Test Update 05/07/2019 - New Bugs Only

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by EQ Dev, May 6, 2019.

  1. EQ Dev Developer

    This thread is for new bugs and how to reproduce them only. Please keep all opinions, discussions, posts about balance, and anything else in the other thread.
    Patch notes and discussions thread
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  2. torach Journeyman

    Hiyas Quackie,

    Ranger Swarm of Polybiads rk II (Only one i tested in the mission we ran tonight) does absolutely nothing. No dot on the mob, no pricklies or damage shield animation or anything showing up on the tank. yadda yadda.

    Check it out yo, it sucks.

  3. Cragzop Cranky Wizard

    (sorry...realized that this should probably be in new bugs, rather than discussion)

    The reporting self damage over 200 range is still broken. This was mentioned several times in the current Live update thread. Whenever you extended the range of reporting from 75 to 200, you hardcapped reporting at 200 it looks like.

    Just tested after patch on Test in a guild hall. If you are more than 200 range away from your target (ie a test dummy), you do not get the damage reported to you...even if you are the caster.

    Very easy to replicate … go to any guild hall... place dummy on one end of main room … cast spells at dummy from other end of room. Archery damage messages are affected as well.

    Really hard to get accurate damage numbers on raids with this bug. Could we please make this a priority to fix before the Live patch? Thanks.
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  4. niente Developer

    This is being tracked internally
  5. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    Your target needs aggro.. It's a "target of Target" spell.
  6. torach Journeyman


    Last night I tested it on a low level mob and it worked just fine. I haven't had a chance to test it in a normal situation.

  7. Braikkarrii Lorekeeper

    The level 103 SHM spell Ancient Alliance appears to be preventing the heal-over-time effect of Abundant Healing from other priests/healers from landing on the target. In fact, it seems like the h.o.t. effect is rebounding back on the priest/healers, and not the intended target.

    Steps to reproduce:
    1. Create a level 103+ SHM that has the spell Ancient Alliance scribed.
    2. Cast the Ancient Alliance buff on another player high enough to receive it.
    3. Get another SHM, CLR, or DRU with purchased ranks of the Abundant Healing AA to cast direct heals on the target player with the Ancient Alliance buff..
    4. Observe. The heal-over-time effect of Abundant Healing never lands on the target. Instead, the h.o.t. is reflected back at the SHM/CLR/DRU that casted the direct heal.

    The Abundant Healing h.o.t. should land on the target instead of the healer.
  8. Kudladar New Member

    I'm not sure if this is already being addressed or not as I haven't seen anything in any of the notes about it.

    Around the time of the Anniversary, there was a patch that seems to have introduced a lag bug that seems to show itself when the log file gets around 5-7mb in size. If you delete or rename the file, the lag almost instantly goes away.
  9. Jaera Augur

    This is not an EverQuest issue, it is a windows defender issue:

    1. Open the Windows Defender Security Center (can use cortana/search to find it)
    2. Click "Virus & threat protection"
    3. Click "Virus & threat protection settings"
    4. Click "Add or remove exclusions"
    5. Click the + sign
    6. Select Folder
    7. Navigate to and select your EQ folder.
    8. Click Select Folder
    9. Close everything
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  10. Newbasaurus Journeyman

    Chokidai Unboud (quest as part of Goroywn Partisan)

    On the step
    Protect the pup from the ravenous lavalisk

    I have 3 toons in my group, I get 8 ravenous lavalisks

    I tried the quest 3 times, all 3 times 8 ravenous lavalisks spawned on that step, NOT 3
  11. smash Augur

    And had they all the task then you have reason.
  12. Nniki Augur

    Chokidai Unbound is a group task, not solo.
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  13. torach Journeyman

    Hiyas Quackie,

    Ranger swarm of polybiads is working just fine now. A lot of weird stuff was going on the night after the patch, SK in group was saying his cooldowns were acting all weird, cleric rejected my awesome casanova discs, and just plain weird stuff was happening.

    Regardless, and possibly quite irregardless, everything working just dandy. We testers forgot to mention the raid mob naked human model in stratos and maertas but as per usual, once things are working well we tend to ignore the forums and play our silly little game until the cows come home. Moo, bubba, moo!

  14. Newbasaurus Journeyman

    On the Chokidai Unbound note I posted I found a way to get it to work.

    I brought an enchanter friend (so now there are 4 toons in the group on the task).

    This time I did something different. The spot before the ravenous lavalisks has 3 roamers, 1 of those roamers is a chokidai guardian or something (that comes with a beastlord, the other roamer is single). I attacked the 3 roamers as normal, but made sure to kill the chokidai last. Then the quest updated and VOILA 3 ravenous lavalisks (with 4 toons in group). So possibly if there is something left over after the chokidai dies (because when I had 3 toons in the group I was killing the chokidai first because of the aggro drop, which means I had 2 sarnak mods left over) then more lavalisks spawn.

    In any event. I completed it and killing the chokidai last of the roamers might be a workaround.
  15. Phiyre Augur