  2. Axxius Augur

    I think the issue here is not about the damage reporting range. Before the recent changes, if you stood not close enough to the boss on a raid, you could only accurately parse yourself. You would see your damage but not the damage from other casters standing at the same spot. From the patch notes, it looks like that 'damage reporting range' was 75. But there must have been an exception for your own damage - it was always reported to you regardless of the range. And now that exception is gone and all reporting is limited by the range.

    That's a bad change from both sides. Not reporting your own damage is bad. And increasing the reporting range from 75 to 200 increases the amount of network traffic on raids.

    IMO the exception for your own damage should be brought back, and the reporting range should be set to something like 100.
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  3. kizant Augur

  4. ~Mills~ Augur

    The concern is now that its changed you have to prove why it needs to be changed back and if they don't agree youre just out of luck. Just boosting the range to 300 doesn't solve the issue for dots or possibly archery. We had to explain 5 times why dots not reporting twincast on the initial cast was a major problem. Nukes and dots are different and should be handled as such even if that makes parsing from the mob an issue for others. They should always 100% report to the caster regardless of range to a mob. If they want to help others more easily track dot damage then make reporting around the individual 300 or 500 range and accept whatever spam and load that brings with it or that at times you can't fully parse dots by standing at a mob.

    But a caster not being able to track his own damage in any scenario is unacceptable. And being damage over time its often set on one mob here and then going elsewhere well out of casting range. Where as tracking a nuke a max casting range is all you need except for maybe bolt spells.
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  5. kizant Augur

    They're not different at all. Everything should be reported at the npc and you should always receive messages related to the damage that you personally do or receive regardless of distance. They broke part of that and and acknowledged it right away. All these posts are just noise making an issue out of nothing. Talking like it's 'unacceptable' and acting like they need to fix it this exact second and bring the servers down for it is silly. Until the fix is done just stand closer.
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  6. Corydon Elder

    LOL! Just don't use the extended target windows if you don't like them.
    Or... just... continue... to not play on any pre-UF TLP.

    Nothing horrid with this decision!
  7. ~Mills~ Augur

    One instantaneously delivers its damage and reports its damage once. It only applies to one mob really unless a few mobs are in tight quarters and an AE nuke/wave is used. Reporting its damage at max cast range always covers its damage. Twincasting it results in two different hits on a mob. Twincast messages to track nukes is fine reporting at the end of the damage. Base damage for these spells tends to be higher as focus effects do not critical. Spell damage amplifies the damage done by small amounts. Damage can land for partial amounts. Tribute effects are set differently for nukes.

    The other delivers its damage over time and reports its damage every 6 seconds for its duration . Reporting its damage at max cast range doesn't cover any scenario where the mob remains in one place and the caster moves away while its doing its damage over time. Damage that can continue on for 18s or 4 minutes. Reporting at max cast range doesn't cover when one mob is 300 units away to the right and dotted while another mob is 350 units to the left and dotted. With the caster straffing the distance between the two to simultaneously dot them. Twincasting results in doubling the base damage of the spell for its duration but only a single spell lands. Twincast messages reporting at the end of the damage is not sufficient for tracking and must also be reported on the initial cast message. Base damage for these spells tends to be lower as focus effects do critical. Spell damage does nothing at all. Damage always lands for full. Tribute effects are set differently, well one still is after another time period when someone claimed nukes and dot tribute had to be the same same.

    So a simple fix that is likely to come is they change the max reporting range to 300 or 350 from the npc but that still leaves multiple circumstances were a dotting class no longer has their damage reported to them. If this wasn't being pointed out here it would probably wouldn't be considered. They are not the same and one size does not fit both in many situations.
  8. kizant Augur

    That's all a lot of nonsense.
  9. ~Mills~ Augur

    Everything stated is accurate. Unlike your claim "They're not different at all". As such at times they need to be handled differently. You don't have to agree on that or that its troubling in game but that doesn't change the truth to the point at all.
  10. keeney New Member

    /em steers conversation back towards belt nerf

    I disagree with the decision to nerf belts, especially raid versions.
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  11. Yinla Augur

    No one is asking for the server to be brought down this second. This has been broken for nearly a month. We are just surprised that it isn't fixed ready for next weeks patch and the only comment from the devs is it is being tracked as if they don't believe us.

    Standing closer to the mob isn't always an option, with Theo & Oblate I'd rather nuke as soon as I am in range with a light emote than continue to run closer and waste precious time, so I can get back on the previous mob that needs to be damaged.

    And I'd really like to know when I'm taking damage so I can do something about it, not just get a death message and wonder what killed me.

    Right now I can parse other players pet spells better than I can parse myself and I have pet damage turned off!
  12. kizant Augur

    That may be how you feel but some people are just short of ranting about it.

    Aren't your sympathetic procs out of range as well? It may not be ideal but I don't think you're going to lose because you took 2 extra seconds getting closer. Personally, I'd melee those 4 bosses and always try to keep my procs within range to maximize dps in that event. Just the fact that the workaround is so simple and it shouldn't cause anyone any major problems, outside of exaggerations, is enough reason why devs shouldn't treat it as a high priority. Which means it may take a few weeks longer before they get to it.

    I haven't noticed or looked at issues with seeing yourself receive damage. If there is more going on that they want to address that could also explain why the fix takes a little longer.
  13. Beimeith Augur

    This is the point I was trying to make. There was a limit before, it was just higher. It was never unlimited for nukes. DoTs were a different story.
  14. Andarriel Augur

    Whats up with the sudden change to slow belts? they changing the spells b/c of something on tlp servers or something?

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  15. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    Okay so a few things:

    The point of TLP servers is to be able to do content in era. People want to be able to access and fight the raid content from an expansion while that is the latest expansion on the server. No one on TLP servers will be going back and doing VoA or later raids after two additional expansions unlocks. If they are going back two expansions to raid content they’re doing it for a unique spell, quest, clicky or achievement, which makes the keying aspect moot. The far more likely scenario is guilds will get halfway through an expansion due to being hamstrung by low key drops, a new expansion will release and then the guild will move on to raiding the new expansion. Continually missing the upper tier raids in that expansion.

    It’s basically pointless to have a scaling key drop rate based on expansions after the raid in question unlocking. You should be putting that final amount of keys dropping as the default. Not 2 expansions later.

    These expansions (SoF+) are designed to occupy players for an entire year when current. Of your current batch of TLPs, 5 of them will see these expansions remaining current for only 25% of that (3 months). Which means the keying process must be streamlined to allow people to clear the expansion in a reasonable amount of time without an absurd amount of splitting, where the only real delays should be your inability to defeat a particular event.

    What you did in Underfoot was perfect. Grab every raid chest from the expansion. Double the loot and Triple the key drop rates. This changed it so that after just 2 clears of a tier of raids you could move on to the next tier with a full raid + a few unflagged people getting pushed through. Which allowed you to get to the end zone about halfway through that expansion’s life on the server which is reasonable.

    The double loot should also be included because again, when current people raided this content for 4x longer and got 4x the loot. By doubling the loot you are changing that to where guilds are getting only half the loot an equivalent guild would’ve gotten in era by raiding the same amount. Which is still less, but it allows you to be better prepared for the next expansion.

    Please just repeat what you did for Underfoot in HoT.
  16. Cailen Augur

    PLEASE! fix the stacking issue between Night's endless terror and Illusion benefit Greater Jann. Your fix to fix stacking issues broke this last patch.
  17. smash Augur

    If a guild is slow or started up midt expansion they will be faster to get flagging done, so it is good.
    This on tlp + live servers.

    NOW however comes my worries, there no mention of when that ends, by that I mean, is the correct in TBL or RoS or EOK, or earlier ?

    If latest expansion as well, does that mean that flagging times become a lot faster after 3 months and even faster after 6 or 9 ?
  18. Itaru Journeyman

    Nope, I logged onto test to check and it's STILL broken.
    This is the "Pet Spells" filter which was broken by last month's patch
  19. Smokezz Augur

    Still no fix for Fire instances sending your corpse to the GY the second it's released to bind... and unable to drag it out either.
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  20. Lianeb Augur

    This was reported in beta.
    At this point it’s probably working as intended.
    Sort of the same thing with dying in stratos buy falling results in a corpse you can’t ever reach and must summon.

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